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Archibald Forrester of Corstorphine, Laird Of Corstorphine MP (c.1453 - c.1512)

Archibald Forrester, 5th Laird of Corstorphine1,2 M, #39843, d. between 1512 and 1513 Father Sir Alexander Forrester, 4th Laird of Corstorphine3 d. b 20 Sep 1473 Archibald Forrester, 5th Laird of...

Audrey Mozine Atkinson (Forrester) MP (1929 - 2014)

Birth: Dec. 13, 1929 Tennessee, USA Death: Feb. 11, 2014 Centerville (Hickman County) Hickman County Tennessee, USA Audrey Mozine Atkinson Birth: Dec. 13, 1929 Death: Feb. 11, 2014 Audrey Mozine At...

Christian Ross (Forrester) MP (1565 - 1627)

From Darry Lundy's Peerage page on Christian Forrester: Christian Forrester [1] F, #405853 Last Edited=5 Aug 2010 Christian Forrester married, firstly, Simon Fergusson, son of Bernard Fer...

Daughter of Duncan Forrester MP (deceased)

Dennis Hickman Forrester MP (1887 - 1952)

Birth: Jun. 22, 1887 Hickman County Tennessee, USA Death: Oct. 23, 1952 Nunnelly Hickman County Tennessee, USA Mr. Forrester married Miss Mattie Breece June 24, 1910 Hickman County, Tennessee. Ch...

Sir Duncan Forrester, Kt. MP (c.1440 - 1513)

Elisabeth Forrester MP (c.1443 - d.)

Elizabeth Makgill (Forrester) MP (c.1519 - 1578)

from www.stirnet.comDavid Makgill of Nesbit and Cranston Riddell (d 13.02.1595) m1. (mcrt 11.05.1557) Elizabeth Forrester (d 16.03.1578-9, dau of James Forrester of Corstorphine)********Submitter(s):ME...

Elizabeth Forrester MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Henrietta Haley (Forrester) MP (1735 - c.1800)

Eula May Nash (Forrester) MP

George Cecil Brooke Weld-Forester, 8th Baron Forester of Willey Park MP (1938 - 2004)

Hallie A Nash (Forrester) MP (1914 - 1968)

Helen Forrester, Countess of Lennox MP (c.1294 - d.)

Izola Louise Wallingford Hills Forrester MP (1878 - 1944)

Izola Forrester (November 15, 1878 - March 6, 1944) was an American author who was born Izola Louise Wallingford. Forrester was a pioneer journalist in the heyday of magazine and newspaper publishing...

James Forrester MP (c.1494 - 1528)

Janet Forrester MP (c.1510 - c.1600)

Janet Forrester1 F, #185118 Last Edited=26 Feb 2006 Janet Forrester is the daughter of Sir Walter Forrester of Carden.1 She married Robert Bruce of Airth, son of Sir Robert Bruce of Airth and Eup...

Janet Forrester MP (c.1405 - c.1488)

Janet Forrester1 F, #69655, d. after 1488 Last Edited=11 Mar 2014 Janet Forrester was the daughter of Sir John Forrester of Corstorphine and Jean Sinclair.1 She married Robert Maxwell, 2nd Lord M...

Janet Forrester MP (c.1346 - c.1388)

Jeremiah Forrester MP (1808 - 1888)

Sir John "Libertine" Forrester, Lord of Corstorphine MP (c.1362 - 1448)

Sir John Forrester of Corstorphine1 M, #636981 Last Edited=11 Mar 2014 Sir John Forrester of Corstorphine married Jean Sinclair, daughter of Henry Sinclair, 1st Earl of Orkney and Jane Halyburton...

John Forrester, Sr. MP (c.1320 - 1350)

Lagralda Forrester MP (1714 - d.)

Margaret Forrester MP (c.1479 - 1532)

Margaret Forrester (Forsyth) MP (c.1445 - d.)

Margaret Forrester (unknown) MP (c.1320 - d.)

Mariot Forrester of Corstorphine MP (c.1486 - 1562)

Citations Charles Mosley, editor, Burke's Peerage, Baronetage & Knightage, 107th edition, 3 volumes (Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A.: Burke's Peerage (Genealogical Books) Ltd, 2003), volume 3, page 39...

Martha E. Church (Forrester) MP (1847 - d.)

Mary Forrester (Osborne) MP (1813 - 1903)

Mattie Irene Forrester (Breece) MP (1893 - 1972)

Reference: "The History of Hickman County, TN, 1807-1993" by the Hickman Co Historical Society. Has bios on many old families. Attended the Taylor Creek School in Hickman Co. ========================...

Mattie Lucille Petty (Forrester) MP (1916 - 1991)

Minnie Lois Waters (Forrester) MP (1912 - 1990)

Birth: Dec. 13, 1912 Hickman County Tennessee, USA Death: May 27, 1990 Hickman County Tennessee, USA Daughter of Dennis Hickman Forrester and Mattie Irene Breece Forrester. Family links: Pa...

