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Gloria Sevilla MP

Gloria Sevilla is a multi-awarded film and television actress. She has been dubbed "The Queen of Visayan Cinema". More here: .

Isabel (Zaida) de Sevilla reina consorte de León MP (c.1071 - c.1093)

Zaida of Seville (c. 1071 – ? ) was a refugee Muslim princess who was a mistress and perhaps later queen of Alfonso VI of Castile. She might have been identical with Alfonso's wife Elisabeth ,...

Sevilla (deceased)

Oppas Obispo de Sevilla (deceased)

2nd wife Fely Limjoco (Sevilla) (deceased)

? Sevilla (deceased)

? Sevilla (deceased)

? Sevilla (deceased)

? ? SEVILLA (deceased)

?? SEVILLA ZURITA (deceased)

??? Sevilla (deceased)

??? De Sevilla (deceased)

Abraham rozanes sevilla (deceased)

Acacio Escudero Sevilla (1890 - d.)

Adela Carreras (Sevilla) (b. - 1935)

Adilia Sevilla (deceased)

Adolfo Muñagorri Sevilla (1865 - 1866)

Adolfo Marcos "Fito" Sevilla Seemann (1929 - d.)

Agripina Olegario (Sevilla) (1901 - 1992)

Agueda Sevilla y Herrera (deceased)

Agustin Sevilla (deceased)

Agustín de Rivera , Sevilla (deceased)

Agustín de Rivera, Sevilla (deceased)

Albert Sevilla (1914 - 2001)

Alberto Jiménez Sevilla (deceased)

Alberto Sevilla (deceased)

Alberto Sevilla Ruiz (deceased)

Alberto Panizo Sevilla (deceased)

Alberto Sevilla Sacasa (b. - 1966)

Alberto Cruz Sevilla (deceased)

Alcides Luis Sevilla (1904 - d.)

Alejo Antonio Magra Sevilla (1814 - 1890)

Alfonso Bilbao Sevilla (b. - 1931)

Alfonso Sevilla Aznar (deceased)

Alfredo Alberto Sevilla (1903 - d.)

Alfredo Sevilla (deceased)

Alicia Mendoza Sevilla (deceased)

Alvaro Roca de Togores y Sevilla (1897 - 1959)

Alvaro Esquivel 24 De Sevilla.Asc J (1425 - 1483)

Bessie Posadas Magsaysay-Sevilla (1929 - 2010)

In our family, Mama was strength personified. She weathered storms gracefully and with her head held high always. Humbled by her troubles so many times in her life, she always maintained her dignity an...

Ambrosio de León Sevilla (deceased)

Sources "Philippines, Marriages, 1723-1957," database, FamilySearch ( : accessed 26 October 2015), Ambrocio Sevilla in entry for Primo Arambulo and Loreta G. Sevilla, 30 Jan 1915; citing Tondo, Man...

Ambrosio Sevilla (deceased)

Amparo Cruz SEVILLA (1923 - 1970)

Ana María de Sevilla y Villanueva (deceased)

Ana María de Sevilla (b. - 1861)

Anastasia de Sevilla de Rojas (b. - 1729)

Andrea de Sevilla (1798 - d.)

Andres Gajotos Sevilla (1935 - 2013)

Andres Margallo Sevilla (deceased)

Andres P. Sevilla (deceased)

Anecita Sevilla (deceased)

Angel Sevilla (deceased)

angel rueda sevilla (deceased)

Angel Sevilla (deceased)

Angel "Quilli" Sevilla Seemann (deceased)


Angela Sevilla Castro (deceased)

Anita Palomo Sevilla (deceased)

Antonia Rita Sevilla (deceased)



Antonia Sevilla-Cabeza de Vaca y Osete (deceased)

Antonia Sevilla (deceased)

Antonia de Sevilla (deceased)


Antonieta Sevilla Sevilla (Naranjo Ituralde) (deceased)


Antonio Sevilla (deceased)

Antonio Sevilla Garcia (deceased)

Antonio Escudero Sevilla (1903 - d.)

Antonio Manero Sevilla (deceased)

Antonio De Sevilla Y Leon (deceased)

Antonio Bonifacio De Sevilla Y Olivares (1701 - d.)

Antonio Napoleón Pastor Sevilla (1833 - d.)

Aníbal Sevilla (deceased)

Aquilina Gajotos Sevilla (Gajotos) (1907 - 1989)

Aquilino Sevilla Suarez (c.1854 - d.)

Armando Humbria Sevilla (deceased)

Arthur Vardeleon Sevilla (deceased)

Arturo Sevilla (b. - 1988)

Arturo Sevilla Cantu (deceased)

Arturo Angel De Sevilla Garcia (deceased)

Asuncion Alvarez Sevilla (deceased)

Augustina de Sevilla (1766 - d.)

Augustina Middle Sevilla Huerta (Sevilla) (deceased)

Augustina Tongco (1783 - d.)

Aurelia Ponce de Leon Gutierrez (Ponce de Leon Y Sevilla) (deceased)

Aurelio Sevilla (deceased)

Aureo Críspulo López Sevilla (1910 - 1947)

Cumplió el servicio militar en África. Se suicidó colgándose de un andamio de un buque en construcción.

Aurora Sevilla (deceased)

Baltazar sevilla (deceased)

bartolome sevilla (deceased)

Baruj Sevilla (deceased)

Beatrice Sevilla (b. - 2014)

Belén Teresa Escudero Sevilla (1898 - 1899)

Benigno Sevilla (deceased)

Benito Sevilla Goiri (1843 - d.)

Benjamin Sevilla (deceased)

Bernardino Sevilla (1889 - d.)

Berta Sacasa Sevilla (b. - 2004)