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Alexander Palache MP (1779 - 1851)

Isaac Palache MP (deceased)

Isaac Pallache, son of Samuel Pallache , settled in Rabat-Salé after 1623 and acted as Dutch consul. Moses Ben ʿAṭṭār, the nagid of Salé, was the primary banker of Mulay Ismāʿīl (r. 1672–1727) and nego...

Isaac 'Joseph' Palache MP (c.1592 - c.1647)

Joseph 'Isaac' Palache MP (1562 - 1649)

Rusa bat Daniel Palache MP (c.1747 - d.)

Samuel Palache, Hakham MP (1550 - 1616)

Rabbi Samuel Palache grew up in Morocco but ended up in Amsterdam in 1610. He proposed that the Prince of Orange and the Sultan of Morocco get together. Rabbi Samuel Palache and his brother, Joseph, ...

Sarah Henriques (Palache) MP (c.1812 - 1878)

Abigael Palache-Jessurun (Palache) MP (1699 - d.)

Abigail Palache (Lindo) MP (1622 - d.)

Abigail Palache MP (1893 - 1894)

Abraham Palache MP (1665 - 1727)

Abraham Palache MP (b. - 1708)

Abraham Palache MP (1699 - d.)

Abraham Palache MP (deceased)

Abraham Palache MP (c.1809 - c.1899)

He’s the great grandson of Joseph Raphael Hazan - Hikrei Lev and the grandson of Kali Kaden Hazan. He is one of the best rabbis raised in Izmir. After the death of his father Hayyim Palache, Joseph Hak...

Abraham Isaac Palache MP (1767 - c.1840)

Abraham Palache de Cordova MP (1737 - 1772)

Abraham Palache MP (1892 - 1941)

Overledene: Abraham Palache Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 49 Partner: Jacoba Sarah de Pinto Vader: Isaac Palache Moeder: Judith Spinoza Catella Jussurum Gebeurtenis: Overlijden Datu...

Abraham Palache MP (deceased)

Abraham 'Joseph' Palache MP (1600 - d.)

Abraham Raphael Palache MP (c.1843 - d.)

23 Fashion Street (1871 census)

Adelaide Virginia Palache (Airall) MP (1913 - 2007)

Albert Palache MP (1888 - d.)

Palache, Albert. - Bankier. Geb. te Amsterdam, 26 Aug. 1888 als zoon van Abraham Palache, firmant van Gebr. Teixeira de Mattos, en Reina Musaphia. - P. bezocht in zijn geboortestad de 3e H.B.S. 5-j.c. ...

Alma Palache MP (deceased)

Anna Palache (Philips) MP (c.1596 - d.)

Anna Palache MP (1883 - 1944)

Barry Palache MP (1935 - 1996)

Benvenida Palache MP (1595 - 1624)

Benvenida Palache (?) MP (1566 - d.)

Catherine Palache (Overacker) MP (1868 - d.)

Cecil John Palache MP (1886 - d.)

child 'Abraham' Palache MP (b. - 1836)

Clara Palache (Musaphia) MP (1866 - d.)

Clara "Hannah" Jacob Palache (Jessurun) MP (1672 - 1707)

Clara 'Joseph' Jacob Mendoza (Palache) MP (1727 - 1781)

It is now questionable whether Clara was the wife of the correct Solomon Mendoza. (see Lynn's website & also HOWEVER: Clara Palache de Cordova, b. 1727, daugther of Ester de Cordo...

Clifford Palache MP (1914 - 1998)

Daniel Palache MP (c.1720 - d.)

Daughter Palache MP (1564 - d.)

Daughter Palache MP (deceased)

David Palache MP (1590 - d.)

David 'Joseph' Palache MP (c.1598 - c.1650)

Birth, marriage, death dates plus milestones in his life found online at:

Deborah Palache MP (deceased)

Eileen Palache (Salzedo) MP (deceased)

Eleonora Nelly Palache (Bondy) MP (1897 - 1979)

Eliza Palache MP (deceased)

Ester Palache (Cohen) MP (1672 - 1699)

Ester Palache (Cohen) MP (1699 - d.)

