Family History Gift Ideas for the Holidays

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The holiday season is upon us! Are you still shopping for gifts for your relatives? Here are some ideas for the perfect gift for relatives interested in learning more about your family history.


1. Family photo album

Make copies of old photos you have in your possession and put them into a family history photo album. This would make a perfect gift for the entire family!

2. Scrapbook supply kit

Scrap booking and genealogy were made for each other. A great gift for the family historian, it brings new creativity to showcasing old family photos and heirlooms.

3. Maps of where your family came from

Genealogists love seeing old maps! A nice frame with an old map of where your ancestors once lived is a nice way to tie in your family history.

4. Family history trip

Treat your family with a trip to visit someplace meaningful or central to your family history. Along the way, share with your family the stories behind the significance of the location you’re visiting and what makes that place so special to your family’s heritage.

5. Tools to make recording family history even easier

When conducting family interviews, devices such as video cameras and voice recorders would be a welcomed gift for genealogists. A portable scanner would be perfect for the historian who likes to make scans of photos and documents while on the go. Each of these would make an excellent gift for your family and friends who spend a lot of time researching, collecting and preserving your family’s genealogy.

What are your family history gift ideas? Share them with us in the comments below!

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