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Alexander Charles Stedman (Barton) MP (1488 - 1572)

About 1540, during the reign of King James V (1513-1542) of Scotland, Alexander Barton was appointed Burgess of Edinburgh for life, Deputy Collector of Edinburgh, and Searcher of Merchandise on the sho...

Ann Stedman MP (1615 - 1712)

Clarissa Peck (Stedman) MP (1772 - 1819)

Elizabeth Stedman (Fuller) MP (1528 - 1588)

Born after 1588 I believe that someone has mixed the Fowle and Fowler families together by mistake thus I am trying to make a road map of the connections between parents and siblings Elizabeth Full...

Elizabeth Hammond (Stedman) MP (1637 - 1715)

ELIZABETH LIVED AND DIED IN KENT, ENGLAND. SERIOUS ERROR HERE and her parents lived and died in Kent, England also! Birth: 1630 Newton Middlesex County Massachusetts, USA Death: 1715 Newton Middlesex...

Elizabeth Stedman (Winchester) MP (1604 - bef.1678)

Isaac Stedman married Pilgrim (Eddy) Baker, daughter of John Eddy and widow of William Baker as his second wife before 11 January 1677/78.4 He died on 3 October 1678 in Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony...

Esther Adams (Stedman) MP (1748 - 1805)

Hannah Hyde (Stedman) MP (1650 - 1727)

Hannah Stedman Birth: 1650 - Scituate, Barns, Massachusetts Death: May 21 1727 - Newton, Middlesex, Massachusetts Husband: Samuel Hyde One child - Elizabeth Descedants of Jonathan Hyde ...

Hannah Murdock (Stedman) MP (1667 - 1727)

Hannah Chesmore (Stedman) MP (c.1798 - 1849)

Ida Emma Stedman (Wille) MP (1887 - 1977)

From Sunset Magazine Idaho's Lady Sourdough, A Woman Miner FACING the perils of lonely mountain trails is a commonplace experience for Mrs. Ida Stedman. Wielding pick and shovel in mine tunnels and...

Isaac Stedman MP (c.1605 - 1678)

Born before April 21, 1605 Biddenden, Kent, England Married twice: 1. Elizabeth Fuller in England 2. Pilgrim Eddy in Massachusetts Isaac Stedman1 b. before 21 April 1605, d. 3 October 1678 ...

Isaac Stedman MP (1550 - 1601)

Born before May 24, 1550 in Biddenden, Kent, England Married February 1, 1574/75 in Biddenden, Kent, England Died before January 16, 1601/02 in Biddenden, Kent, England Isaac Stedman was born b...

John Stedman, Jr. MP (1651 - 1734)

Lieut. John Stedman MP (aft.1626 - 1675)

Lt. John Stedman John Stedman was born in England and immigrated to America from England as a small child with his parents and younger brother. The family settled in New London, Connecticut. He later...

John Stedman MP (1679 - 1737)

John Gabriel Stedman MP (1744 - 1797)

Zie Wikipedia... See Wikipedia...

Joseph Stedman MP (1686 - 1750)

Katherine Stedman (Karin) MP (c.1662 - 1739)

Maria Vandever (Stedman) MP (c.1693 - 1764)

Mary Stowell (Stedman) MP (1670 - 1724)

Mary was born about 1670, the daughter of Nathaniel Stedman and his second wife, Temperance Wills Stedman. She married David Stowell on Apr. 7, 1692 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co. The couple had eight...

Mehitable Stedman (Griffin) MP (1741 - 1815)

Pilgrim Baker / Stedman / Eveleth (Eddy) MP (1634 - 1682)

Pilgrim Eddy b.25 Aug 1634 Watertown, Middlesex County, Massachusetts d.aft 5 Feb 1682 Family tree▼ Parents and Siblings (edit) F. John Eddy1597 - 1684 M. Amy Doggett1597 - 1683 m. Aft 22 May 16...

Rebecca Stedman (Cox) MP (c.1725 - d.)

Sara Adamsdotter Cock (Stedman) MP (c.1691 - 1729)

Sarah Graves (Stedman) MP (1644 - 1729)

Sarah Perry (Stedman) MP (1644 - 1730)

Sarah Stedman was born circa 1648.1,2 She was the daughter of Isaac Stedman and Elizabeth Winchester.1,2 Sarah Stedman married Thomas Perry of Scituate. in Roxbury, Massachusetts Bay Colony.1,2 Her dea...

Sarah (Stedman) Alcorn [Free Settler "Glatton" 1803] MP (1776 - 1832)

Sarah STEADMAN was born c1776 Sarah married Richard ALCORN on 13/8/1795 London, Middlesex, UK and they had the following children in England Richard 1799 Edward John 1801 When Richard was c...

Sarah M. Bliss (Stedman) MP (1819 - 1906)

Sarah M Stedman Bliss Memorial Birth: Dec. 18, 1819 Western Oneida County New York, USA Death: Nov. 1, 1906 New York, USA Daughter of Hazard Stedman and Elizabeth Countryman. Married: Justus Bl...

Sarah Perry (Stedman) MP (c.1648 - d.)

Samuel Perry married Sarah Stedman on January 28, 1668 at Roxbury, Mass. They were the parents of: Sarah, Samuel, Elizabeth, John, Thomas, Nathaniel, Joseph, Mary and Isaac. Children of Isaac Stedman...