Ester Palache MP (deceased)

Ester Palache MP (1890 - 1974)

Esther Palache MP (deceased)

Esther Palache MP (1798 - 1863)

Esther Palache MP (1853 - bef.1914)

Esther Lobatto (Palache) MP (c.1875 - 1957)

Esther Palache 1891 England & Wales Census Birth: Circa 1875 - Spitalfields, London Residence: 1891 - 54 Berner St, St George East, London, England Parents: Abraham Palache, Jane Palache Si...

Ethline Palache (Wright) MP (deceased)

Eva Palache MP (deceased)

Eva Cohen (Palache) MP (deceased)

Eva Palache MP (c.1716 - d.)

Eva 'Abraham' Palache MP (b. - 1836)

Ginnie Palache MP (deceased)

Gracia Palache-Jessurun (Palache) MP (deceased)

Gracia Haim Palache MP (1682 - d.)

Haim Palache MP (c.1701 - d.)

Haim Samuel Palache MP (1686 - d.)

Hannah Palache MP (deceased)

Hayyim Palache MP (c.1788 - c.1869)

Ḥayyim ben Jacob Pallache (Palache, Palaggi), known by the Hebrew acronyms Ḥabif and Maharḥaf, was a chief rabbi of the Ottoman city of Izmir (Smyrna). Born in Izmir in 1788, he was educated by his fat...

Hayyim Palache MP (c.1725 - c.1813)

Pallache Family (Turkish Branch) (1,478 words) D Gershon Lewental Pallache Family (Turkish Branch) The Pallache (Palaggi, Palache, Palacci) family originated in the Iberian Peninsula and had branches...

Hayyim Palache MP (c.1725 - c.1813)

Helena Naomi Palace (Palache) MP (1931 - 1999)

Isaac Palache MP (deceased)

Isaac Palache de Cordova MP (1731 - 1807)

Isaac Abraham Palache MP (c.1707 - d.)

Isaac Palache MP (1926 - 1996)

Isaac Juda Palache MP (1858 - 1926)

Opperrabbijn P.I.G. te Amsterdam 1900-1926. Rector P.I.S., voorzitter vergadering van opperrabbijnen in Nederland, voorzitter Joodsche Bijzondere School van Kennis en Godsvrucht. (Joods Biografische Wo...

Isaac Abraham Palache MP (deceased)

Isaac Albert Palache MP (deceased)

Isaac of Fez Palache (De Palacios) MP (1536 - d.)

2017.07.09: Where does the epithet "De Palacios" come from for Isaac of Fez – what citations? – David Chambers

Isaac Raphael Palache MP (deceased)

Jack Palache MP (1906 - 1995)

Jacob Palache de Cordova MP (1741 - 1807)

Jacob Palache MP (c.1703 - bef.1774)

Jacob v. Jeozua Palache buried 19 April 1774:

Jacob Carlos Samuel Palache MP (deceased)

Jacoba Sarah Palache (de Pinto) MP (1894 - 1944)

Overledene: Jacoba Sarah de Pinto Geslacht: Vrouw Geboorteplaats: 's Gravenhage Leeftijd: 50 Partner: Abraham Palache Vader: Moses de Pinto Moeder: Anna de Jongh Gebeurtenis: Overlijden Datum: zaterdag...

Jane Palache (willing) MP (deceased)

Jane Palache (Hadida) MP (deceased)

Jane Henriques Palache (Coelho) MP (c.1843 - 1913)

Jay Joseph MP (deceased)

Jehuda Lion Palache MP (1886 - 1944)

New entry on Wikipedia as of September 26, 2016: PALACHE, JUDAH LION (1886–1944), Orientalist and teacher. Palache was born in Amsterdam, a son of Isaac Palache, the ḥakham of the Spanish-Portuguese ...

Jeosuah Palache MP (deceased)

Abraham (Jimmy) Palache MP (deceased)

jim palache palache MP (deceased)

Joseph Palache MP (1901 - 1994)

Joseph Palache MP (deceased)

Joseph Jeosuah Palache MP (1695 - 1749)

Joseph Palache MP (c.1630 - 1699)

Joseph Jessurun Palache MP (c.1728 - d.)

Joseph Isaac Palache MP (1760 - 1832)

Joseph Joshua Palache MP (deceased)

Joshua Palache MP (1668 - 1707)

Jeozua Palache (son Jacob v. Jeozua buried 19 April 1774: )

Joshua 'Joseph' Palache MP (c.1591 - c.1653)

Josua Palache MP (c.1700 - d.)