Look Who’s Related: Ed Helms and Michelle Obama

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In tonight’s episode of The Office, Ed Helms‘ office manager Andy Bernard learns he is related to Michelle Obama. Will you be watching the hilarity as Andy brags to his co-workers about his newly discovered relative? In honor of “Andy’s Ancestry,” we thought it would be fun to see how the Office star was really related to the First Lady. As it turns out, Michelle Obama is Ed Helms’ 18th cousin once removed! Just like his fictional counter part, this relationship is certainly something he can be proud of!

Check below for more surprising relationship paths!

Last night, President Obama and Mitt Romney entered their first presidential debate. Romney came out swinging and held his own against the President. Analysts generally consider him the winner of the debate. In addition to his shared lineage with Michelle Obama, he shares a closer relationship with Romney. Romney is his 10th cousin once removed!

Rounding out tonight’s comedy block on NBC is Amy Poehler‘s show, Parks and Recreation. Former Republican presidential candidate John McCain recently made a brief cameo on the funny show. Incidentally, he is Ed Helms’ 14th cousin thrice removed!

Did you know that Poehler is also Helms’ 13th cousin once removed? Helms recently joined the cast of his cousin’s new romantic comedy parody They Came Together.

Are you related to Ed Helms or his famous political relatives? Check out their family trees and let us know how you’re related in the comments below!

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