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Wife of Henry Allen (Tucker) MP (deceased)

Abigail Riggs (Tucker) MP (c.1697 - d.)

Abigail Tucker Birth: July 15 1697 - Gloucester, Essex, Massachusetts, United States Parents: John Tucker, Sarah Riggs Husband: Jabez Hunter Husband: John Riggs Children: William Hunter, Jo...

Abraham Tucker MP (1729 - 1797)

Abraham Tucker, Jr. MP (1718 - d.)

Agnes Edwards (Tucker) MP (1626 - 1647)

Agnes Cade (Tucker) MP (deceased)

Agnes Cunningham (Tucker) MP (1742 - 1812)

Alexander Tucker MP (1797 - 1860)

Alice Hardy (Tucker) MP (1606 - c.1681)

Arthur married Alice Tucker about 1626, the daughter of Daniel Tucker. Alice was born 1606; and died after 1681 in Isle of Wight Co. VA. Arthur and Alice had four known children. Only one known son, ...

Alice Tucker (Davis) MP (1694 - 1767)

Ann Smith / Comstock (Tucker) MP (c.1632 - 1667)

Her last name may not have been Tucker SAMUEL2 COMSTOCK (William1) born about 1628; died about 1660; married Anne (Tucker?). Anne was living Feb. 10, 1667. She married (2nd) John Smith, the mason...

Ann Tucker (unknown) MP (1612 - 1675)

notes From ">Errata and Addenda:   Pg 2. Gives a presentation trying to make the case that Ann, widow of William "Nolton" of Hingham, who married John Tucker, and died October 8, 1675, is the immig...

Anna Maria Washington MP (1851 - 1927)

Anna Maria  Washington (1851-1927) was the last Washington born at Mt. Vernon. Sources Stella Pickett Hardy, "Colonial Families of the Southern States of America: A History and Genealogy of Colon...

Anna Amory Green (Tucker) MP (1803 - 1875)

Anne Malone (Tucker) MP (1719 - 1745)

Anne Evelina Hunter MP (1789 - 1855)


Annie Conseena Ledford (Tucker) MP (1760 - 1844)

?????????????????? Abigail Indian Cherokee 1760–1820 Birth 1760 • North Carolina, United States Death 1820 • Ashe, North Carolina, United States Daughter of Dragging Canoe and Nellie Leaf Formerly ca...

Arthur Tucker MP (c.1687 - 1749)

Bartlett Tucker MP (1764 - 1841)

Dr. Benjamin Tucker MP (1738 - c.1816)

Dr. Benjamin (4) Tucker Jr., son of Benjamin (3) and Sarah (Woodward) Tucker, was born in Middleboro, Mass., in 1738. He married Mary, (or Polly), Thomas, in 1760, and joined the Congregational Church ...

Benjamin Tucker, Jr. MP (1734 - 1806)

Benjamin Tucker Jr. was born in Leicester and was one of the first chartered members of the First Baptist Church in Worcester. He died September 3rd, 1806 at the age of 73. from:

Benjamin Tucker MP (1670 - 1740)

Benjamin Tucker MP (1716 - d.)

Benjamin Tucker MP (1704 - 1778)

Benjamin Tucker MP (1689 - 1766)

Benoni Tucker MP (1662 - 1733)

His wifes name really was Ebenezar. he was a weaver. he and his wife signed Bradbury petition in 1692. "snow shoe man" in mesbury 1708. Said to have been a quaker. Lived first in Salisbury but remove...

Bertha Gertrude "Gertie" Spiceland (Tucker) MP (c.1886 - 1959)

Beverly Dandridge Tucker MP (1846 - 1930)

Beverley Dandridge Tucker (1846-1930), was born on November 9, 1846 in  Richmond, Virginia and died January 17, 1930 in Norfolk, Virginia.  He is buried in the Zion Episcopal Churchyard, Charles Town, ...

Blanset Tucker / Dampier (Bradford) MP (1833 - d.)

Cassandra Golding (Tucker) MP (1670 - 1715)

notes From John and Cassandra had three sons, most often claimed to be: William (1704-1782),  James Golding (1705-1748) and Simon Golding (1717-1789).  There are no identified descendents for James...

Clara L Veazey (Tucker) MP (1891 - 1952)

Birth: Feb. 4, 1891 Death: May 4, 1939 Burial: Jefferson Memorial Cemetery Jefferson County Arkansas, USA Edit Virtual Cemetery info [?] Created by: 4losthistory Record added: Sep 20, 201...

