Profile of the Day: Tutankhamun

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Profile of the Day: Tutankhamun


On this day in 1922, archaeologist Howard Carter discovered the entrance to the tomb of the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun.

Tutankhamun became the Egyptian pharaoh of the 18th dynasty at the age of 9. When he came to power, there was much unrest in Egypt. He reversed several changes made during his father’s reign, including restoring the worship of the old gods. He ruled for nearly 10 years before his death around the age of 18.

Howard Carter had spent years excavating in the Valley of the Kings looking for the tomb of the boy king before finally discovering the steps to the tomb in 1922. Over several years, Carter excavate the four-room tomb and uncovered a vast collection of treasures and artifacts. Also uncovered in the tomb was the mummified remains of Tutankhamun, which had been preserved for over 3,000 years. Although smaller than the tombs of other Egyptian pharaohs, Tutankhamun’s tomb is considered to be one of the best preserved and most intact pharaonic tombs ever found in the Valley of the Kings, thus making it one of the most significant discoveries in the history of Egyptian archaeology.

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Image: Carsten Frenzi, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY 2.0)

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