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Alice Wainwright (Havens) MP (1654 - 1680)

Name: Alice HAVENS Sex: F Birth: ABT. 1654 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island Father: John HAVENS b: ABT. 1640 in Portsmouth, Newport County, Rhode Island Mother: Anna STANNARD b: 1644 in Portsmouth, ...

Anne Walker (Wainwright), SM MP (1799 - 1878)

1820 British Settler Anne Wainwright 20, together with her parents and 3 siblings, were members of Jonathan Wainwright's Party of 24 Settlers on the John . Party originated from Yorkshire, Englan...

Carroll Livingston Wainwright MP (1925 - 2016)

Carroll died peacefully on September 26 following an extraordinarily full life of over 90 years. He leaves his beloved wife of 68 years, Nina, his two sons, D. Walker Wainwright and Mark L. Wainwright ...

Elizabeth Cogswell (Wainwright) MP (1668 - 1723)

Elizabeth Wainwright Birth: 19 Jul 1668 in Ipswich , Essex, Massachusetts Death: 30 Nov 1723 in Ipswich , Essex, Massachusetts parents: Francis WAINWRIGHT Married: 14 May 1686 in Ipswich , Es...

Francis Wainwright, Colonel MP (c.1616 - 1692)

Francis came from Chelmsford, England, when a boy, and died about 1690. He had three sons, John, Simon and Francis. He was prominent in the Pequot War, receiving land for services in 1637 and 1643. He ...

Francis Wainwright MP (1664 - d.)

Col Francis Wainwright Birth: Aug. 25, 1664 Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA Death: Aug. 3, 1711 Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA Family links: Parents: Francis Wainwright...

Loudon Snowden Wainwright, III MP

Loudon Snowden Wainwright III (born September 5, 1946) is an American songwriter, folk singer, humorist, and actor. Continue: Residence : Bedford

Lucy Roche (Wainwright) MP

Lucy Wainwright Roche (born 1981) is an American singer and songwriter and the latest member of the extensive and successful Wainwright and Roche families to hit the music scene. She is known for refre...

Martha Daniell (Wainwright) MP (c.1684 - 1743)

“Here also was buried the body of Martha Logan, who was first the wife of the above Robert Daniell, and afterwards of Colonel George Logan. She died on the 5th day of November in the year 1742, aged 58...

Martha Proctor (Wainwright) MP (1658 - c.1683)

Joshua Proctor's first wife, Martha Wainwright, daughter of Francis Wainwright of Ipswich ; she died in 1683.

Martha Albetta (Wainwright) MP

Martha Wainwright (born May 8, 1976) is a Canadian-American folk-rock singer-songwriter. She is the daughter of American folk singer and actor Loudon Wainwright III and Canadian folk singer-songwriter ...

Martha Proctor (Wainwright) MP (deceased)

Martha Wainwright MP (deceased)

Mehitable Weare (Wainwright) MP (deceased)

Commander Richard Wainright III (USN), Medal of Honor MP (1881 - 1944)

) Commander Richard Wainwright (September 15, 1881 – March 28, 1944) was an officer in the United States Navy during World War I who received the Medal of Honor for actions during the 1914 Veracruz a...

Rufus Wainwright MP

Rufus Wainwright From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Wiki letter w.svg This article's lead section may not adequately summarize key points of its contents. Please consider expanding the lead to provi...

Sarah Perkins (Wainwright) MP (1650 - 1688)

First wife of Corporal Jacob Perkins; she died on February 3, 1688. He remarried in 1688 or 1689.

Sarah Wainwright (Whipple) MP (1671 - 1709)

Sarah Whipple Wainwright Birth: Sep. 2, 1671 Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA Death: Mar. 16, 1709 Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts, USA Family links: Spouse: Francis Wainwrigh...

Sloan Wainwright MP

Sloan Wainwright is an artist and member of the American independent music scene. Wainwright is best known for her intensely personal lyrics, innovative approach to song and relationship with brother L...

Capt. Simon Wainwright MP (1660 - 1708)

Simon Wainwright (Francis), son of Francis Wainright & Phillipa Sewall, was killed in Haverhill 29 Aug., 1708. Capt. Simon Wainwright was a high-minded and influential citizen. He conducted an expedi...

Thomas Wainwright MP (1647 - 1726)

Name: Thomas WAINWRIGHT Sex: M Birth: ABT. 15 JAN 1647/48 in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, NJ Death: 1726 in New Jersey Note: Wainwright Book, Monmouth County Historical Assoc., Freehold, NJ -...

Wainwright MP (deceased)

Wainwright MP (deceased)

(unknown) Wainwright MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Wainwright (Oelofse) MP (deceased)

(Unknown) Wainwright (Unknown) MP (deceased)

<Private> Wainwright (Owens) MP (deceased)

? Wainwright MP (deceased)

? press (Wainwright) MP (deceased)

?? Wainwright MP (deceased)

Abbey Wainwright MP (1824 - d.)

