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Private User
26.10.2011 в 3:29 до полудня

Please let us know if you have ideas or suggestions to improve the Irish portal, what would you like to see added and what is missing ?
Feel free to be creative after all it is OUR portal

26.10.2011 в 10:45 до полудня

Annemarie several topics of interest to me. Forgive if already covered.

- build out of Scotch-Irish. This is my ancestry.
- Ulster Plantation.
- Isle of Man.
- if we get bold, IRA.

26.10.2011 в 10:46 до полудня

Oh and most importantly - Irish music, from earliest times to Bono.

26.10.2011 в 10:50 до полудня

Sorry more!

- Irish occupations. For instance in NYC certain areas - police, subway workers - are "traditionally" Irish.
- Gangs of Ireland! We already have a Westies project.
- Huguenots. It looks like there was a large influx.
- Points of emigration / immigration.
- Quakers. In plotting my Quaker lines, it looks like they went from England to Ireland for a few generations and then on to the US - and the West Indies.

Private User
26.10.2011 в 11:08 до полудня

Great Erica Howton this is what we like to see, plenty of ideas.
There are some bits and pieces about the Ulster Plantation and Scots-Irish but yes it needs MORE !!
Must say, you made an interesting list and we have to get this going, not too sure about Bono though :)

Private User
26.10.2011 в 1:28 после полудня

Great IDEA "Irish Music section"
Considering what irish musicians have gifted to the world in the area alone.

26.10.2011 в 2:27 после полудня

Is this project for Northern Ireland or Eire or for the Former overall Ireland?

26.10.2011 в 10:53 после полудня

Erica, you are one great mind!

Private User
26.10.2011 в 11:03 после полудня

Yeah, kwame, Iagree Erica, under a nice orange HAT, I name her misses HAT already, but in Dutch you have to say Mevrouw HOET.

Private User
26.10.2011 в 11:05 после полудня

sorry for my american english, I meant to say she's a great mind UNDER an orange HOET.

Private User
26.10.2011 в 11:06 после полудня

by the way Annemarie, are you a miss or a misses or do you have cats, like me? I feed to Bengalen-cats, real nice and my husband cares for them too.

26.10.2011 в 11:08 после полудня

Erica Howton aahhh music! Super idea, reminds me of your Ballads Project.
ie. Irish Ballad - YouTube List of Irish Ballads

26.10.2011 в 11:18 после полудня

Please add the links to the Project! I had forgotten about it.:)

26.10.2011 в 11:19 после полудня


I would like it to be for all of Ireland from earliest times to currently, ultimately. But I think the idea of a "portal" is "your first stop for Irish Projects."


Private User
27.10.2011 в 1:37 до полудня

Terry Jackson (Switzer) we have created a separate portal for Northern Ireland

Private User
27.10.2011 в 1:47 до полудня

Great to see so many fabulous ideas, it will be fun creating all this related projects.
The Ulster plantation and Scots Irish will be a related project for the Nortern Ireland portal

Lets make a start with the following ideas for the Irish portal
*The history of the I.R.A
*Irish occupations
*Irish music during the centuries, and the history of
*Points of emigration
*Hugenots in Ireland

Other people might like to add to this list, in the meantime if one of you is willing to tackle one of the projects above, leave your name here and what project you would like to do, ofcourse you can work together too.

I , Private User will try to tackle the History of the I.R.A.

And to answer your question Private User it is Mrs. Healy :)

27.10.2011 в 2:12 до полудня

Wikipedia gives some good pointers to where the Huguenot concentrations were. It says there were even Huguenot mayors in Dublin, Cork, Youghal and Waterford. It also suggests that they came through England, not directly from France. The number if Huguenot immigrants was an estimated 10,000.

27.10.2011 в 3:59 до полудня

EH was suggesting building out to Scottish-Irish and Isle of Man. If this approach was taken you'd have to go all over the world, I believe. An interesting side comment: did you know that the Irish Navvy (Worker on the roads and railways) was discriminated against? I think it was Kipling who called them "White Apes".

Private User
27.10.2011 в 4:10 до полудня

Terry Jackson (Switzer) we will build out the Scottish-Irish, the Isle of Man is a bit of a grey area eventhough it was settled by people from Ireland in the first millennium it is a is a self-governing British Crown Dependency, therefore discussable whether to put in under the Irish portal? We also have a separate portal for Northern Ireland also under British rule.

Discrimination might be another good subject, as we all know the saying from the USA in the time, 'No Irish need to apply'

27.10.2011 в 5:14 до полудня

I don't know what all it would involve, or exactly what everyone wants, but I could try to handle the Irish music stuff. I was in a Celtic band from 1991-2004, and have been slowly getting another group going the past few years. My focus has been I know less about new age Irish music (like Enya) and rock bands from Ireland (like U2), but that doesn't mean I can't research those as well.

Private User
27.10.2011 в 6:29 до полудня

Devery Corteville that would be great if you could give it a go, if you would like some help you can count on me and I am sure there are a lot of helpful people here who would like to help too. Thank you ! Once you have created the project you can add this to the related project list in the Irish portal.

Private User
27.10.2011 в 8:10 до полудня

1 interesting irish occupation is Coach builder! i dont know when this occupation started, but could look into it as my 4th grt grandfather started the business that built the state coach for the queen(victoria). also there were tanners( people in tanneries). is this any good for the portal?

Private User
27.10.2011 в 8:22 до полудня

Hi, Private User yes this is good for the portal, maybe we can include a list of occupations with a description , think we can get a good dicussion out of this subject as many people have questions about some occupations and the meaning of them.

27.10.2011 в 8:39 до полудня

We are going to end up all over the world! We're traveling people!

Which reminds me - Irish Travellers.

Private User
27.10.2011 в 8:42 до полудня

That is part of the plan to go all over the world Erica Howton, unavoidable due to mass emigration of the Irish . The irish portal thinks BIG ! :)
Irish travellers , yes another good one

27.10.2011 в 8:58 до полудня

Did anyone mention the ships that sailed from Dublin, Belfast, Londonderry - and emigration lists? (Just adding to the idea load :-) )

27.10.2011 в 8:59 до полудня

Ah yes, 'points of emigration' - sorry Erica! :-)

Private User
27.10.2011 в 9:15 до полудня

Noted George, will be arranged :)

27.10.2011 в 3:06 после полудня

THe Potato famine

27.10.2011 в 3:45 после полудня

1830s and 1840s?

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