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Assi Dayan MP (1945 - 2014)

Assi Dayan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Assi Dayan אסי דיין Assi Dayan.jpg Assi Dayan, 2007 Born 23 November 1945 Nahalal,[1] Mandatory Palestine Died 1 May 2014 (aged 68) Tel Aviv, Israel Occ...

Aviva Dayan Gefen MP (1922 - 1967)

Aviva Dayan Geffen, born in Afula in 1922 and died, a suicide, in 1967, five months after her brother, General Moshe Dayan, triumphantly recaptured the Old City of Jerusalem in the Six Day War. One o...

Dvora Zotolovsky Dayan MP (1890 - 1956)

דבורה דיין - ויקיפדיה ----------------------------------------

Udi Dayan MP

Moshe Dayan MP (1915 - 1981)

Moshe Dayan, משה דיין‎, was an Israeli military leader and politician. The fourth Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (1953–1958), he became a fighting symbol to the world of the new State of I...

Ruth Schwartz - Dayan MP

Ruth DayanFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRuth Dayan (right) at maskitRuth Dayan (born March 7, 1917) was the first wife of the late Israeli general and politician Moshe Dayan. She founded the Mas...

Shmuel Dayan MP (1891 - 1968)

Shmuel Dayan (8 August 1891 – 11 August 1968) was a Zionist activist during the British Mandate of Palestine and an Israeli politician who served in the first three Knessets.Born in the town of Jashkov...

Yael Dayan-Sion MP

Yael Dayan Wikipedia Yael Dayan Legacy Haaretz Yaël Dayan, Date of birth 12 February 1939 (age 74) Place of birth Nahalal, Mandatory Palestine Knessets 13, 14, 15 Party represented in Knesset ...

Dayan MP (b. - 1918)

Dayan MP (deceased)

dayan MP (deceased)

Dayan MP (deceased)

<unknown> Goldfisher (Dayan) MP (deceased)

? Dayan MP (deceased)

? Dayan MP (deceased)

? Dayan MP (deceased)

? Dayan MP (deceased)

? Dayan MP (deceased)

? Dayan MP (deceased)

? Dayan (Levy) MP (deceased)

??? Dayan MP (deceased)

Aa Dayan MP (deceased)

Aa Dayan MP (deceased)

aaron dayan MP (1896 - 1969)

Aaron Dayan MP (deceased)

Aaron Dayan MP (deceased)

Aaron Dayan MP (deceased)

Aaron Dayan MP (deceased)

Abraham Dayan MP (deceased)

Abraham Dayan MP (1925 - 1993)

Abraham Dayan MP (deceased)

ABRAHAM Dayan MP (deceased)

Abraham Dayan MP (deceased)

Abraham Dayan MP (deceased)


Abraham Dayan MP (deceased)

Abraham Dayan MP (b. - c.1950)

Abraham Jacob Fles (Dayan) MP (1755 - 1829)

Abraham Dayan MP (b. - 1908)

Abraham Hartog / Hirts Brilleman Dayan MP (c.1768 - d.)

Abraham Dayan MP (deceased)

Abraham BEN DAYAN MP (1873 - d.)


Abraham Dayan MP (deceased)

Abraham Jonas Walvisch Dayan MP (1770 - 1844)

Abramino Dayan MP (deceased)

Adela Dayan (Yaakobovitz) MP (deceased)

Aharon dayan MP (deceased)

Aharon Dayan MP (deceased)

Aharon Dayan MP (deceased)

Akiba David Dayan MP (1777 - d.)

Akiva Dayan MP (deceased)

Alber Dayan MP (b. - 1986)

Albert Dayan MP (deceased)

albert dayan MP (deceased)

Albert Dayan MP (1938 - 2008)

Albert H. DAYAN MP (1800 - 1900)

Albert (Avraham) Dayan MP (b. - 1942)

Dayan Albert MP (1919 - 2014)

Both he and Mary were fantastic people, true Chalutzim in the Land of Israel. I had the privilege of knowing them since I was a teenager in 1984, both when the visited Florida and I visited Israel.

Alberto Ben-Dayan MP (deceased)

Alberto Dayan MP (deceased)

Alegra Dayan MP (deceased)

alegra dayan MP (1910 - 1999)

Alegra Dayan MP (deceased)

Alegra Ben-Laish (Dayan) MP (deceased)

Alegre Dayan (Milhem) MP (deceased)

Alegre Milhem Dayan MP (deceased)

Alexander Jacob Fles Dayan MP (1751 - 1846)

Overledene: Alexander Jacob Fles Geboorteplaats: Rotterdam Leeftijd: 95 jaar, Vader: Jacob Alexander Fles Weduwnaar/weduwe: Carolina Benjamin Oliva Gebeurtenis: Overlijden Datum: dinsdag 27 oktober 184...

Alfred Dayan MP (deceased)

Alice Dayan (Antebi) MP (b. - 2008)

Alisa Dayan MP (b. - 2016)

aliza dayan MP (deceased)

Aliza Gaon (Dayan) MP (deceased)

Allegre Dayan MP (deceased)

Alphonso Dayan MP (deceased)

Alu-Eilana Dayan MP (deceased)

Alvin Jampole (Dayan) MP (deceased)

Amalia Dayan (Mishan) MP (1917 - 2002)

Amar Dayan MP (deceased)

Amelia Allami (Dayan) MP (deceased)

Amelia Dayan (Schrem) MP (deceased)

AMOR DAYAN MP (deceased)

Amy DAYAN (Henry) MP (1827 - 1902)

Anat Levy (Dayan) (Marsel) MP (deceased)

andre dayan MP (deceased)

Anet Dayan MP (deceased)

Angeles Dayan MP (deceased)

Antonia (?) Cohen (Dayan) MP (deceased)

Aron Dayan MP (deceased)

Aryeh Dayan MP (deceased)

Aslan Dayan MP (deceased)

Aslan Dayan MP (deceased)

Aslan Dayan MP (deceased)

Avigail Dayan MP (deceased)

Avraham Dayan MP (deceased)

Avraham Dayan MP (deceased)

Avraham Dayan MP (deceased)

Avraham Pollak, Rabbi and Dayan MP (1870 - 1944)

Yahrzeit: 18 Tammuz ETH-01082

avraham dayan MP (deceased)