Look Who’s Related: Joe Biden and John Adams

Posted February 17, 2011 by Geni | One Comment

One of the strengths of collaborative genealogy is finding out how we’re all related. Geni has a great tool for Pro members that allows you to find the path through the “Big Tree” from one person to another. This series of posts is designed to show off how cool this is.

Today, I want to show how Joe Biden, the current US Vice President, is related to the first US Vice President John Adams. As you see from the image above, they are fifteenth cousins six times removed. That’s a fairly distant relationship.

Another strength of collaborative genealogy is that anyone can fix any mistake. We strive to have the most authoritative genealogical information, so we encourage you to double check this connection. If you find any errors, we’d be very happy to know about it. The more people we have working on our data, the better it gets.