Geni Tips: How to Share Your Tree with Others

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Geni is the perfect place to collaborate on your family tree with your family. The easiest way to do that is to invite your relatives to join so they can contribute and help preserve your family history. But did you know you can also share your tree with other people not on Geni?

Geni enables you to share a limited read-only view of your tree with your friends outside of Geni, either by sending them a link or by embedding it in your blog. Read on to see how you can share your Geni tree with others:

Click on the Family tab at the top of the page and select “Share Your Tree.”


Here you will see a list of the many different ways you can share your tree with others. The best way to share with family is to invite them to join your family tree. But if you would like to share your tree with friends, you can share a link to your tree or embed it so others outside of Geni may see it. Lastly, you can find the option to export a GEDCOM file of your tree here, too.

Under “Link to Your Tree,” copy and paste the URL to share a limited read-only view of your tree. To preview how it will look to others, click “Preview.”


You can also customize how your tree will appear. Click “configure” to customize your tree and display types. You can choose to show a pedigree view (direct ancestors only), immediate family only, immediate family and pedigree view or view your extended tree to first cousins. Simply click “more” to show more display options.


Here, you will also find the code to copy and paste into the HTML of your blog to embed it there or elsewhere on the web.

If later you decide that you no longer wish to share your tree, you can deactivate the link by clicking the “Deactivate this shared tree view” button. And if you change your mind again, you can create a new link at any time.


Remember that once you publish your tree, we can no longer guarantee the privacy of the data displayed. We recommend that you consider the privacy of your family members when sharing your tree. Here are some more things to keep in mind:

  • Your shared tree cannot be edited by anyone
  • Other branches of your tree are not accessible
  • Only publicly viewable profile photos are shown
  • Additional profile information is not shown
  • Last names are not shown unless you choose to display them for deceased direct ancestors (starting with your grandparents)
  • Minors are not shown unless you choose to show your own children
  • You can deactivate your shared tree at any time

Maybe after seeing your tree, your friends will be inspired to start their own on Geni! And once they are connected to the World Family Tree, you will be able to find how you’re all related!

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