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Alexander Wilde MP (1872 - d.)

Amelia Wilde (Flynne) MP (b. - c.1844)

Cecilia Shawano (Wilde) MP (1907 - d.)

Capt. Cyril Holland MP (1885 - 1915)

HOLLAND, CYRIL Rank: Captain Date of Death: 09/05/1915 Regiment/Service: Royal Field Artillery Grave Reference: I. A. 1. Cemetery: ST. VAAST POST MILITARY CEMETERY, RICHEBOURG-L'AVOUE Addit...

Dorothy Ierne Wilde MP (1895 - 1941)

Everybody said that Dorothy Wilde, known always as Dolly, looked startlingly like her infamous uncle, who had died in Paris in 1900 at the shabby Hôtel d’Alsace (now L’Hotel). Dolly’s natural resemblan...

Dorothy Wilde MP (1581 - 1644)

Eduardo Faustino Wilde García MP (1844 - 1913)

Eduardo Wilde From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Eduardo Wilde Eduardo Wilde (June 15, 1844 — September 5, 1913) was an Argentine physician, politician, and writer, and among the most prominent in...

Elizabeth Wilde of Mewith MP (bef.1662 - 1726)

Note: Mewith, Elizabeth Wilde's place of death, is in between Settle and Bentham; coordinates: Lancaster United Kingdom 54.099056, -2.455820 Children of Matthew Wildman and Elizabeth are: Elizabe...

Emily Wilde MP (1847 - 1871)

Lieutenant Henry Tingle Wilde MP (1872 - 1912)

Lieutenant Henry Tingle Wilde Early life: Henry Wilde was christened at the Loxley Congregational Chapel in Bradfield, Yorkshire on 24 October 1872. He was the son of Henry Wilde, an insurance surv...

Hester Wilde MP (deceased)

Isola Francesca Wilde MP (1857 - 1866)

Isola died aged eight of meningitis. Wilde's poem Requiescat is dedicated to her memory "Tread lightly, she is near Under the snow Speak gently, she can hear the daisies grow"

Jacob de Wilde MP (1645 - 1721)

Jacob de Wilde (1645–1721) was a citizen of the Dutch Republic. Of modest stock, he married well and rose socially to become ontvanger-generaal (or collector-general, responsible for collecting tax...

Jane Francesca Wilde (Elgee) MP (1821 - 1896)

Jane Wilde, under the pseudonym "Speranza" (the Italian word for 'Hope'), wrote poetry for the revolutionary Young Irelanders in 1848 and was a life-long Irish nationalist. She read the Young Ireland...

Mary Wilde MP (1849 - 1871)

Oscar Wilde MP (1854 - 1900)

He was a brilliant Irish writer, poet, wit, and prominent aesthete. His parents were successful Dublin intellectuals, and from an early age he was tutored at home, where he showed his intelligence, b...

Phyllis Marguerite Henriques (Wilde) MP (deceased)

Priscilla Wilde MP (deceased)

Rev. Ralph Wilde MP (1798 - 1882)

Ralph raised his brother William's illegitimate children.

Rosa Wilde (Goldemann) MP (1898 - 1942)

Eintrag im »Gedenkbuch« des Bundesarchivs: Wilde, Rosa geborene Goldemann geboren am 19. September 1898 in Berlin / - / Stadt Berlin wohnhaft in Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg) Deportation: ab Berlin 26...

Sarah Higgins (Wilde) MP (1436 - d.)

Sophie Lily Wilde (Lees) MP (1859 - 1922)

In January 1894, Willie married Lily Lees (1859-1922), with whom he had been living. Kevin O'Brien characterizes her as "an emotional woman with a tendency to early panic[;] she believed (incorrectly) ...

Thomas Willis Wilde, MD MP (deceased)

Thomas Wilde MP (deceased)

Vyvyan Oscar Beresford Holland (Wilde), OBE MP (1886 - 1967)

Vyvyan Holland, OBE (3 November 1886 – 10 October 1967), born Vyvyan Oscar Beresford Wilde in London, was a British author and translator. He was the second son of Oscar Wilde and Constance Lloyd, af...

Sir William Robert WIlls Wilde, MD MP (1815 - 1876)

William Wilde was Ireland's leading oto-ophthalmologic (ear and eye) surgeon and was knighted in 1864 for his services as medical adviser and assistant commissioner to the censuses of Ireland. He als...

William Charles Kingsbury Wilde MP (1852 - 1899)

Did I tell you that I saw a good deal of [Oscar’s] brother Willie at Broadstairs? Quel monstre! Dark, oily, suspecte [sic] yet awfully like Oscar: he has Oscar’s coy, carnal smile & fatuous giggle & no...

Wilde MP (deceased)

de Wilde MP (deceased)

! Wilde MP (deceased)

! Wilde MP (deceased)

! Wilde MP (deceased)

! Wilde MP (deceased)

(?) Wilde MP (b. - 1715)

(Carolina Adelaida) Matilde Wilde Lagos MP (1838 - d.)

