How To: Use Tree Matches

Posted April 13, 2011 by Geni | 14 Comments

Finding your family’s information on Geni couldn’t be easier. With our tree matches, we do the hard part for you. Here’s how it works:

When you’re navigating your tree, you’ll probably come across a few of these magnifying glasses. They signify that the profile in question has a potential match. If you’re a Geni Pro member, you can click on the magnifying glass to take you to the comparison page. Alternately, you can jump right to the Tree Matches page for a full list of the profiles with potential matches.


Highlighted in the red boxes are the names of the potential matches. In the blue boxes are the immediate relationships connected to each profile. To compare these two profiles side by side, click the check box to the left of the potential match, and then click “Compare Profiles.”


In this display, you’ll be able to review how closely these two profiles match. Green text in the profile boxes indicate an exact match. Black text indicates data that doesn’t match exactly. Red text would indicate that there is a substantial discrepancy in the given information. At the bottom of the page, you have three options: “Yes, Request to Merge,” “No, remove match,” and “I’ll decide later.” If you’re merging a with a profile managed by a stranger, you have to wait until that person okays the merge. If you’re dealing with a collaborator or a family member, you’ll be able to complete the merge by yourself depending on your permissions.


Once the merge is completed, you’ll be able to see how many people you’re now connected to by checking your statistics. If you’re connected to over fifty million people, that means you’re a part of the world family tree.


Are you stuck? Check out our Genealogy Resources to find the best information on Geni.


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    I think its a great topic. I like it very much. Its so interesting.So i want some information for sharing this side with some of my friend. Thanks.nn

  • Brad Fults

    And if you’re not a Pro member?

    • Anonymous

      Tree Matches are Pro-only.

      • Telulah

        That’s all okay for Pro users and I’m not, but why can’t I delete matches.When I press the red cross It takes me to “My Heritage” and to delete I have to pay an annual subscription. I don’t want to be on two sites!!!
        Am I missing something really easy? Its driving me crazy.

  • Rachel

    What if I’m a pro memeber but the stranger that I want to merge with is not a pro member. Can we still collaborate, or does she have to have a pro membership as well?u00a0 Thanks!

  • Rachel

    What if I’m a pro memeber but the stranger that I want to merge with is not a pro member. Can we still collaborate, or does she have to have a pro membership as well?u00a0 Thanks!

  • Mahir Palejwala

    I’m a PRO member. There are some profiles I’ve created and invited, but I’ve not been notified if the person has joined the tree or not. Maybe it’s in the way that they accept the invite. Assuming that they are prompted onto a GENI log-in/ register screen, and they end up setting up a fresh account, and building their own trees (duplicates). I see a flaw in this, and not too sure if its strategic and intentional on GENI’s part. With the new makeover and fresh rules, when GENI identifies a possible match found and prompts me, I request a merge on the profile (unclaimed on my tree, and freshly started/ active on their own tree). The profile user who I’m trying to merge with is not being able to approve the requested merge, as it directly takes them to a “credit card payment” page, for paid subscription & registration to become a PRO member. This was not the case earlier. What I see now is, more profiles being claimed, more duplicates being formed, an overall tensed mode for project collaborators & new users. What are the alternates to completing these merges?

  • PG Krishnaiah

    I have encountered the following situations and am not able to proceed further.
    1) I have added a relative with all details including e mail id and an invitation was sent. Later I am not able to edit and only two buttons – more and remind are appearing on this profile.
    2) I have added a distant relative’s son and daughter. While further addition of wife of the son is possible, addition of husband of the daughter is not allowed.
    3) Partners are found in two separate trees. But linking their relationship is not feasible.
    4) In the tree of a distant relative the names are shown with abbreviation of first name and the box is appearing as dimmed. But editing of their children is being allowed.
    5) A person (say A) is entered as son in a tree. B has been added as his wife. B was also added as daughter of his father (ie as his sister) in the same branch. Then to resolve A was added as later B’s husband and the tried to merge both A’s and B’s. Now nothing happens and the system does not allow to delete any on of them.
    Kindly clarify
    PG Krishnaiah

  • Markjoffe

    All well and good – I have several profiles waiting for people to approve the merge ‘ but they arnt pro members so they cant – the profiles will stay double for ever -whats the solution ?

  • pat

    @ please see attached image.. 290 matches for one member of my family. how do i resolve them all at one time@

  • Anonymous

    I am a pro member. 
    When is Geni going to address the issue of non-pro members being able to accept a match that a pro member has instigated?Surely Geni would appreciate less duplicates.
    What is the point of being a pro member if one cannot resolve the matches. Yes the other parties involved wish to merge but cannot as they are not pro members?
    Thank you for any advice you can offer.

  • Margo

    Now that matches are free, how do I access them if I’m not a pro member?