Introducing Projects (now for everyone)

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A few weeks ago we introduced Projects, a way for Geni Curators to create collections of profiles. Some great projects have been created, from “Mayflower” Passengers and US Civil War Notables, to Extraordinary Women of the Middle Ages and Early Normans c.790-1066. Today we’re opening up projects to all users.

Before you start a new project, please review the list of current projects to make sure that there isn’t already a similar project. You can also check a few of the main profiles related to the project to see what projects they are already a part of. If there is a already a project similar to one you wanted to create, please send a message to the project manager requesting to join the project.

When you create a new project, you are the manager of the project. As manager, you can add project collaborators and project profiles.

Users you add as project collaborators gain edit and merge permission on all project profiles. You should only add users as project collaborators if they have specific interest in the project area and have a good reputation as a Geni user. Project collaborators can add profiles they manage to a project.

As the project manager, you can also add profiles you manage to a project. Keep in mind that all project collaborators on that project will be able to edit and merge any profiles you add to the project.

As a project manager or collaborator you will have access to a project merge center. This is just like your merge center, but only includes profiles that are part of the project. This is a great way to work on cleaning up a group of related profiles.

Finally, keep in mind that all projects are public. Anyone can view the project page, the list of profile profiles, and project collaborators. Therefore, only public profiles can be added to a project.

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