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Amalaberge of the Franks MP (c.385 - 443)


Argotta of the Franks MP (c.376 - c.438)

born 364 or 368 or 376 died 426 or 438 or 445 or 455 or 470? this wouldn't respond when I tried to click on it, so I clicked cancel and copied it... I haven't seen any death date yet, and no actual...

Bertbelle (Fictitious Person) MP (c.750 - d.)

She is said to have been daughter of Pepin "the Short" and Berthe (Bertrade) de Laon .

Charles III 'the Fat', King of the Franks MP (839 - 888)

Charles II, Roi de France (1) M, #103213, b. 13 June 839, d. 13 January 888 Last Edited=9 Sep 2007 Charles II, Roi de France was born on 13 June 839. He was the son of Louis II 'the German', Ki...

Childéric III, King of the Franks MP (c.717 - c.755)

He was King of the Franks (743-deposed 751). He was the last of the Merovingian kings. His parentage is uncertain, but he is thought to have been a son of Chilpéric II. He was raised to the thro...

Childebert III "the Just", King of the Franks MP (c.685 - c.711)

Koning Childebert III (koning van 695 - 711), ook Childebert IV genoemd om hem te onderscheiden van Childebert de Geadopteerde, was de zoon van Theuderik III. Hij volgde zijn broer Clovis IV na diens...

Childérama of the Franks MP (c.392 - 446)

Childeric II, King of the Franks MP (c.651 - 675)

Childeric II (c. 653 – 675) was the king of Austrasia from 662 and of Neustria and Burgundy from 673 until his death, making him sole King of the Franks for the final two years of his life. ...

Chlodeswinthe (Verica) of the Franks MP (c.418 - c.449)

ID: I5410Ve69a Name: Verica - Given Name: Verica Surname: - Sex: F Note: VERSIONS OF HER NAME: - Merira [Gardner1996] - Verica [wYoung] - SOURCES: - Gardner1996 - wYoung - P...

Chlodomir II, King of the Franks MP (c.490 - 532)

a German King of the fifth century

Chlodonde of the Franks MP (c.460 - c.510)

Clovis II "the Lazy", King of the Franks MP (635 - 657)

Notice some uncertainty in his dates. French Wikipedia says he was born in 635 and died on 31 October 657. German Wikipedia says he was born 634 and died on 11 October 657. English Wikipedia sa...

Clovis IV, King of the Franks MP (c.682 - 695)

Clovis IV (sometimes Clovis III if the other Clovis III is considered a usurper) (682–95), son of Theuderic III, was the sole king of the Franks from 691 until his death. Although Clovis IV is c...

Dagobert III, King of the Franks MP (c.687 - 716)

Dagobert III (699-715) was Merovingian king of the Franks (711-715). He was a son of Childebert III and Edonne. He succeeded his father as the head of the three Frankish kingdoms—Neustria and ...

Saint Guntram, King of Burgundy MP (c.525 - 592)

Guntram From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Saint Guntram (c. 532, Soissons – 28 January 592) (also called Gontram, Gontran, Gunthram, or Gunthchramn) was the king of Burgundy from 561 to ...

Mérovech of the Franks MP (b. - 438)

Mérovée II, King of the Franks MP (c.390 - 445)

Regintrud of the Franks MP (c.635 - c.649)

He married Regintrude of Austrasia, daughter of Dagobert I and Regintrude. They had the following: 1. Daughter of Theodo, married Godefroy, Duke of Alamannia He also married Folchiade of Salzeburg....

Rothilde of the Franks MP (c.843 - 928)

Theodora of the East Franks MP (c.465 - d.)

The wife of Elemund is traditionally called Theodora, because she is said to have been a daughter of Théoderic "the Great". There is no evidence of her name.

Theodoric "the Great", King of the East Franks MP (c.452 - 534)

He fought a bitter war with his brother-in-law Hermanfried (or Irminfrid), King of the Thuringians. He achieved victory with the help of the Saxons under Hadugato (Hartwigate). According to Adam of Bre...

? Des Francs (De Toxandrie) (deceased)

Agilulf, King of the Francs (c.475 - d.)

