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Fifth Child of Andre de Ramerupt MP (c.1080 - d.)

Ada de Ramerupt, dame de Montdidier-Roucy MP (1045 - 1121)

Adélaïde Agnes de Ramerupt, dame de Montdidier MP (1035 - 1068)

Adelis de Ramerupt MP (b. - c.1082)

From the Foundation for Medieval Genealogy Medlands Project page on Champagne Nobility (covering her married family - no information exists on her birth family): ANDRE de Ramerupt (-after 1118). ...

Alix de Ramerupt MP (1080 - c.1143)

Erard I of Brienne From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Erard I, Count of Brienne (c. 1090 – c. 1120?) was Count of Brienne at the end of the 10th century. He was the son of Gautier I of Brienne, ...

André de Ramerupt (de Montdidier), Seigneur de Ramerupt et d'Arcis-sur-Aube MP (c.1037 - c.1118)

From the FMG Medieval Lands database : Son of Hildouin IV de Ramerupt and Adelaide de Roucy: ANDRE de Ramerupt (-after 1118). The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines names "Ebalus…de Roceio...

Béatrix de Ramerupt, dame de Montdidier MP (1040 - 1129)

From the FMG Medieval Lands database : daughter of Hildouin IV de Montdidier (Ramerupt) and Adelaide de Roucy: BEATRIX de Ramerupt (-2 Sep after 1129). The Chronicle of Alberic de Trois-Fontaines n...

Ebles de Ramerupt, Seigneur de Ramerupt and Bishop of Chalons MP (b. - 1126)

Helissende de Ramerupt MP (c.835 - c.870)

Hersinde "le Pieuse" de Ramerupt, Heiress de Montdidier, d’Arcis-sur-Aube et de Ramerupt MP (934 - 970)

Please note: This information has been updated based upon a new reading of the medieval sources by Cawley in his Medieval Lands database. Although it has long been assumed that Hildouin I was the husba...

Hildouin IV de Ramerupt, III. comte de Montdidier et de Roucy MP (1010 - 1063)

Hildouin IV de Montdidier (d 1063), fils du comte Hildouin III de Montdidier, seigneur de Ramerupt. Par mariage il devient comte de Roucy de 1033 à 1063. Il épousa Alix de Roucy (v.1015-1020 † 1062),...

Hildouin III de Ramerupt, II. comte de Montdidier MP (c.1000 - bef.1060)

From the FMG Medieval Lands Database : HILDUIN [III] de Ramerupt , son of [HILDUIN [II] Seigneur de Ramerupt & his wife ---] (-after 1032). Arbois de Jubainville names Hilduin [II] and adds that "o...

Hildouin II de Ramerupt, I. comte de Montdidier MP (960 - 1000)

Son of Hersinde, Dame de Ramerupt, Countess of Arcis-sur-Aube (father unknown) ------------------------ From FMG Medieval Lands database : SEIGNEURS de RAMERUPT 1. --- . Arbois de Jubainville...

Hugues "Brito" de Ramerupt MP (c.1062 - c.1108)

Husband (unknown) of Hersinde de Ramerupt (NN) MP (c.930 - c.970)

Manasses de Ramerupt, Bishop of Troyes MP (b. - 991)

Marguerite de Ramerupt, Dame de Roucy MP (1045 - c.1110)

Proof: The American Genealogist, 57:32; AR., op. cit., pp.131, 206. Marguerite de ROUCI (1035-) Daughter of Hilduin IV de ROUCI Seigneur de Ramem, d'Arcis (-1063) and Adelaide de RHIEMS b. ABT 10...

Beatrix DE PERCHE (DE Ramerupt) MP (1050 - 1129)

Ermeline de Ramerupt MP (955 - d.)

Ermentrude (Heliarde) de Ramerupt (Roucy) MP (c.1050 - c.1102)

Hedouin de Ramerupt MP (905 - d.)

Countess Helissende DeNormandie (de Ramerupt) MP (934 - 970)

Helvise c. de Ramerupt MP (deceased)

Herlisende de Ramerupt MP (b. - 870)

Herlisende de Ramerupt MP (b. - 870)

Hersende la Pieuse de Ramerupt (De Montreuil) MP (945 - 1000)

Hersende de Ponthieu (de Ramerupt) MP (deceased)

Hersende la Pieuse van Ponthieu (de Ramerupt), Countess of Arcis MP (aft.985 - d.)

Hersende "la pieuse" DE RAMERUPT MP (936 - 968)

hersende montreiul MP (deceased)

Hersende la pieuse De Ponthieu (De Ramerupt) MP (936 - 968)

Hilduino II c. de Ramerupt MP (980 - d.)

Hilduino III c. de Ramerupt MP (1010 - d.)

Hugo de Ramerupt (Rameru) MP (1056 - d.)

Hélissandre De Montreuil (De Ramerupt) MP (835 - 870)

Hélissende DE RAMERUPT MP (c.835 - c.870)

Jeanne de Ramerupt MP (deceased)

Yves au front cruel de Belleme d'Arcis de Ramerupt MP (952 - 997)