New Features: Undo deletions and more

Posted August 4, 2010 by Geni | No Comment

Undoing Deletions

We're pleased to announce a long requested feature – when someone deletes a profile you manage, you can now undo the deletion. The email notification of the deletion includes a link to view the list of deleted profiles that you manage. The list of deleted profiles you manage shows you when the profile was deleted, who deleted it, and includes a link to undelete the profile. We hope this helps you maintain the quality of your tree.


We've released some enhancements to help you manage discussions on Geni:

  • When viewing a list of discussions, you'll see a green checkmark next to discussions you are following.
  • We'll only send you one notification and one family news story per day for each discussion you are following. This should help reduce the noise for users who follow a large number of discussions. If you've unsubscribed from discussion notifications, you may want to try subscribing again.
  • The Family News filters now includes a discussions filter you can use to show or hide discussion stories.

Public profiles

  • You can toggle the profile privacy of any close relative (except for users). If another user has made your grandfather's profile public, you can make it private.
  • Deceased profiles that don't have a user nearby (fourth cousin or closer) can no longer be made private. This is to prevent private profiles from blocking consolidation of the historical parts of the tree.


  • The Top 100 icon now appears on popular profile in search results
  • Collaboration requests now indicate the number of profiles the user added and manages
  • Revision stories for profile updates now expand to show all edited fields, and a mouseover shows the value for each field
  • We've fixed the bug that prevented you from adding existing documents to an event


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