Introducing Our New HTML Tree on Geni

Posted May 30, 2018 by Amanda | 19 Comments

We’re proud to announce a long awaited improvement for Geni users – our new HTML tree is now available on all tablet and mobile devices!

Introducing Our New HTML Tree on Geni

The new HTML tree replaces our HTML5 version of the tree, which was previously available for devices that do not support Flash. In the past, the HTML5 tree presented users with a very limited version of the family tree, which did not provide users with the best experience for working on the family tree. While the HTML tree does not yet support all of the options available in the current Flash version of the family tree, it does offer some new and exciting features for non-Flash users.

Introducing Our New HTML Tree on Geni

Devices that do not support Flash will now automatically take you to the new HTML version of the tree. You can also try it out on your desktop computer by manually switching to the HTML tree from the dropdown at the top of the page. Simply click on the down arrow to the right of ‘Tree’ to switch to the HTML tree. Again, keep in mind that not all of the features of the Flash tree are available yet in the HTML version. If you want to switch back to the Flash tree, click on the down arrow again and click to switch back to Flash.

What’s New

Introducing Our New HTML Tree on Geni

On full-size screens, we’ve added a new side panel to the tree so that you can quickly view information about a profile. When you click on a node on the tree, a panel will slide from the left of the page containing a quick summary of that profile’s basic information. Here you will also find more actions, including the options to edit, add relatives, add/remove photos, delete, and more. If the profile belongs to a Geni user, you will have the option to add/remove Family and Collaborators and to send a message. In addition, clicking on the profile’s name from the node or from the side panel will open the profile page in a new tab.

Introducing Our New HTML Tree on Geni

On a mobile device, this panel will slide from the right and fill the entire screen. Simply tap on the name at the top to return to the tree.

Introducing Our New HTML Tree on Geni

We’ve also replaced the arrows in the tree with a new, simpler way to add profiles. Now you can click on the + at the bottom of the node to add parents, spouses/partners, siblings, or children.

Introducing Our New HTML Tree on Geni

When on a mobile device, you will need to add relatives through the profile panel shown above.  First tap the profile in the tree to open the profile panel, and then tap the ‘Add’ button to select which relative you would like to add.

Introducing Our New HTML Tree on Geni

On full-width screens, new icons are now shown at the bottom right of a node so that you can quickly edit a profile or change the focus node of the tree.

Introducing Our New HTML Tree on Geni

To adjust the number of generations displayed on the tree, click on the gear icon above the zoom slider at the left of the page.

Introducing Our New HTML Tree on Geni

On mobile devices, the Preferences can be accessed via the mobile hamburger menu at the top-left of the screen. When on a touch device, you may also pinch the screen to zoom in or out of the tree.

More to Come

Our team has worked hard to bring this first phase of the HTML tree to your fingertips and we’re excited to hear your thoughts. Although there are still many features yet to be added, we believe this new HTML tree is a vast improvement from what was previously available. We are continuing to work on bringing all of the Flash tree’s features to the HTML version of the tree, including the very important ‘Move this person’ and ‘Resolve Duplicates’ tools. Eventually, we plan to completely replace the current Flash version of the tree with the HTML tree.

We’re excited for everyone to enjoy viewing and working on their family trees from any device. Try out the new HTML tree now and let us know what you think!

Post written by Amanda

Amanda is the Marketing Communications Manager at Geni. If you need any assistance, she will be happy to help!

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  • Jan Andreas Knudsen

    Great news! Thanks!

  • Wiktor

    It’s nice and fast but I miss the horizontal view.

    • geniblog

      We’re working on including the horizontal view in a future release. You can still access it if you switch back to the Flash tree.

  • Frode Evensen

    Finally HTML tree :-)

    I like what I see, and hopefully you will continue to improve the tree view.
    Suggestions for improvement:

    * When clicking a profile to open the quick view side panel, please don’t zoom and pan the tree view. I zoomed out for a reason, and this is often to click through multiple profiles quickly. It zooms out again when clicking on the tree background, but that means a lot more clicking and looking at automatic zooms just for peeking into the profiles of all the children of a couple.

    * Using the side panel and clicking a new profile quickly changes the image, but not the information. In a slow line i have already experienced that I misunderstood the birth information on a profile. The picture had changed and I read the birth date, some seconds later it changed. I had already started a search with it, and it was good luck that I discovered it.

    • geniblog

      Many thanks for your feedback!

  • Ilze_Bērtule

    it’s an unpleasant surprise.
    1. it takes ages to open the tree – the only workaround is in fact push “back” and then it somehow starts loading.
    2. it’s not possible to merge profile any more by choosing “solve duplicates”, or dragging and dropping. The profile merge is virtually impossible and I’m struggling to see how that can be done at all.

    • geniblog

      Hi, the options to ‘Resolve Duplicates’ and to drag and drop will be included in a future release. You can still switch back to the Flash tree by clicking on the dropdown at the top of the page. Simply click on the down arrow to the right of ‘Tree’ and select ‘Switch to Flash tree.’

  • Lenonn

    I’ve been trying out this HTML tree – agreed with most (if not all) the things that need to be added or adjusted in the other comments, and glad to see they are being worked on.

    My main problem is – every fourth change or so I make to the tree (whether adding someone or just editing information), the tab says “Geni Tree – undefined” and the spinning circle that shows the change being made keeps going… and going and going.

    • geniblog

      Can you please send an example of where this error occurred so we can look into it further? Did you try this from your desktop computer or tablet/mobile device? Thanks.

  • Mykhailo Onipchenko

    It’s better when it used to be, but most of the times it freezes completely when trying to add a new person! I have to switch back to Flash version and there it takes ages to load. Why can’t you make it load as fast as on It’s terribly annoying!

    • geniblog

      Thanks for your comments. Can you please let us know what browser you are using when the tree freezes? If the tree is taking a while to load, you may want to try adjusting the number of generations to display in the tree. You can do this in the Flash tree by clicking ‘Preferences’ at the bottom of the page.

  • Whos

    That’s a great improvement over the HTML5 version!
    The only thing I miss is the ability to switch to the “vertical” view, where each relative takes up much less space in the screen, so you can see a wider portion of your family tree. The default view requires too much horizontal scrolling. I hope you’ll add the feature someday!

    • geniblog

      Yes, the ability to switch views will be included in a future release. Thanks for your feedback!

  • Stephanie Cunningham

    Is one of the missing features, that will be incorporated in the future, the switch from “Ancestor Only” back to the full family tree? Or, am I just not seeing it?

    • geniblog

      Yes, this is still coming in a future release. Until then, you can switch back to the Flash tree to switch from Direct Ancestors Only.

  • geniblog

    You can switch back to the Flash tree by clicking on the small triangle to the right of ‘Tree’ at the top of the page and select ‘Switch to Flash tree.’

    • Nathan

      Yup. I had tried that several times on several site visits. Finally worked day before yesterday. Hope it never stitches back to HTML until that stuff works properly.

    • disqus_MfOQshNo5E

      geniblog already read

  • elena

    how can i find my relatives immigrated to boston in 1916 irma rubin from russian empire lithuania