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Flora Spiegelberg (Langermann) MP (1856 - 1943)

The 8th european woman to settle in Sante Fe, NM. Authoress of a children's books. The New Mexico Jewish Society has republished two articles about Flora: and from page 4 here Find a Grave ha...

Frederik Langerman SV/PROG MP (c.1745 - 1806)

Hi, I think it might be worth considering adding Johan and Carel and Christiaan to this name as well. In his VOC schuldbrief he is referred to as Fredrik Langerman. Most of the time in the Resolutions ...

Adolf Friedrich von Langermann (1695 - 1757)

Alice Langermann (Schidrowitz) (deceased)

As per Gretchen Thannhauser Munson: British citizen, died there, was born in Staten Island, her journalist father was on assignment there (NYSun?) Delightful person, blue eyes, mother visited her, ha...

Anna Weil (Langermann) (1865 - d.)

Anna Maria Langermann (1787 - d.)

Anna Catharina Langermann (Anckelmann) (deceased)

Anna Maria Langermann (1813 - d.)

Anna Maria Langermann (1819 - d.)

Anna Catharina Langermann (deceased)

anna friedericke emilie langermann (1869 - d.)

Anna Sophie von Langermann (1740 - 1793)

august ferdinand langermann (1832 - 1857)

August Langermann (1859 - 1887)

auguste emilie langermann (1864 - d.)

Auguste Langermann (Gugenheimer) (1822 - 1897)


Babet Langermann (1832 - d.)

Benjamin Langermann (1790 - d.)

Bernhard Langermann (deceased)

Berthe Langermann (1855 - 1872)

[Renate Höpfinger, "Die Judengemeinde von Floss, 1684-1942" chart L 21] also called Bella according to the Hebrew in her father's prayerbook (see sources here for a copy) and was born the 10th...

Carolina Langermann Thannhauser (1865 - 1942)

According to her father's prayerbook page (shown in sources here) her Hebrew name is shown as Miriam Gitl and she is listed as being born on the Sabbath 13th of the month of Tammuz in 5625 but since th...

Carolina Susanna Langermann (deceased)

Caroline Langermann (Strauss) (deceased)

Chane Beile Langermann (Baumgarten) (1880 - d.)

Charlotte Thannhauser (Langermann) (1863 - 1933)

The official record of Floss shows her birthday as March 3 [Renate Höpfinger, "Die Judengemeinde von Floss, 1684-1942" chart L 21] but his father's prayerbook (see sources) shows it as March 4. ...

Mathilde Stieda (Langermann) (1831 - 1908)

christian friedrich langermann (1798 - d.)

Christiane Juliane von Rieben (1719 - d.)

Diedrich Langermann (b. - 1654)

Dorothea Auguste Wilhelmina Kraemer (Langermann) (1857 - 1947)

Edith Rachel Langermann (Spiro) (deceased)

Emanuel Langermann (1840 - 1865)

Emil Langermann (1837 - 1860)

In the Hebrew on his father's prayer book (see sources here for a copy) he is called Yitshak, born the second day of the feast of weeks

Emilie Luise Langermann (Krug) (deceased)

Emma Langermann (c.1858 - c.1858)

emma marie auguste langermann (1870 - d.)

Isador Langermann (1868 - 1911)

The official record of Floss shows his birthday as Sept 11 [Renate Höpfinger, "Die Judengemeinde von Floss, 1684-1942" chart L 21] but his father's prayerbook (see sources) shows it as Sept 10. ...

Esther Bessel Englaender (Langermann) (c.1788 - 1864)

Eva Langermann (deceased)

Evelyn Hildegard Günther-Langermann (1925 - 1971)

Fanny Lebrecht (Langermann) (c.1860 - d.)

Fannÿ Lebrecht (Langermann) (1859 - d.)

Fradel Langermann (1824 - d.)

