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Blaise Jean LeJeune MP (1750 - 1820)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for LOUISIANA. DAR Ancestor # A069435 Grand Derrangement-------Exiled to Maryland then onto Opelousas Louisiana Birth: 1751

Catherine Lejeune MP (1633 - 1671)

The family of François SAVOIE and Catherine LEJEUNE [85608] SAVOIE, François (..), ploughman (laboureur), born about 1621 (rec. 1671), died between census 1671 and census 1678 Port-Royal (Acadie) H...

Edmée dite Aimée Lejeune MP (c.1624 - 1698)

AKAN: Aimée Nickname: dit Briard Census: 1671; 1693 Port-Royal Edmee is listed as a Metis woman, having been born in a Metis village, as well as having the title of "Sauvagesse". Edmee is belie...

Ellie Harrison Lejeune (Murdaugh) MP (1877 - 1953)

MRS.. JOHN A. LEJEUNE NORFOLK, Va., Nov. 10, 1953 (AP)— Mrs. Eilie Harrison Murdaugh Lejeune, widow of Lieut. Gen. John. Archer Lejeune, former Marine Corps commandant, died today after a month's illne...

Euphrosine Lejeune (Carriere) MP (deceased)

Genevieve Lejeune (Janis) MP (1780 - d.)

Germain Lejeune MP (c.1693 - c.1752)

Jean-Baptiste Lejeune MP (1728 - 1763)

Birth: 1728 Windsor Hants County Nova Scotia, Canada Death: 1763 Saint Gabriel Iberville Parish Louisiana, USA Family links: Parents: Paul Lejeune dit Briard (1702 - 1755) Marie Benoit Leje...

Jeanne Lejeune dit Briard MP (deceased)

Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet MP (1805 - 1859)

Johann Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet (From Wikipedia) Function Theory Mathematician, Known for Dirichlet function, Dirichlet eta function Johann Peter Gustav Lejeune Dirichlet (German pronunciatio...

Lt. General John A. Lejeune, 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps MP (1867 - 1942)

Lieutenant General John Archer Lejeune, (January 10, 1867 – November 20, 1942) was the 13th Commandant of the Marine Corps. Known as the "greatest of all Leathernecks" and the "Marine's Marine", he s...

Laura Archer Lejeune (Turpin) MP (1840 - 1899)

Marguerite Lejeune dite Briard MP (c.1725 - 1758)

Notes Lieux info: Acadie (mariage), Saint-Charles-de-la-Rivière-Boyer (décès) Pionnière de la Nouvelle-France . Arrive au Québec en c1750 de l'Acadie. Sources à traiter: Nos Origines

Marie Josephe LeJeune (Breaux) MP (1755 - 1818)

At Port Tobacco, Maryland, in 1763. Louisiana: Listed among the Acadians established at San Luís de Natchez, February 2, 1768. The 1768 census of San Luís de Natchez indicates that she was a twent...

Marie-Jeanne Lejeune (Kagigconiac / Kagijonias), Miq'Maq MP (c.1665 - c.1698)

I am giving Marie Jeanne's date of birth as abt. 1665 to coincide with the era. Most girls where married as soon as they hit puberty or within in a couple of years (12-16 yrs old) and were usually 5 ye...

Capt. Ovide Lejeune, (CSA) MP (1820 - 1899)

Ovide Lejeune served in Company I, 1st Regiment, Louisiana Cavalry in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War.

Ozier Joseph Lejeune MP (1780 - d.)

Pierre Lejeune dit Briard MP (1628 - c.1661)

Pierre Lejeune said Briard was baptised November 12, 1628 in Thorigny-sur-Marne in French Brie (now. Department of Seine-et-Marne), marriage Charles and Jeanne Lejeune Vaudet. Pierre was baptized on No...

Pierre LeJeune dit Briard MP (c.1656 - c.1704)

Sources ID No: 19119 Bio Note: Pierre Lejeune married Marie "La Cadette" Thibodeau. Marie's parents gave the first name of Marie to four of their daughters as it was customa...

