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Anacleto Sales Del Rosario MP (1860 - 1895)

Anacleto Sales Del Rosario was a leading Filipino chemist during the Spanish Period and was considered the Father of Philippine Laboratory Science. He founded the Botica San Fernando in Binondo and the...

Carmen de Leon del Rosario MP

Carmen De Leon Del Rosario resigned as Miss Mindanao at the 1935 Manila Carnival. More here: .

Doña María del Rosario Nadal y Fuster de Puigdórfila MP

"Ipang" Del Rosario (deceased)

(Capitán) Juan José Vélez del Rosario (deceased)

? del Rosario (de los Santos) (deceased)

? Del Rosario (deceased)

? del Rosario (deceased)

? Del Rosario (deceased)

? Padilla Del Rosario (deceased)

a Del Rosario (deceased)

Abledardo Del Rosario (deceased)

Abraham del Rosario (deceased)

abraham del rosario (deceased)

Abundia Manubay (Del Rosario) (deceased)

Accepto del Rosario (deceased)

Adang del Rosario (deceased)

add name del rosario (deceased)

Adding del Rosario (deceased)

Adela del Rosario (Espinosa) (deceased)

Adela Espinosa Del Rosario (deceased)

Adelaida del Rosario (1926 - 2007)

Adelina Navato (del Rosario) (deceased)

Adelina Del Rosario (deceased)

Ading del Rosario (deceased)

Ading Del Rosario (deceased)

Ado del Rosario (deceased)

Adoracion Pascual Del Rosario (1934 - d.)

Adriana Del Rosario (deceased)

Adriana O. del Rosario (deceased)

Agapita del Rosario (Maberit) (deceased)

Agapito Del Rosario (deceased)

Agapito Abad Santos Del Rosario (deceased)

Agrifina del Rosario - Henson (de Castro) (deceased)

Agueda del Rosario (Tuazon) (deceased)

Agueda Vélez del Rosario y Jusino (c.1705 - d.)

Agustin del rosario (deceased)

Agustin Del Rosario (1888 - 1971)

Agustina Vergara del Rosario (deceased)

Agustina Tamayo (1764 - 1821)

Agustina Tamayo was the youngest of three children of José Tamayo and María del Rosario. Her baptismal register is missing in Malolos, Bulacan. Sources: Agustina Tamayo's Burial Reg...

Agustín de la Cruz del Rosario (1833 - d.)

Albina Del Rosario (deceased)

Alejandra Del Rosario-Virata (deceased)

Alejandra L Del Rosario (Alejandra Loreto) (deceased)

Alejandro Del Rosario (deceased)

Alejandro Clemente Del Rosario (deceased)

Alejandro De Leon Del Rosario (deceased)

Alfonso del Rosario (deceased)

Alfonso Del Rosario (deceased)

Alfredo del Rosario (deceased)

Alfredo del Rosario, Jr. (deceased)

Alfredo del Rosario, III (deceased)

Alfredo del Rosario-Villanueva Sr. (deceased)

Alfredo del Rosario (deceased)

Alipio Ramos (1892 - d.)

Alipio Ramos was baptized by Francisco Renedo, and his godparents at the time of his baptism were Gaspar Alva Clemente and María Concepción Alva Clemente, who were both single from Quingu...

Altagracia García (Del Rosario) (deceased)

Altagracia (Tia Gracita) Figueroa Del Rosario (deceased)

Alvaro del Rosario (deceased)

Alvaro Del Rosario (deceased)

Amada Ilano (Del Rosario) (deceased)

Amalia Del Rosario (deceased)

Amanda del Rosario (deceased)

Ambrosio Del Rosario (1699 - d.)


Ana Del Rosario (Angeles) (deceased)

Ana Velez del Rosario (deceased)

Ana Andrea Vélez del Rosario (c.1700 - d.)

Ana Antonia de Rivera Vélez del Rosario (1725 - 1794)

Ana Antonia de Rivera y Vélez del Rosario (1723 - d.)

Ana Vélez del Rosario y Jusino (1728 - d.)

Ana J Del Rosario (deceased)

Ana Josefa Del Rosario (deceased)

Anacleto del Rosario (deceased)

Anacleto del Rosario (deceased)

Anacleto Velez del Rosario Y Perez-Genera (deceased)

Anastacia Mendoza (Del Rosario) (deceased)

Anastacia Nazario de Figueroa y Vélez del Rosario (c.1766 - d.)

Anastacia Valerio (1879 - d.)

Anastacia Valerio was baptized by Álvaro Calleja, and her godmother at the time of her baptism was Alejandra de Torres. Source: Anastacia Valerio's Baptismal Register:

Anastacio "Asyong" Del Rosario (deceased)

Anatalia Del Rosario Rivera (Del Rosario) (1915 - 1956)

Andoy del Rosario (deceased)

Andrea Aguinaldo (Del Rosario) (deceased)

Andrea Santiago Del Rosario (Santiago) (1930 - 1981)

Andrea del Rosario (deceased)

Source: Donato Ramos and Andrea del Rosario's Marriage Register:

Andrea Ortiz de la Renta y del Rosario (deceased)

Andres Del Rosario Nieves (1773 - 1855)

Andres Del Rosario (deceased)

Andres del Rosario Pacis (deceased)

Andres del Rosario Leaño (deceased)

Andrés Eusebio (1764 - 1820)

Andrés Eusebio was the third of seven children of Vicente Eusebio and Magdalena del Rosario. His baptismal register is missing in Malolos, Bulacan. Sources: Andrés Eucebio's Burial ...

Andrew Del Rosario (deceased)

Andrés (Vejero) Del Rosario Acosta (deceased)

Angel del Rosario (deceased)

Angela del Rosario Rotor (del Rosario) (deceased)

Tita Eling (deceased)

Angelina Dayrit (del Rosario - Henson) (deceased)

Angelina Jordan-Del Rosario (c.1885 - d.)

Angeline Earnshaw (b. - 2010)

Aneng del Rosario (1938 - 2001)

Aning Del Rosario (deceased)