Susan Stedman MP (c.1490 - c.1565)

Thomas Stedman MP (1607 - 1649)

Notes for THOMAS STEDMAN: --of New London, Connecticut;--soon disappeared so little is known of him;--perhaps brother of Isaac Stedman of London, Scituate and Boston;--perhaps son of Thomas Stedman of ...

Thomas Stedman MP (1732 - 1814)

Thomas Stedman MP (1512 - 1557)

Thomas Stedman was born on 4 December 1564 at Hertfordshire, Kent, England. He was the son of Gilbert Stedman and Tomasyn (?). . He died at Biddenden, Kent, England. He married Elizabeth Philpott on ...

Violet Stedman (Shepard) MP (c.1658 - 1682)

Zachariah Stedman MP (1727 - 1782)

Military South Carolina Served in American Revolution War

Stedman MP (deceased)

Stedman MP (deceased)

Stedman MP (c.1609 - d.)

? Stedman MP (deceased)

? Stedman MP (deceased)

? Stedman MP (deceased)

A Brief History of Jacob Wismer and a Complete Genealogical Family Register With Biographies of His Descendants from the Earliest Available Records to the Present Time By A J Fretz, Eli Wismer Page...

? Stedman MP (deceased)

A Brief History of Jacob Wismer and a Complete Genealogical Family Register With Biographies of His Descendants from the Earliest Available Records to the Present Time By A J Fretz, Eli Wismer Page...

? Stedman MP (deceased)

? Stedman MP (deceased)

? Stedman MP (deceased)

? Jeremiah Stedman MP (1830 - d.)

???? STEDMAN MP (deceased)

[--?--] Stedman MP (deceased)

Abby Ann Stedman MP (1824 - d.)

Abel Cushman Stedman MP (1785 - 1859)

Abel C. Stedman MP (1852 - 1854)

Abigail Gardner (Stedman) MP (deceased)

Abigail Stedman (Hills) MP (1702 - c.1762)

Abigail Stedman (Burbank) MP (1742 - 1822)

Abigail Daniels (Stedman) MP (1810 - 1864)

Abigail Stedman (Andrews) MP (1686 - c.1725)

Abigail Stedman MP (1703 - d.)

Abigail Stedman MP (deceased)

Abigail Parker (Stedman) MP (1699 - d.)

Abigail Stone (Stedman) MP (1787 - 1858)

Abigail Hamlin (Stedman) MP (1698 - d.)

Abigail Stedman (Hazen) MP (1722 - 1825)

Abigail Stedman (Rockwell) MP (deceased)

Abigail "Abby" Huntington Stedman (Porter) MP (1817 - d.)

Abraham Stedman MP (1548 - 1550)

Abraham Stedman MP (1550 - 1552)

Abraham L. Stedman MP (c.1864 - d.)

Ada Elizabeth Carlile (Stedman) MP (c.1864 - c.1930)

Ada Stedman MP (1887 - d.)

Ada Stedman MP (1926 - 2008)

Ada L. Stedman MP (c.1875 - d.)

Adaline Stedman (Elliott) MP (deceased)

Adelia Lloyd (Stedman) MP (1816 - d.)

Adie Stedman MP (deceased)

Adriann Fagen (Stedman) MP (deceased)

Agnes Jane Stedman (Cuthbert) MP (1844 - d.)

Agnes Stedman (Ferguson) MP (c.1765 - 1848)

Agnes Lee Gray (Stedman) MP (1879 - 1950)

Aileen Wilson (Stedman) MP (deceased)

Alan Stuart Stedman MP (1924 - 1996)

Alan Charles Stedman MP (aft.1930 - bef.1985)

Albert W. STEDMAN MP (deceased)

Albert Richard Stedman MP (1933 - 1987)

Albert Edward Stedman MP (1877 - 1927)

Albert Thomas Stedman MP (b. - 1931)

Albert Stedman MP (deceased)

Alcie Stedman (Lansden) MP (deceased)

Alexander Stedman, II MP (1554 - 1634)

“Alexander succeeded his father in the lands on Milne Lead and Gala Hill. He was served heir in 1621. The name of his wife is not given in most sources; however, Rev. Melvin Steadman believed her to be...

Alexander Stedman MP (deceased)

Alexander Stedman MP (1703 - d.)

Judge Alexander Judge Stedman MP (1746 - 1814)

Parents: Joseph Stedman, Jr. and Abigail Rockwell Judge Alexander Stedman was an architect by profession and and later judge. He lived at Norwich, CT. In 1772, he removed to Orford (now South Manches...

Reverend Alexander Stedman MP (b. - 1725)

Information from this source: . Married Beatrice Donaldson and had a son, Andrew. Then married Anna Balfour and had sons John, David and James. He was ordained Minister of Beith, Co. Fife, 1691.

Alexander Stedman MP (1800 - 1869)

Alexander Stedman MP (deceased)

Judge Alexander Stedman MP (1748 - 1814)

Alexander Stedman (Barton) MP (c.1510 - c.1593)

Alexander is shown as the father of 2 sons and one daughter. The older son was William. The name of his wife is not reported in most sources; however, Rev. Melvin Steadman's research suggested that she...

Alfred Henry Stedman MP (1875 - 1954)

Alfred Stedman MP (c.1845 - 1897)

Alfred Warren Stedman MP (1862 - 1942)