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Ana María García de los Reyes MP (1731 - d.)

Doña Aurora Reyes-Recto MP (deceased)

Aurora Reyes-Recto was crowned Miss Visayas at the 1st National Beauty Contest, held at the 1926 Manila Carnival. More here: .

Clímaco Calderón Reyes, 15º presidente de Los Estados Unidos de Colombia MP (1852 - 1913)

Ejercio el poder ejecutivo por un dia, del 21 al 22 de diciembre de 1882,siendo Procurador General, con ocasion de la muerte del presidente Zaldua, y mientras se posesionaba el señor Otalora. ...

Crisanto Mendoza de los Reyes MP (1828 - c.1895)

Crisanto Mendoza de los Reyes was an affluent businessman and a member of the Pandacan Masonic Lodge. He was one of the 154 heroes of the Cavite Mutiny of 1872. More here: .

Elisea Tantoco Reyes MP (1873 - 1969)

Elisea “Seang” Reyes-Galang was among "The Brave Women of Malolos". Though she did not go on to higher education, she spoke Spanish well. Along with her family, she aided the revolutionar...

Estanislao de los Reyes MP (deceased)

In the fight against the Americans, the Katipunan movement was very much alive in Vigan. According to William Henry Scott – Ilocano Responses to American Aggression, 1900-1901, “ The Calv...

Facundo Ponce de León Reyes MP

Facundo Ponce de León was born in Montevideo in 1978. He obtained his Master's in Humanities at the Universidad Carlos III of Madrid. In 2001, he graduated inPhilosophy and Communication Science...

Francisca de los Reyes MP (1620 - d.)

Graciano Tiongson Reyes MP (deceased)

Graciano Tiongson Reyes was a maestro de instruccion primaria in Malolos, where his family owned vast land. He served as cabeza de barangay (1886-1887), gobernadorcillo (1888) and juez de paz (1896). U...

Hermenegildo Balbino Tantoco Reyes MP (1898 - 1983)

Hermenegildo B. Reyes, together with 4 others established the Makati Stock Exchange on 27 May 1963. More here:

Hernando Siles Reyes, Dr., Presidente de Bolivia MP (1882 - 1942)

Hernando Siles Reyes (* Sucre, 1882 - †, 1942), fue un político y jurista boliviano, Presidente de la República de Bolivia (1926 - 1930). Nació en Sucre en 1882. Hijo de A...

Inocencia Bapista Reyes MP (1889 - d.)

Inocencia "Enchay" Baptista Reyes was a finalist at the 1908 Manila Carnival Queen race. She is the the matriarch of the accomplished Roces Clan.

Isabel de los Reyes y Cassaus MP (b. - 1754)

Isabelita L. de los Reyes-Barredo MP (c.1908 - d.)

Isabelita de los Reyes was among the Damas de Honor at the 1929 Manila Carnival. More here: was one of the Damas de Honor in the 1929 Manila Carnival.

Dr. Jose R. Reyes MP (1902 - 1964)

Jose Reyes Reyes was a physician who graduated from the U. P. College of Medicine in1928 and served as the Hospital Chief of the government-run North General Hospital from 1948 to 1964. The hospital wa...

José Antonio Valenzuela Burgos de los Reyes MP (deceased)

José Gregorio Rafael Reyes Prieto, 28º Presidente de la República de Colombia MP (1849 - 1921)

General, Rafael Reyes Prieto Militar y político colombiano, presidente de la República (1904-1909) Nació en Santa Rosa de Viterbo, Boyacá (Colombia). Se dedicó al...

Juana García de los Reyes MP (1670 - c.1752)

Juana Tantoco Reyes MP (1874 - 1900)

Juana "Anang" Tantoco Reyes was among "The Brave Women of Malolos". Along with her family, she aided the revolutionary army by providing supplies. She died from childbirth complications. More here:

Lauriberto José Reyes MP (1945 - 1972)

Lauriberto José Reyes na Wikipedia

Leoncia Santos Reyes MP (1864 - 1948)

Leoncia Santos Reyes was among "The Brave Women of Malolos". She was a fluent speaker of Spanish and at a young age of 17, was noted as a "category 2" property owner. After marrying her first cousin, s...

Leonor Tantoco Reyes MP (1919 - 2006)

Leonor T. Reyes competed as Miss Bulacan at the 1st National Beauty Content at the 1926 Manila Carnival. More here: .

Lino Santos Reyes MP (deceased)

Lino "Inong" Santos Reyes was a cabeza de baranggay in Malolos. In 1899, the Secretaria de Exterior of the newly inagurated Republic of Malolos was housed in his residence. More here:

Magdalena Elvira Hernández de los Reyes MP (1520 - d.)

Malva Marina Trinidad Reyes Hagenaar MP (1934 - 1943)

Ben M. Angel notes: These tell her story probably far better than I could: "Con poemas y canciones regresa Malva Marina desde el olvido" by Juan Heinsohn Huala (21 de agosto, 2004) "El enigma...

Manuel de los Reyes MP (c.1590 - d.)

Margarita "Tingting" R. Cojuangco MP

Tarlac City, Tarlac, Central Luzon, Philippines

Margarita "Tingting" Manzano de los Reyes-Cojuangco is a columnist, philantropist and socialite. She served as the Governor of Tarlac from 1992 to 1998. More here: .

