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Ann Sanborn Atkinson (Bachiler (Batchelder)) MP (c.1600 - c.1632)

Ann Bachiler was born about 1601. daughter of Rev. Stephen Batchelder of Hampton by his 1st wife. She married first Unknown Sanborn by about 1620. She married second Henry Atkinson on 20 Jan 16...

Philip Batchelder (Bachiler) MP (1534 - 1559)

also known as Philip Batchlour

Rev. Stephen Batchelder, of Hampton MP (1561 - 1656)

Married to Ann Bates in 1586 - Berkshire, England "The Great Migration Begins (1620-1633)" names the 6 children of Stephen as Nathaniel, Deborah, Stephen, Samuel, Ann and Theodate. "All the childre...

unknown father of Stephen Batchelder (Bachiler) MP (1534 - 1559)

Philip Bachilder?

Bachiler (deceased)

Bachiler (deceased)

? Bachiler (?) (deceased)

Alexander Bachiler (Bachiler / Bachelder/Batchelder) (1606 - d.)

It is impossible to trace the relationship, if any existed, between the early Bachlier families in England, or to decide whether the first emigrants of that — name to America were kindred. The I...

Ann Bachiler (Flanders) (deceased)

Ann Bachiler (c.1610 - 1661)

Anne Bachiler (1600 - d.)

Dea . Stephen Bachiler (c.1594 - c.1610)

deborah bachiler (deceased)

Deborah Bachiler (Bate(s)) (1565 - 1616)

Frances Bachiler (c.1605 - d.)

Henry Bachiler (1609 - d.)

Henry Batchelder or Bachiler (Batchelder) (c.1602 - 1660)

Jane Bachiler (Batchelder) (1632 - 1697)

Jethro Bachiler (c.1616 - d.)

Not a known child of Nathaniel Batchelder

Mary Bachiler (deceased)

Nathaniel Bachiler (c.1590 - c.1645)

Philip Bachiler (deceased)

Samuel Bachiler (1597 - 1625)

Stephen Bachiler, REV (c.1560 - c.1660)

Stephen Bachiler (deceased)

Susanna Webster (Bachiler) (deceased)

Unknown Bachiler (deceased)