Profile of the Day: William the Conqueror

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Profile of the Day: William the ConquerorToday marks the 950th anniversary of the Battle of Hastings. On this day in 1066, William the Conqueror led his forces to defeat King Harold II of England.

In January 1066, the death of the childless King Edward the Confessor resulted in a struggle for succession to the English throne. After his death, Harold II was browed king. However, William, then Duke of Normandy, had claimed he was the rightful heir to the throne. According to historians, Edward had named William heir to the crown upon his death. But upon his deathbed, he granted the throne to Harold, who was the head of the leading noble family in England.

William began his invasion of England on September 28, 1066. On October 14, 1066, marched his troops into battle. At the end of the battle, thousands of lives were lost, including King Harold II. On Christmas Day in 1066, William was crowned the first Norman king of England.

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