Zombies please

Started by Mike Stangel on Thursday, August 11, 2016
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Hi Private User, the son (Theodore Coenen) still appears to be private: Theodore Coenen

William I, viscount of Thouars
Gui de Thouars
--> no name ADMN whit anonymous family climb 1800:

Private User, done

All fixed now. Thanks to whoever did it! ;-)

Private User, he is now public.

I disconnected the Wood line where name and other data was removed. We does not want such profiles in the historical lines.

Thanks for your help.

I absorbed the 2 clones in the right place and pasted a couple of wiki links.
I remain available if "Tiger" wants to insert his line correctly! :D

Thanks Jim Wile

Janet Louise Milburn (Schultz), the automatic GENI message that you received was about a profile too old to still be alive. (but it was a suggestion, I did not want to do anything to your great-grandmother:)
I just took a look at how to administer your tree, since you requested to administer ancient lines :D
PLZ someone helps she too aggressive for my taste XD
(4 messege in 30 min. TOT 70 lines LOL)

Angus Wood-Salomon the zombie apocalypse you were cured 20 days ago on page 87, is back.
(that marriage was really strange, but putting back the whole private line is much more;)

Henry Duncan Graves has a zombie spouse involved in a merge.

Karl David Wright done and merged

Thank you very much!!

Private User done

Iva done

William Headley and his wife are both involved in zombie merges.

Also, Frances "Fanny" Hall Dawson (Headley) has several zombie children.

Karl David Wright done, let us know if you find more

Private User done

Can her parents and one sibling set to public: Serena / Sima Króhn

Thanks in advance.


Thanks, Angus!

Ida Hirsch

(Siblings born from 1850s-1870s.)

Thanks in advance!

Private User, done

His mother and children are zombies and a merge needs to be completed on his sister.

Adam Brown

Captain James Wishart Maitland has a zombie spouse (died twenty years ago), and a zombie son too.

Thanks for merging; unfortunately son Private is still marked as living, but he too died (in 2013). See below:


If you can mark him as deceased, I can take it from there.

Showing 2671-2700 of 2799 posts

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