Zombies please

Started by Mike Stangel on Thursday, August 11, 2016
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Karl David Wright

Private was a Geni user we have to report it to Geni Customer Service as deceased and they will unclaim it. I will notify you when done.

ok, thanks!

Livio Scremin

Should all these long-deceased profiles (many notable figures with associated Wikipedia articles) and their long-deceased children really be private?

Laura Frances Norton
Jane Mary Giffard
Lydia Rose Bedford
Helen Johanna Gordon Clark
Susan Lawrence
Susan Lawrence

Many Thanks :)

Private User
Please check

Mother, siblings and children.

Adam Brown

done - you can merge

Sean Ernest Wood, both done

Private User please check

Private Kazimierz Słowiński, Geni user, died few years ago, can edit profile, cannot change status. TIA.

Private User

Private was a Geni user we have to report the profile as deceased which I did. I will notify you when done.

Kevin Ronald Kenigsberg's son, Steven, died in Israel in 2002.

Immigrant Soldier Killed In Action
401840 03: Kevin Kenigsberg (R), father of Sgt. Steven Kenigsberg, takes condolence calls in his Hod Hasharon apartment from his family overseas March 4, 2002 over the death in action of his 19-year-old son and Israeli soldier who was killed by a Palestinian gunman in an attack on his patrol in Gaza the day before. Kenigsberg, who was one of 22 Israelis who were killed in four Palestinian attacks in 24 hours, had immigrated with his father Kevin from Johannesburg, South Africa in June 1999. Steven's stepsisters Liat (L) Danielle share the sofa with his dog Shmaltz. (Photo by David Silverman/Getty Images).


Private User - that profile is not a zombie. It is marked deceased and private, which is not a problem.

Private User, thank you!

Private User, done.

John Self
says his son was born 1781

"hunt zombies"

is it that bad? ( ;

Those are deceased but private

You will have to contact the manager

Okay, I will ask the manager.

Good afternoon,

Could a curator please kill this private zombie.

Francisco Javier de Falla y Arce Molina

Thank you very much!

Felipe González de Otoya De Narváez somebody has already reported Francisco Javier de Falla y Arce Molina as a wrongly claimed profile. We have to wait until Customer Service removes the claim

Who can kill these Zoimbies

Hendrik Bod

Warner 'Wander' Bod

Hendrik Bod

Jenneken Everts

For now thanks

Gerrit Evert Bod

Henning von Podebusk, I

Henning is married with a zombie since last week - please kill Euphenia and merge her with the real dead Euphenia.

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