Malka Mysels

Also Known As: "Malky"
Current Location:: Providence, RI, United States
Birthplace: Sopron, Hungary
Immediate Family:

Daughter of Rabbi Aaron Meyer Krausz and Leah Krausz (Citron)
Wife of Private User
Mother of Private User and Jonathan Isaac Mysels
Sister of Private User and Rita Goldstone (Krausz)

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Immediate Family

About Malka Mysels

Welcome, please let me know if I can be of service to you in your passion and pursuit of genealogy on this site.

A small sampling of projects I am collaborating on--- Geni Projects help provide context, culture and voice to the life and times of our ancestors.

  1. Geni Curator Projects Guide
  2. Holy Rebels - The Iconic Abrahamic Paradigm
  3. Israel Visionaries and Greats
  4. Revolutionary Heroic Muslim Women Leaders
  5. Legendary Heroines
  6. Powerful Women Warriors
  7. Inspirational Luminary Guides
  8. Famous Vegetarians in History
  9. Famous Couples in History
  10. Dissident Freedom Activists Worldwide
  11. Chinese Dissidents
  12. Romani Gypsy Notables
  13. Intrepid Jewish Travelers Explorers
  14. The Ten Lost Tribes of Israel
  15. Jewish Diaspora Index
  16. The Jewish French Connection
  17. Jewish Scholars of Magical Provence France
  18. French Riviera Intellectual Exile in Paradise
  19. African Jewry A Microcosm of the Jewish Diaspora
  20. French German Nexus - Alsace Lorraine Rhineland
  21. Sarajevo - Little Jerusalem of the Balkans
  22. Sarajevo's Serenade to Salam -سلام- Peace
  23. Italian Jewish History
  24. The Hungarian Jewish Legacy
  25. Aleppo - Syria's Legendary Jewish Community
  26. Notable Jews of Persia - the Arabian Peninsula
  27. Mokum Wondrous Jewish Amsterdam
  28. Salonika Center of Jewish Scholarship
  29. The Golden Age of Jews in Sepharad - Al Andalus
  30. Portuguese Spanish Jewish Journey to Jamaica
  31. Crypto Jews Conversos Anusim
  32. Tracing Hidden Jewish Ancestry
  33. Important Jewish Family Tree Charts
  34. The Jewish Kingdom of Khazaria
  35. The Latin American Jewish Odyssey
  36. The Jewish Dynasties Site
  37. Jewish Ancestry Research Guide
  38. Revered Rabbis, Kabbalists, Sages and Torah Scholars
  39. Torah Luminaries - Roshei Yeshivot
  40. Sephardic Luminaries
  41. Jewish Mystics
  42. Hasidic Courts of the BeSHT
  43. The Great Sanhedrin
  44. Zvhil Mezbuz Rabbinical Dynasty
  45. Talmudic Scholars of Austria
  46. Holocaust - The Final Solution
  47. Heroes of the Holocaust
  48. Children of the Holocaust
  49. The Kasztner Transports
  50. Holocaust Survivors
  51. Visionaries and Dreamers
  52. New Year Rosh Hashana Introspective Meditations
  53. The Perplexing Paradox of the Passover Seder
  54. Chazzanut Jewish Music Portal
  55. Yom HaShoah
  56. Esther the Jewish Queen of Persia
  57. The Holy Shepherds - Ushpizin
  58. Geni World History Timeline
  59. International Projects Index
  60. Geni Curator Projects
  61. Genealogy Specialists on Geni
  62. Ambassadors of Darkness
  63. The Dark Ages - Holy Grail of History
  64. Legendary Libertines
  65. 21st Century Iconoclasts Mavericks World Leaders
  66. Authors of Current Internationally Best Selling Novels
  67. Heavenly Music
  68. Notable Irish Jews
  69. Revel in the Legendary Irish Spirit
  70. Resurrecting The Last Supper
  71. Zoroastrianism Magi
  72. Kashmir home of the Great Temple of Learning
  73. Notables of Italian Descent
  74. Jesus Ancestors
  75. Muslim Philosophers Mathematicians Scientist
  76. Citron Zitrom CItroen Family
  77. Jaffe Rabbinical Family Tree
  78. Launching Geni: A Big Tree Retrospective
  79. International Genealogy Conferences
  80. Remembering the Challenger Columbia and Apollo 17 Space Shuttle Astronauts
  81. E-Spoof Thriller

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