Pierre Lejeune dit Briard MP (c.1689 - c.1742)

Notes Lieux info: Acadie (mariage) Sources à traiter: Nos Origines

Unknown Lejeune MP (c.1595 - 1636)

Lejeune MP (deceased)

. Lejeune MP (deceased)

. Lejeune (.) MP (deceased)

<Unnamed> Lejeune MP (deceased)

? LeJeune MP (deceased)

? Thelen (LeJeune) MP (deceased)

? Lejeune MP (deceased)

??? Lejeune MP (deceased)

?Rosetti Lejeune MP (1851 - d.)

Abel Lejeune MP (1836 - d.)

Abigail Lejeune MP (1759 - d.)

Abraham LeJeune MP (c.1845 - 1918)

Abuelstra Judy Lejeune MP (deceased)

Achille Lejeune MP (deceased)

Achille Theodore LeJeune MP (1848 - d.)

Adam Lejeune MP (deceased)

Adam Francois Lejeune MP (1731 - 1804)

Adam Eduard Lejeune MP (1845 - 1899)

Adam Franz Lejeune MP (1849 - 1897)

Adelaide Lejeune (Chaisson) MP (1829 - 1829)

Adelaide Mirze LeJeune (Landry) MP (1830 - d.)

Adelard Lejeune MP (1881 - 1886)

Adele Lejeune (Fourrier) MP (1858 - 1942)

Adele Lejeune (Fourrier) MP (deceased)

Adeline Durand (LeJeune) MP (deceased)

Adolphe Pierre Lejeune MP (b. - 1879)

Adrienne Niatel (Lejeune) MP (1909 - 1961)

Adrienne Lejeune (Gosteau) MP (deceased)

Adèle Lejeune MP (deceased)

Adèle Lejeune MP (c.1853 - d.)

Agatha Martha Lejeune MP (1764 - c.1847)

Agathe (dit Briard) Lejeune (Lejeune dit Briard) MP (1748 - 1768)

Agathe LeJeune MP (deceased)

Agathe Lejeune MP (1841 - 1868)

Agathe LeJeune MP (deceased)

Agathe MARTIN (LEJEUNE), dit BRIARD MP (deceased)

Agnes Joséphine Leroy (Lejeune) MP (1811 - 1862)

Agnes Lejeune (Young) MP (1857 - d.)

Agnes Lejeune MP (deceased)

Agnes Elizabeth Baughman (Lejeune) MP (1911 - 1968)

Agnes Grace Lejeune MP (1896 - 1902)

Agnes Margaret Tamules (LeJeune) MP (1924 - d.)

Agnès-Aymée Lejeune MP (c.1625 - d.)

Aimé Lejeune MP (1816 - 1894)

Aime Lejeune MP (1877 - d.)


Albert LeJeune MP (1878 - d.)

Albert LEJEUNE MP (deceased)

Albert LeJeune MP (1870 - 1924)

albertine lejeune (francis) MP (deceased)

Albertiner Françoise Lejeune (Henrard) MP (deceased)

Aldegonda Lejeune MP (deceased)

Aldest LeJeune MP (deceased)

Alexander Lejeune MP (c.1838 - d.)

Alexander LeJeune MP (deceased)

alexandre lejeune MP (deceased)

Alexina Palmyre Lejeune MP (1860 - d.)

Alexis Lejeune MP (1725 - d.)

The name Lejeune was later pronounced Young

Alexis Lejeune MP (deceased)

Alexis LeJeune MP (1797 - d.)

AKA Alexander Young

Alexis Lejeune MP (deceased)

Alexis Lejeune MP (1797 - d.)

Alexis Simon LeJeune MP (1773 - 1835)

Alfred Lejeune, Sr. MP (c.1827 - 1904)

Alfred Lejeune, Jr. MP (1873 - 1934)

Alfred Lejeune MP (deceased)

Alfred LeJeune MP (1905 - 1981)

Alfred LeJeune MP (1905 - 1981)

Alfred Lejeune MP (deceased)

alfred lejeune MP (deceased)

Alice Thibodeaux (Lejeune) MP (1915 - 1978)

Alice Rozeria Cavanaugh (LeJeune) MP (1922 - 1975)

Alice Lejeune MP (1873 - d.)

Alice Lejeune MP (deceased)

Alice May LeJeune (Kaufman) MP (1911 - 1995)

Alice David (Lejeune) MP (deceased)

Alick Lejeune MP (deceased)

Alick LeJeune, Mr MP (deceased)

Alick LeJeune MP (deceased)