Courtney Walker (Tucker) MP (c.1698 - 1757)

Cynthia Tucker MP (1805 - d.)

Dandridge D. Tucker MP (1788 - 1862)

Dandridge Tucker MP (1831 - 1887)

Rev. Daniel Tucker MP (1740 - 1818)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of ENSIGN. DAR Ancestor #: A116608 Daniel appeared on the Virginia Regiments company pay and muster rolls from August 1777 through Dece...

Gov. Daniel Tucker MP (1575 - 1625)

Daniel Tucker (1575-1625) who was born in Milton-next-Gravesend, Kent, stockholder in the Virginia Company of London, came to Jamestowne in 1608 in the Second Supply, and served as the second Governor ...

Daniel Tucker MP (1725 - 1792)

Daniel Tucker MP (1684 - 1739)

Darcus Curbow (Tucker) MP (deceased)

David Tucker MP (1783 - d.)

Deborah Kenwrick (Tucker) MP (c.1682 - 1746)

She is of unknown parentage, possibly Native American. She was known locally as a "doctress". Ther is evidence that she knew the art of bleeding and that she had a knowledge of surgery. She had many ap...

Delphine Gibson (Tucker) MP

Delphine Gibson is the oldest living American resident and a validated American supercentenarian. However, she is not the oldest American citizen, as the emigrant citizen Marie-Josephine Gaudette lives...

Dorothy DeLee Tucker (Schoolfield) MP (1925 - 2004)

Ebenezar Tucker (Nichols) MP (1664 - 1735)

The old families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts ; with some related families of Newbury, Haverhill, Ipswich and Hampton by Hoyt, David Webster Pg.265 15 THOMAS NICHOLS of Amesbury, pr...

Ebenezer Tucker MP (1682 - 1724)

Ebenezer Tucker marriage: There are two Ebenezer Tuckers of Milton and both married in 1706/7; one to Jane Clapp (son of Manasseh) and the other to Jemima Daniel (son of James); ‘Thacher’s Record of Ma...

Edward Tucker, Jnr MP (1822 - 1877)

Was a farmer & sawyer in Hawke's Bay. His run was SHERWOOD: From Early Stations in Hawke's bay: About 1,200 feet above sea level on the North Makaretu road, nine miles from Takapau, and eight miles...

Edward Tucker MP (1790 - 1855)

Edy Tucker (Hentinge) MP (1632 - d.)

Elijah Tucker MP (1766 - 1856)

Elijah Daniel Tucker MP (1859 - 1897)

Refer to Sources for the Story of Daniel Tucker

Eliza Tucker MP (1832 - 1854)

Elizabeth Tucker (Michaux) MP (1708 - 1780)

Elizabeth Frances Tucker (Coleman) MP (c.1657 - 1722)

Elizabeth Gilson / Berryman (Tucker) MP (1685 - 1763)

Rose Gerrard and John Newton had the following child: 3. i. Elizabeth Newton was born in 1685 in Westmoreland,,Virginia,USA. She died on 22 Feb 1763 in Westmoreland,,Virginia,USA. She married Benjami...

Elizabeth Tucker (Williams) MP (1662 - 1740)

Elizabeth Barker (Tucker) MP (1702 - d.)

Elizabeth Ann Harwood MP (1857 - 1893)

Elizabeth Tucker MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Pettypool (Tucker) MP (1683 - c.1725)

After her husband's death, Elizabeth refused to act as executrix of his will, so William Pettypool, Jr. was made executor. Elizabeth Tucker (c.1683 Prince George, VA - AFT 14 MAR 1725/6 Prince George, ...

Elizabeth Batchelder (Tucker) MP (1724 - 1781)

Batchelder, Batcheller Genealogy: Descendants of Rev. Stephen Bachiler, of ... By Frederick Clifton Pierce. Page 150.

Elizabeth Tucker (Jackson) MP (1720 - d.)

Elizabeth Tucker (Barley) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Lloyd (Tucker) MP (c.1624 - 1642)

Elizabeth Tucker (Gill) MP (1646 - 1663)

Genealogical and Family History of the State of New Hampshire: A ..., Volume 4 By Lewis Publishing Company

Elizabeth Allen (Tucker) MP (1655 - 1676)

It is thought that Miss Tucker was the daughter of Daniel Tucker, who was a charter member of the Virginia Company. 1st. Immigrant in Jamestown in 1608.