Frederick Langermann (deceased)

Frederick Edward Langermann (c.1901 - 1939)

His long time companion was Florence Temple Cross to whom he dedicated his contribution to the Papworth TB Village where he died of TB. He left the bulk of his fortune to that institute. According to...

Frederik Christian Langermann (1817 - 1890)

Frieda Charlotte Günther (Langermann) (1902 - d.)

friederike louise langermann (1858 - d.)

Friedrich Langermann (deceased)

Fritz Langermann (1861 - 1925)

Gabriel Langermann (c.1797 - 1857)

Gerhard Langermann (1603 - 1646)

Gertrud Langermann (b. - c.1523)

Gertrud Langermann (deceased)

Gertrud Langermann (deceased)

Gertrud von Bredow (von Langermann und Erlencamp) (deceased)

Gunhilda Kristiane Langermann (1859 - 1938)

gustav herman langermann (1879 - d.)

Hannah Langermann (deceased)

Heinrich Langermann (1789 - 1841)

Helmuth Langermann (1854 - d.)

Isaak Langermann (1821 - 1867)

Isobel Langermann (1856 - d.)

Jakob Langermann (1866 - 1898)

The Hebrew inscription in his father's prayerbook lists his birth date as the 6th of Kisslev 5627. He went to Johannesberg, South Africa. Although perhaps he was in Salisbury, Rhodesia first The fa...

Jette Langermann (1867 - 1887)

Joel Loew Langermann (c.1760 - d.)

translated from from Renate Hopfinger's book on Floss: Four Jewish families were permitted to settle in Floss in 1684. These four families were the families of two sets of brothers. All of the Jews w...

Johann der Alter Langermann (deceased)

Johann Langermann (1785 - d.)

Johann Georg Langermann (deceased)

Johann Heinrich Langermann (b. - 1844)

johanna louisa langermann (rieckmann) (1835 - d.)

johanna louise langermann (1862 - d.)

John Adam Langermann (Lengermann) (deceased)

Joseph Langermann (deceased)

Judith Langermann (Hönigsberger) (1824 - 1876)

Juditha Langermann (1792 - 1850)

Juliana Langermann (1797 - d.)

Julius Langermann (1853 - d.)

His father's prayer book (see sources here) lists his birthdate in Hebrew as the 12th of the month of Kisslev in the year 5613 but his circumcision was not until the 8th of Tevet (january 8) which was ...

Kaile Lilien (Langermann) (1855 - 1920)

Karl Langermann (deceased)

Karl Julius Langermann (1910 - d.)

Karl Julius Langermann (1860 - 1933)

Katharina Dalhaus (Langermann) (deceased)

Klara Strauss (Langermann) (1861 - d.)

Lea Langermann (1817 - c.1818)

Leopold Langermann (c.1520 - d.)

Loeb Joel Langermann (c.1790 - 1875)

from the research of Jochen Martz of Nuernburg about the Murnthal valley: 'the first settlement in the valley were the buildings of the Mittermurnthal factory, founded in 1832 by a local carpenter na...

Lorens Langermann (b. - 1658)

louisa maria langermann (1873 - d.)

Luise Langermann (Schmieder) (1877 - d.)

Margaretha Langermann (1594 - 1655)

Margaretha Langermann (b. - 1665)

Margaretha Langermann (c.1589 - 1651)

Maria Langermann (Kappelli) (1921 - d.)

maria emilie langermann (1866 - d.)

Marie Langermann (1863 - 1864)

Fredericka "Frida" Langermann Erlanger (1850 - 1898)

She must have been already dead in 1898 because her share of her brother Jakob's estate went to her son.

Mathilde Langermann (c.1857 - c.1857)

Max Langermann (1859 - 1919)

His Hebrew birthdate is listed as 7th of Adar II 5619 in his father's prayerbook (see that image in the sources here) and was circumcised on the feast of Purim (15th of Adar II that year). He went to...

Mendel Langermann (1838 - d.)