Amalberge Austrasia et Bourgogne et des Francs (deceased)

Anne Colas des Francs (deceased)

Anne Marie COLAS des FRANCS (1727 - 1770)

Arcote Argotta Des Francs (des Cimbres) (375 - d.)

Ascaric (270-307) De Cologne, Roi Des Francs De Cologne (van Keulen) (270 - 307)

Roi des Francs de Cologne

Ascyllius Des Francs (330 - 417)

Aubepar des Francs (c.1235 - d.)

Bernhard des Francs (774 - 821)

Bertha of the Franks (c.610 - d.)

Bertha , wife of Warnacher II. After his death she married his son Godin. French Wikipedia says she was a daughter of Chlothar II, but cites no source (visited Sept. 5, 2013). Maiores Domus of th...

Bilchilde Austrasia et des Francs (625 - 668)

Blésinde des Francs (deceased)

Catherine Colas des Francs (de Saint Mesmin) (c.1639 - 1724)

Chinechildis des Francs (des Burgondes) (625 - 670)

Chrotling Austrasia et Bourgogne et des Francs (670 - d.)

Claude Madeleine Colas des Francs (Foucault), dame du Petit Puchesse (1674 - 1757)

Cloderic, King roi des Francs (475 - d.)

Clodomir IV * des Francs Salien (c.130 - 166)

Clothilde roi des Francs (de Bourgogne) (480 - d.)

Clotilde d'ARDENNES (des FRANCS) (562 - 618)

Colin Colas des Francs (1422 - 1480)

Dagoberchtus des Francs (c.605 - 639)

Daughter of Sunno des Francs (deceased)

Ermengarde des Francs (c.743 - d.)

Evelyne COLAS des FRANCS (PERILLAT) (1920 - 1994)

Flavius Bauto Des Francs (deceased)

François Colas des Francs, II (1701 - 1747)

François Colas des Francs, II (b. - 1598)

François Colas des Francs, I (b. - 1545)

Françoise Colas des Francs (Guignace) (b. - 1650)

Fredemundus Des Francs (Desposyni) (400 - d.)

Gerberge des Francs (485 - d.)

Hieronymus Martel des Francs (c.730 - d.)

Hildegonde des Francs (von Koln) (395 - 450)

Jacques Colas des Francs, I (1636 - 1698)

Lantéchilde des Francs (469 - 485)

Louise COLAS des FRANCS (1804 - 1823)

Marcomir IV * des Francs Salien (c.110 - 149)

Marie Anne Colas des Francs (Audry) (1710 - 1779)

Mathurin Colas des Francs (b. - 1628)

Memorana des Francs (deceased)

Memorana des Francs (deceased)

Monique COLAS des FRANCS (1921 - 1994)

Mulher des Francs (de Morinie) (deceased)

N roi des Francs a Cologne (deceased)

Nicanor des Francs Salien (c.152 - d.)

NN Rois des Neustria et des Francs (b. - 617)

Pharamond ou Guermond Des Francs (370 - d.)

Pierre COLAS des FRANCS (1880 - 1961)

Ragnachilde des Francs (c.420 - d.)

Regintrude of Austrasia (c.635 - 649)

Richilde of the Franks (Fictitious) (674 - 729)

By Richilda, his wife, Lyderic Le Buck had fifteen children. His descendants who for fourteen generations after his death governed Flanders.

Robert Colas des Francs (deceased)

Robert Colas des Francs, III (1670 - 1724)

Robert Colas des Francs, II (1602 - d.)

Roricus des Francs (c.126 - d.)

Roricus des Francs Salien (c.151 - d.)

Sigebert, roi des Francs a Cologne roi des Francs a Cologne (450 - d.)

Sigibertus des Francs (630 - 656)

Sunno of the Franks (b. - 388)

Sunno EditWatch this page This article is about a leader of the Franks. For the experimental drone metal band, see Sunn O))). Sunno was a leader (dux) of the Franks in the late 4th century that invad...

Theodemer Rois des Francs (b. - 422)

Thierry IV (Theodoric IV) Marquard Rois de Chelles et des Francs (deceased)

Wife of Chlodomir IV (VI) des Francs (deceased)

Wife of Mérovée II des Francs (deceased)