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Anna Susanna de Jager (Myburgh), e7f4 MP (1828 - d.)

Barbara Catharina de Jager (Steyn) MP (bef.1786 - 1849)

Carel Pietersz de Jager, b3 MP (1699 - c.1765)

Some sources say he was born one day before his baptism.

Christina Catherina Boshoff (de Jager), b9c8d1 MP (bef.1786 - 1863)

Christina Catharina de Jager 2.4.1786 † 20.10.1863 op die plaas Stilfontein, Philippolis, d/v Christiaan (Andries) DE JAGER en Catharina (Christina) STEYN VAB MHG B3525, KAB MOOC 6/9/5 No. 956, VAB MHG...

Cornelia Elizabeth de Beer (de Jager) MP (1900 - 1973)

Elizabeth Hermina de Jager, c3d3 SM MP (c.1775 - bef.1800)

Elsje Cornelia Petronella de Jager, SM MP (1808 - 1838)

Cape Colony Death Notice : Entry : 2981 Filed 1 November 1838 Elsje Carolina Petronella Puren ( nee de Jager ) passed away on 7 September 1838 on the farm ' Melkhoutkraal ' Swellendam District owned ...

Jacobus de Jager, SV/PROG MP (c.1708 - 1746)

Thought to have arrived as an employee of the VOC, married in 1744 and to have had only one daugther. Only appears in the will of his wife.

Johannes Wilhelmus De Jager MP (1867 - 1930)

Martha Maria de Jager, b3c6 SM MP (1734 - 1766)

Martha Maria Steyn (de Jager) MP (1883 - 1942)

NG Kerk, Harrismith, Orange Free State - Baptismal Register Entry : 76 of July 1883 Martha Maria de Jager Birth : 4 April 1883 at ' Kruisvlei ' - Baptised : 1 July 1883 Parents : Jacobus Hercules...

Matthys de Jager, b9c2 MP (c.1741 - d.)

Petronella Christina de Jager, b9c1d1 MP (c.1765 - 1845)

Pieter Christiaan de Jager, b2c3d6 MP (c.1781 - d.)

Pieter Christiaan de Jager, f7 MP (1824 - 1913)

NG Kerk, Swellendam, Cape Colony- Baptismal Register of 16 July 1824 Pieter Christiaan de Jager Birth : 29 May 1824 Baptised : 16 July 1824 Parents : Pieter Christiaan de Jager / Elizabeth Cronje Bapti...

Pieter Christiaansz Christiaan de Jager, SV/PROG MP (c.1671 - bef.1715)

From Zutphen in Gelderland. The progenitor is shown in the baptismal and marriage registers as Pieter Christiaens. His wife, Hermina Karels is of unknown heritage and has no connection with the Carelse...

Cornelis de Jager MP (1827 - d.)

Gideon Carolus Johannes de Jager b3c3d7e1 MP (1796 - d.)

De Jager MP (deceased)

De Jager MP (deceased)

Lodewyk de Jager, b2c11d5e3f1 MP (1831 - 1910)

"Babs" Mildred De Jager MP (deceased)

"Bonny" Elizabeth Daisy Faith De Jager MP (deceased)

"Doc" De Jager MP (b. - 2008)

"Poppie" de Jager MP (deceased)

"Sara" de Jager MP (deceased)

"Tiny" Anna Susanna De Jager MP (deceased)

"unknown" Hildebrand (De Jager) MP (deceased)

(Pieter Christiaan) / (Andries) de Jager MP (c.1640 - d.)

(PN) DE JAGER MP (1895 - 1946)

- de Jager MP (deceased)

... Groenendijk-De Jager MP (deceased)

<Private> Rautenbach (De Jager) MP (deceased)

<Private> Alberts (De Jager) MP (deceased)

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<Private> van Zyl (de Jager) MP (deceased)

<Private> De Jager, B2c9d2e1f12g7h2i1 MP (deceased)

<Private> Flint (De Jager), B2c9d2e1f12g7h2i3 MP (deceased)

<Private> Smal (de Jager) MP (deceased)

<Private> de Jager (Swart) MP (deceased)

<Private> de Jager (Botha) MP (deceased)

<Private> Stander (de Jager) MP (deceased)

? De Jager MP (deceased)

? De Jager MP (deceased)

? de Jager (Eijlink) MP (deceased)