Nancy "Nannie" Jane Moore (Forrester) MP (1893 - 1969)

Birth: May 31, 1893 Ethel Attala County Mississippi, USA Death: Sep. 26, 1969 Clarksdale Coahoma County Mississippi, USA Nancy Jane "Nannie" Forrester Moore was the daughter of James Zachariah Forr...

Robert Forrester of Boquhan, Provost of Stirling MP (c.1540 - d.)

From Darryl Lundy's Peerage page on Robert Forrester of Boquhan: Robert Forrester of Boquhan [1] M, #444271 Last Edited=5 Aug 2010 Robert Forrester of Boquhan held the office of Provost o...

Sarah Jane Forrester (Sims) MP (1845 - 1920)

Birth: Sep. 6, 1845 Alabama, USA Death: Oct. 18, 1920 Attala County Mississippi, USA Daughter of Zachariah Sims and Martha (unknown). Wife of James Thomas "Tom" Forrester. Mother of James Z., Henry...

Thomas Forrester of Strathendry MP (deceased)

Sir Walter Forrester, 7th of Torwood, 2nd of Garden MP (c.1459 - 1528)

(2sons, 9daus.)

Forrester (c.1856 - d.)

Forrester (deceased)

Forrester (1815 - d.)

Forrester (1694 - d.)

Forrester (deceased)

Forrester (deceased)

FORRESTER (c.1784 - d.)

#Lucy FORRESTER-COOPER (c.1822 - d.)

#Lucy FORRESTER (c.1875 - d.)

(unknown) Forrester (deceased)

* Forrester (Clark) (deceased)

* Forrester (deceased)

<<Unknown>> Forrester (deceased)

? Forrester (deceased)

? Forrester (deceased)

? Forrester (deceased)

? Forrester (deceased)

Abigail Mohun (Forrester) (deceased)

Acension Forrester (deceased)

Ada Jane Deakin (Forrester) (1872 - d.)

Ada Alice Forrester (Glendenning) (1879 - 1973)

Ada Forrester (4 - 4)

Adam Forrester, Lord of Corstorphine (1294 - 1365)

Clan Forrester History It is possible that this family is of Celtic druidic origin, descending from Marnin the Forester, who held lands in Dunipace, Stirlingshire, about 1200. Monument at Flodden F...

Adam Forrester (1320 - 1405)

Sir Adam Forrester (c.1294 - c.1365)

Adam Forrester (1911 - 1911)

Adam Forrester (deceased)

Adam Forrester (c.1360 - 1405)

Adelaide Villarie Forrester (1879 - d.)

Adeline Forrester (1917 - 1966)

Adelpa Forrester (deceased)

Adlin Forrester (deceased)

Admiral dewey forrester (deceased)

Adolphus Marvin Forrester (1888 - 1960)

Adolphus Forrester (1922 - d.)

Adolphus Tandy Mitchell Forrester (1860 - 1936)

adrian forrester (deceased)

Aglintina Forrester (1879 - d.)

Agnes Forrester (deceased)

Agnes Forrester (1814 - 1880)

Agnes Forrester (1720 - d.)

Agnes Forrester (c.1499 - d.)

Agnes Forrester1 F, #61556 Father Sir Walter Forrester, 7th Laird of Torwood, 2nd Laird of Garden2 b. c 1470 Mother Agnes Graham2 Agnes Forrester married Thomas Bellenden, son of Patrick Bellenden an...

Agnes Dall Forrester (1867 - 1940)

Agnes Rubena Forrester (Kirkland) (1864 - 1947)

Agnes Forrester (c.1853 - d.)

Agnes Forrester (c.1875 - d.)

Agnes Forrester (1813 - d.)

Agnes Gee (Forrester) (deceased)

Agnes Forrester (deceased)

Agnes Forrester (Young) (c.1705 - d.)

Agnes Balfour (Forrester) (1490 - d.)

Agnes Forrester (1738 - d.)

AGNES FORRESTER is the sixth child and second daughter of Andrew Forrester of Arngibbon, and his wife, Beatrix Peter (Otherwise Beatrix Peters). She was born before 11 December 1738, the date upon wh...

Agnes Forrester (Stewart) (deceased)

Agnes Forrester (Livingstone) (c.1437 - d.)

Agnes Victoria Forrester (1888 - 1955)

Agnes Forrester (deceased)

Agnes Black Forrester (1874 - d.)

Agnes Forrester (1850 - 1910)

Agnes Gillespie Forrester (c.1892 - c.1964)

Agnes Forrester (deceased)

Agnes Dundas (Forrester) (1308 - d.)

Agnes Halford Forrester (Halford) (1913 - 1989)

Agnes Forrester (c.1337 - d.)