Happy Independence Day, India!

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Today India celebrates their Independence Day! On August 15, 1947, India achieved independence from British rule and became a sovereign nation.

The country’s road to independence began with the Indian independence movement, which was noted for largely peaceful, nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience led by the Indian National Congress. One of the most enduring symbols of the movement was Mahatma Gandhi, who would go on to inspire movements of non-violence, civil rights and freedom across the world.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, a leader of the independence movement, became the first Prime Minister of India. To date, he is also the longest serving prime minister (1947-1964). His daughter, Indira Gandhi, served three consecutive terms as the third Prime Minister of India and for a fourth term in 1980 until her assassination in 1984. His grandson, Rajiv Gandhi, would later serve as the sixth Prime Minister of India. The entire political family can be found in the Kashmiri Pandits (KP) project on Geni.

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