Marietje Antonia Reyes-Hagenaar MP (1900 - 1965)

Maiden Name: Marietje Antonia Hagenaar Married Name (Dutch form): Marietje Antonia Reyes-Hagenaar Married Name (Chilean form): Maria Antonieta Reyes Vogelzang Name used at death: Marietje Antonia...

María Báez de Benavides y de los Reyes MP (1680 - d.)

María del Carmen Velasco Oruna Reyes, 4a Condesa de Quinta Alegre MP (1793 - d.)

María Gregoria Thadea Reyes MP (1680 - d.)

María Josefa del Burgo y de los Reyes MP (deceased)

Melchor de los Reyes MP (1600 - 1672)

Pablo Neruda, Premio Nobel Literatura 1971 MP (1904 - 1973)

Rol Único Tributario (RUT): 19.599.790-K (Neftalí Ricardo Reyes Basoalto), 2.892.429-1 (Pablo Neruda). --- Ricardo Eliezer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto, más conocido como Pablo Ne...

Nicanor Baptista Reyes MP (deceased)

Nicanor Baptista Reyes was the founder and first president of the Far Eastern University of the Philippines. More here: .

Olympia San Agustin Reyes (Tantoco) MP (1876 - 1910)

Olympia San Agustin Reyes was among "The Brave Women of Malolos". She was the youngest of the women to sign the historic letter to Governor General Weyler, being only 12 at the time. More here:

Pacita Ongsiako de los Reyes MP (1912 - 2004)

Paz Ongsiako de los Reyes was Miss Philippines in the 1929 Manila Carnival. More here: .

Petronila del Burgo y de los Reyes MP (deceased)

Remedios Fernandez Reyes MP (b. - 1955)

Remedios Fernandez Reyes-Medina was crowned Sultana de Mindanao at the 1912 Manila Carnival. More here: .

Rufina Tengco Reyes MP (1869 - 1909)

Rufina Tengco Reyes was among "The Brave Women of Malolos". Though she did not sign her family name, it is certain that Rufina was one of the women as the classes were eventually held in her house. At ...

Victor Manuel Román y Reyes, Presidente de Nicaragua MP (1872 - 1950)

Dr. Victor Manuel Román y Reyes graduated from Hahnemann Medical College (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA) in 1896 and practiced medicine in the United States for several years before returning ...

Reyes (Eulogio) (deceased)

Reyes (deceased)

Reyes (c.1845 - d.)

Reyes (deceased)

Reyes (deceased)

Reyes (Silva) (deceased)

REYES (Abovich) (deceased)

Reyes (deceased)

Jasmín (1871 - d.)

The child of Benito Jasmín and Joaquina de los Reyes was baptized by Nemesio García, and his or her godparent is unreadable because part of his or her baptismal register has been torn. ...

Reyes (deceased)

Reyes (1914 - 1914)

Sources: Stillborn daughter of Florencio Reyes and Petrona Macapagal's Death Certificate (Back): Stillborn daughter of Florencio Reyes and Petrona Macapagal's Death Certificate (Front):

Reyes (deceased)

Bacilio de los Reyes Duque (deceased)

Estanislao de los Reyes Duque (deceased)

"Barcelo" Reyes Camacho (b. - c.2004)

"Doring" Reyes (Dizon) (deceased)

"Igle" De los Reyes (deceased)

"Pado" D. De los Reyes (deceased)

(2ªMujer)EUSEBIA FERNÁNDEZ REYES (c.1889 - 1943)

(Barcelo) Reyes Camacho (deceased)


(Boy) Reyes (c.1936 - c.1936)

(Gemela) Reyes (deceased)

(Lelang) Maria Reyes (deceased)

(Lelong) Arong Reyes (deceased)

(Pablo) Jose Reyes (deceased)

(possibly Fernando) Reyes (b. - 1878)

He was alive when his sister, Carmen Reyes de Icasiano, died in 1878. However, it is unclear if he was alive as of 1889 because he was not mentioned on his mother's grave inscription.

(Unknown) Reyes (deceased)

(Unknown) Reyes (deceased)

- Reyes (deceased)

-Clara de los Reyes (deceased)

-Jph. Reyes Rodriguez (deceased)

-Jph. Reyes Rodriguez (deceased)

-Maria Bartola Reyes Balades (deceased)

-Maria Nieves Rubio Reyes (deceased)

-Mariano Reyes (deceased)

. Reyes (deceased)

. Reyes (deceased)

. Reyes (deceased)

. Delos Reyes (deceased)

. Reyes (deceased)

1 (unknown) Reyes (deceased)

1. Maria Pulmano (Reyes) (deceased)

18 hermanos mas reyes (deceased)

1st wife of paulino REYES (deceased)

2nd wife of paulino REYES (deceased)

2nd wife, Zosima Reyes (deceased)

? De los Reyes (deceased)

? Reyes Castro (deceased)

? Reyes (deceased)

? Reyes (deceased)

? Reyes Crowe (deceased)

? Reyes (deceased)

? Reyes Vera (deceased)

? Tello (delos Reyes) (deceased)

? Plaza de los Reyes (deceased)

? Reyes (deceased)

? Reyes (deceased)

? Reyes (deceased)