(Private) Brown (Wilde) MP (deceased)

(Private) Hardman (Wilde) MP (deceased)

(Private) Sternslow (Wilde) MP (deceased)

(Tochter) Wilde (von Bünau) MP (deceased)

-- Wilde MP (deceased)

--- Wilde (Streibel) MP (deceased)

1st wife of Richard Wilde MP (deceased)

2 daughters Wilde MP (deceased)

? Wilde (Mallet) MP (deceased)

? Cubbin (Wilde) MP (deceased)

? de wilde MP (deceased)

? wilde MP (deceased)

? Wilde MP (deceased)

? Wilde MP (deceased)

? Wilde (Möller) MP (deceased)

? Groß (Wilde) MP (deceased)

? De Wilde MP (deceased)

? Wilde MP (deceased)

? Wilde MP (1841 - 1841)

?? Wilde MP (deceased)

?? Wilde MP (deceased)

??? Wilde MP (deceased)

??? Wilde MP (deceased)

[-?-] Wilde MP (deceased)

[Kiitsikejürri] Samul Wilde (Vilde) MP (c.1778 - d.)

1. abielu: Saaga EAA.1270.2.9:397?120,397,972,77,0 2. abielu Saaga EAA.1270.2.5:10?1107,433,926,350,0 Saaga EAA.1270.1.224:184?94,930,997,249,0

[Sulbi] Kusta Wilde MP (1842 - 1914)

sünd Saaga EAA.1270.1.188:15?134,1291,940,218,0 abielu Saaga EAA.1270.1.841:99?398,922,951,191,0 Personaalraamat. Kärgula; EAA.1270.1.849; 1858-1905 Urvaste PR XI kd. Linnamäe, Kärgula; EAA.1270....

[Sulbi] Mihkel Wilde MP (1776 - 1846)

Sünnimeetrika 1776 Urvaste Mihkel: isa Kiitsike Jürri Jaan, ema Ann; Vaderid; Pitsitaja Mihkel, Pali Peter, Rütli Juhhani naine Hebbo surm Saaga EAA.1270.1.192:59?218,1389,1408,91,0 1774: Saaga E...

A Wilde MP (deceased)

A. W. Wilde MP (1869 - d.)

Aachje Antje Aarts De Wilde (Vink) MP (1752 - d.)

Aaldert de Wilde MP (b. - 1743)

Aaltje de Wilde (Geels) MP (deceased)

Aaltje de Wilde MP (deceased)

Leiden Aaltje de Wilde geboren te Koudekerck wonende te Steenschuur

Aaltje van der Graaf (de Wilde) MP (1805 - 1833)

Aaltje de Wilde MP (1819 - d.)

Aaltje de Wilde MP (c.1822 - d.)

Bruidegom: Zacharias Abraham Cohen Relatiesoort: Bruidegom Geslacht: Man Geboorteplaats: Amsterdam Leeftijd: 29 Vader bruidegom: Abraham David Cohen Geslacht: Man Moeder bruidegom: Aaltje Abraham Zacha...

Aaltje de Wilde MP (deceased)

Aaltje Willems de Wilde MP (deceased)

Aaltje Hillebrand MP (1841 - d.)

Aaltje Jans de Wilde (Smith) MP (deceased)

Aaltje (1) de Wilde MP (1778 - bef.1779)

Aaltje (2) de Wilde MP (1779 - 1841)

Aaltje Cornelia de Wilde MP (1881 - d.)

Aaltje Hendriksdr de Wilde MP (deceased)

Aaltje Johanna de Wilde MP (deceased)

Aaltjen de Wilde MP (c.1830 - d.)

Aaltjen de Wilde MP (c.1802 - 1880)

Aaltjen de Wilde (Rassink) MP (deceased)

Aaltjen Abraham de Wilde MP (1788 - 1870)

Bruidegom: Aaron Cosman Troostwijk Geboorteplaats: Zwolle Geboortedatum: maandag 25 april 1785 Beroep: Koopman Vader bruidegom: Cosman Benedictus Troostwijk Moeder bruidegom: Vroutje Salomons Bruid: Aa...

Aaltjen de Wilde (van de Keuken) MP (c.1793 - d.)

Aaltjen de Wilde (Rasschen) MP (deceased)

Aaltjen de Wilde (Geels) MP (1745 - 1801)

Aaltjen de Wilde (van Essen) MP (c.1837 - d.)

Aaltjen de Wilde (Timmer) MP (c.1845 - d.)

Aaltjen Theunis Renssen (de Wilde) MP (deceased)

Aama Cooper (Wilde) MP (deceased)

Aama Jean Cooper (Wilde) MP (1923 - 1991)

Aarne Mikael Wilde MP (1912 - 1980)

Aaron de Wilde MP (1918 - 1919)

Aaron de Wilde MP (1875 - 1881)

Aartjen de Wilde MP (deceased)

Abbie E Hamblen (Wilde) MP (deceased)

Abe Wilde MP (deceased)

Abiah Wilde (Hall) MP (1765 - 1833)

Abigail de Wilde MP (1841 - 1842)