? de Jager MP (deceased)

? de Jager MP (deceased)

? de Jager MP (deceased)

? de Jager (Boersma) MP (deceased)

?? de Jager (??) MP (deceased)

?? de Jager MP (deceased)

?? de Jager MP (deceased)

?? de Jager MP (deceased)

A M de Jager MP (deceased)

A J van der Watt (de Jager) MP (1874 - 1942)

A du Toit (De Jager) MP (deceased)

A P de Jager MP (deceased)

Aafje Fraaij (de Jager) MP (deceased)

Aafke de Jager (Post) MP (deceased)

Aagje de Jager MP (deceased)

Aagje Everts de Jager MP (1802 - 1871)

Aaltje de Jager (Mooij) MP (1854 - d.)

Aaltje Sibles de Jager MP (1834 - d.)

Aaltje de Jager MP (1859 - 1919)

Aaltje de Jager MP (1847 - 1858)

Aaltje Fredrika Catharina Westra (de Jager) MP (c.1890 - d.)

Aaltje Claase de Jager (de Jager) MP (deceased)

Aaltje de Jager MP (1892 - 1978)

Aaltje de Jager (Leverman) MP (1808 - d.)

Aaltje Dika Makkinga (de Jager) MP (deceased)

Aaltje Sibbeles de Jager MP (1854 - d.)

Aart Aldert de Jager MP (1943 - 1997)

Abigael Cornelia O'Connell (de Jager) MP (b. - 1899)

Abigael Cornelia de Jager (van Antwerpen) MP (1817 - d.)

Abigail Cornelia de Jager MP (1880 - d.)

NG Kerk, Oudtshoorn, Cape Colony - Baptismal Register Entry : 6932 of 1881 Abigail Cornelia de Jager Birth : 19 July 1880 Baptised : 16 January 1881 Parents : Cornelis Gideon de Jager / Dorothea ...

Abigail Cornelia O ' Connell (de Jager) MP (1840 - 1924)

NG Kerk, Oudtshoorn, Cape Colony - Marriage Register Entry : 285 of 23 December 1861 At the time of her marriage, Abigail was aged 21 and from ' Buffelsdrift ' Oudtshoorn District. Her husband, Wil...

Abigail Cornelia de Jager MP (c.1867 - d.)

Abigail Cornelia de Jager MP (deceased)

Abraham de Jager MP (1750 - d.)

Abraham Arons de Jager MP (1774 - 1851)

Abraham Joseph de Jager (Weener) MP (1773 - 1818)

Abraham Gerhardus Kleynhans de Jager, b8c8d2e2f4g12 MP (1903 - d.)

Abraham Aron de Jager MP (1870 - d.)

Abraham Frederik Strauss De Jager MP (c.1919 - d.)

Abraham Heijndricxsz De Jager MP (1636 - 1693)

Abraham de Jager MP (1812 - 1861)

Abraham Joseph de Jager MP (1839 - d.)

Bruidegom: Abraham Joseph de Jager Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 24 Beroep: kruier Bruid: Rachel Rood Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 26 Beroep: dienstbaar Vader van de bruidegom: Joseph Abra...

Abraham Cornelius De Jager MP (1945 - d.)

Abraham De Jager MP (1893 - d.)

Abraham Gillis de Jager MP (1895 - 1946)

Abrahama Albertha Swart (de Jager) MP (1901 - 1978)

Inscription on Abrahama's gravestone : Ps 73:28 ' Dit is vir my goed om naby God te wees '

Abrahamina van Veldhoven (de Jager) MP (deceased)

Abram de Jager MP (deceased)

Abrama Breet (de Jager) MP (1911 - 1989)

Abrecht Daniel De Jager, g2 MP (1949 - d.)

ACSE (Corrie) De Jager (Wolmarans) MP (1916 - 2006)

Ad De jager MP (deceased)

Ada Mara de Jager (Marais) MP (deceased)

Ada Marbet De Jager MP (deceased)

Adam Marthinus Christoffel de Jager MP (1921 - d.)

NG Kerk, Pietermaritzburg, Natal - Marriage Register Entry : 20/56 - Q 4827 - At the time of his marriage, Adam was aged 34 years and working as a clerk/ laaiman for the South African railways and Harb...

Adele de Jager (Roos) MP (1932 - d.)