Abigail Borden (Wainwright Tilton) MP (deceased)

abijah ernest wainwright MP (1875 - d.)

Ada Wainwright MP (c.1874 - d.)

Ada Louise Wainwright (Routh) MP (1885 - 1964)

Born and raised in Cobourg, Ada Louise Routh was the only surviving child of Lancelot Routh and Eliza Hunt. When she was in Grade 11, at about 19, she had to quit school. She later trained as a nurse i...

Ada Walker (Wainwright?) MP (b. - c.1960)

Ada Gertrude Wainwright MP (1897 - d.)

Ada Marie Wainwright MP (1879 - c.1907)

Ada Marie or Ada Mary died in her 20's and she was a school teacher. 1881 census indicates she was 2 years old, therefore, born approx 1879. She had a gold initial ring that was 18k, very soft and worn...

Ada Wainwright (Gascoigne) MP (1909 - d.)

Ada Wainwright (Ashley) MP (deceased)

Ada Wainwright MP (deceased)

Ada Wainwright MP (deceased)

Ada Letitia Wainwright MP (1872 - 1923)

Adelaide Wainwright MP (1811 - 1891)

Adelaide Gifford (Wainwright) MP (1855 - 1922)

Adelaide Henrietta Herbert (Wainwright) MP (1887 - 1973)

Adele Wainwright (Holley) MP (1887 - 1970)

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Adelia Wainwright MP (c.1826 - c.1901)

Adeline Tancred (Wainwright) MP (1867 - 1924)

Agnes Ann Wainwright (Wiggill) MP (1859 - 1938)

Agnes Wainwright (Erwin) MP (c.1882 - c.1963)

Agnes Alice Skuse (Wainwright) MP (1856 - d.)

Agnes Mildred Wainwright MP (deceased)

Agnes Mildred Wainwright MP (1893 - 1987)

Alan Wainwright MP (deceased)

Alan Ewart Gilbert Wainwright MP (1912 - d.)

Albert Wainwright MP (deceased)

Albert Wainwright MP (1876 - 1898)

Albert A Wainwright MP (deceased)

Albert Wainwright MP (deceased)

Albert Wainwright MP (deceased)

albert wainwright MP (deceased)

Albert Wainwright MP (deceased)

Albert Victor Wainwright MP (deceased)

Alcova Wainwright MP (1896 - 1939)

Alexander William Wainwright MP (deceased)

Alexander Theodore Wainwright MP (deceased)

Alexandra Mary Laidler (Wainwright) MP (1897 - 1983)

Alexandra Luxton (Wainwright) MP (1931 - d.)

Alford Wainwright MP (1889 - 1929)

Alfred Wainwright MP (1790 - 1852)

Alfred Wainwright MP (deceased)

Alfred Wainwright MP (deceased)

Alfred Wainwright MP (1835 - d.)

alfred Wainwright MP (1865 - d.)

Alfred Wainwright MP (deceased)

Was alive at the time of his daughter's wedding (Mary Ellen) in 1874.

Alfred ernest Wainwright MP (1872 - 1873)

Killed at Stanley in an accident on the wharf.

Alfred Wainwright MP (1790 - 1852)

From the Wainwright Genealogy, dated 1903 Alfred Wainwright was at one time in partnership with Rufus and Jonathan engaged in the manufacturing of iron goods, especially agricultural implements. This...

Alfred Wainwright MP (1853 - 1908)

Alfred Wainwright MP (deceased)

Alfred A Wainwright MP (c.1858 - d.)

Alfred Wainwright MP (1847 - 1912)

Alfred Harforth Wainwright MP (deceased)

Alfred Miles Wainwright MP (deceased)

Alice Limb (Lymbe) (Wainwright) MP (1691 - 1752)

Alice A Wainwright MP (c.1885 - d.)

Alice Wainwright MP (1851 - d.)

Alice Hutchinson (Wainwright) MP (deceased)

Alice Wainwright MP (deceased)

Alice Wainwright MP (c.1841 - d.)

Alice Humphrey MP (1923 - 2009)

Alice Mason (Wainwright) MP (1875 - 1968)

Alice Wainwright MP (deceased)

Alice Ingram (Wainwright (Winwright)) MP (1798 - d.)

Alice Wainwright MP (1851 - d.)

Alice Emily Miller (Wainwright) MP (deceased)

Alice Wainwright (Havens) MP (1668 - d.)

Alice Logan (Wainwright) MP (c.1861 - d.)

Alice Elaine Jordan (Wainwright) MP (1936 - 2007)

Alice Wainwright (Axon) MP (c.1874 - c.1955)