A Dad’s Best Advice

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For this Father’s Day, we asked the community to share the best advice they had ever received from their dad or father-figure in their life. One lucky winner would be chosen at random to receive a free 1-year subscription of Geni Pro.

Today we are excited to announce the winner of our Father’s Day giveaway is Paula Wertheim!

Paula shared a lovely story about her husband’s late stepfather, John P. Walther.

My husband’s late stepfather John P. Walther was the coolest dad a kid could ever hope for. When John met Gilda Wertheim in 1962, he was a good 15 years her senior with two grown children of his own, while Gilda was a young widow with 3 children; the youngest was my husband Todd who was 8. Although John was raised as a Catholic in Chicago, he made it his business to respect his stepson’s Jewish heritage by pasting a white satin skullcap on his bald pate and shlepping his young charge to the local synagogue every Sabbath until Todd’s bar mitzvah. The photo is John Todd and Gilda at Todd’s bar mitzvah party, 1968.

Here’s John P. Walther’s best advice:

After we had been dating for some time in university, Todd decided it was time to take me for a weekend at his home in Catskill, NY to meet his parents. On Sunday morning John took Todd aside and said, “You had better marry this girl or don’t talk to me again. I can forgive mistakes but there is NO excuse for stupidity!”

Congratulations, Paula! We hope you enjoy your free year of Geni Pro!

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