Elizabeth Tucker (Ricketson) MP (1714 - d.)

Elizabeth Tucker (Crofford) MP (1722 - 1768)

Elizabeth Yates (Tucker) MP (1675 - 1712)

Elizabeth Tucker (Allen) MP (c.1623 - c.1682)


Elizabeth Parham MP (c.1678 - 1718)

Elizabeth Tucker (Clay) MP (1715 - 1795)

Elizabeth Tucker MP (1705 - 1765)

Sources: "THE ENGLISH ORIGIN OF AGNES HARRIS OF HARTFORD, CONN., WIFE OF WILLIAM1 SPENCER AND WILLIAM 1 EDWARDS" by Douglas Richardson; The American Genealogist. New Haven, CT: D. L. Jacobus, 1937-. ...

Elizabeth Tucker (Mansfield) MP (1579 - 1608)

Elizabeth Mansfield married William Daniel Tucker in 1597 in Milton, Kent, England. They are the parents of four boys and one girl: William, Henry, Daniel, Arthur, and Alice.

Elizabeth Catherine Tucker (Rudy) MP (1829 - 1867)

Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Mar 15 2017, 23:01:29 UTC

Elizabeth Fassett (Tucker) MP (1708 - 1757)

Elizabeth Tucker (Stevens) MP (1642 - 1662)

Elizabeth Malinda Petea (Tucker) MP (deceased)

Elizabeth Chamberlayne (Tucker) MP (1624 - d.)

Ellen Louisa Tucker MP (1811 - 1831)

Emma Tucker (Phillips) MP (1831 - 1908)

Ephraim Tucker MP (1653 - 1736)

Ephraim Tucker married Hannah Gulliver on 27 September 1688 at Weymouth, Suffolk County, Massachusetts.

Eutoka M. Tucker (Johnson) MP (1862 - 1913)

Fatama Jane Tucker (Greer) MP (1837 - 1908)

Frances Tucker (Bland) MP (1752 - 1788)

Around 1738, Bland married Frances Bolling, the daughter of Drury Bolling. They had six children: Elizabeth "Patsy" Bland (born January 4, 1739) married John Banister and had three sons. Theodori...

Frances T. Tucker (Epps) MP (1750 - 1823)

Frances Tucker (Coleman) MP (1706 - 1769)

Frances Tucker (Smythe) MP (b. - c.1691)

The Will of Capt. Tucker From "Virginia Gleanings in England" Virginia Historical Magazine, Volume 22, page 267. Will of William Tucker, Member of the House of Burgesses from Elizabeth City County,...

Frances "Frankie" Tucker (Penn) MP (1735 - 1812)

up-dated 3 aug 2008 VCU Cabell JRTM *LDS 1. Frances Penn, born January 9, 1735, in Drysdale Parish, Caroline Co., VA., died in 1812, in Patrick Co., VA., married (1) Ambrose Le...

Frances Tucker MP (1678 - d.)

Frances Tucker (Drury) MP (1744 - 1813)

Frances Tucker (St. George) MP (1624 - c.1655)

Frances Coleman Crowder (Tucker) MP (1730 - 1768)

Frances Tucker (de Jarnette) MP (1768 - 1805)

Francis Tucker MP (deceased)

Francis Tucker MP (deceased)

Sources: "THE ENGLISH ORIGIN OF AGNES HARRIS OF HARTFORD, CONN., WIFE OF WILLIAM1 SPENCER AND WILLIAM 1 EDWARDS" by Douglas Richardson; The American Genealogist. New Haven, CT: D. L. Jacobus, 1937-. ...

George Tucker, of Milton-Next, Kent MP (1593 - 1625)

The Will of GEORGE TUCKER of Milton next Gravesend, co. Kent, Esq., dated 11 November 1622. To be buried in Milton under my stone. To Mary, my wife, all corn and grain and household stuff. To my son Ro...

George Tucker, of Throwleigh & Gravesend MP (c.1520 - 1587)

Was involved in an anti-papist plot that nearly cost him his head in Catholic-Protestant fighting 1550-54. Was a Jurate Gravesend, would become Prime Searcher of the Port in 1572, Portreeve (Mayor) of ...

George Tucker MP (1756 - d.)

George R. Tucker MP (1723 - 1778)

Corrections suggested by Ronald Tucker (March 30, 2015): George R. Tucker Sr and Jemima Malone Tucker are my 6th great grandparents. It looks as though there is some confusion about a marriage betwee...