Zombies please

Started by Mike Stangel on Thursday, August 11, 2016
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Hendrik Dam
Here also starts a big part of the tree that is set private by the user mentioned.

Private User please check if every thing is handled. Some request about the profiles are as you have requested asked to the manager.

Private User

not all my requests are solved yet and I think this user is working with private profiles all over the big tree. Is it possible that geni let her stop this behaviour?

Hendrik Dam born 1828 has private parents and grandparents, etc. Clearly they are all >150 years old and should be public.

I am unable to help as I am blocked

Private User,

I have asked Mike Stangel or Customer Service to help us with your issue.

Private User, David Prins, I've made whatever I could find public. I hope customer service can help with this.

Nicholas Funston has two zombie children.

Mary Reynardson

is married to a zomby, who needs exorcising and merging


Karl David Wright, please check now.
Woodman Mark Lowes Dickinson, OBE, husband is dead and merged. Data conflicts resolved, I hope the photo that was merged with the new profile is right for this master profile.

All looks good, thanks!

Private User, done

RE: message to me "I seems that the manager is not willing to work on the idea of the big tree..."

CORRECT! When we started with Geni many years ago, it was for a PRIVATE tree. We spent many a joyous hour talking with family, searching archives and adding history, stories and photo's to Geni.

Some stories are private anecdotes and some information can be too painful to share with the world. Also, a few family members expressed concern about "leaks" and privacy issues. We assured them that only members we invited to our Geni tree could have access.

Through 1 awful collaboration and a couple of incorrect merges, this trust was destroyed. He and several others were able to run rough-shod over our tree! They started changing things and some very private profiles appeared in google search and somehow our tree, including photo's, appeared on Heritage.com. Mom and I were threatened with lawsuits for allowing this to happen!

We contacted Heritage.com and Geni support and with their help we were able to "fix" some parts of our tree but the damage was too great to put everything back to where we started. Somewhere within this time frame, Geni changed they way they wanted users to govern our profiles and data. Geni became a platform for 1 big tree. We were told by Geni that we did not HAVE to share our data, but could CHOOSE to share.

At this time, we are CHOOSING not to share (as much as possible) so that we can continue damage control within the boundaries discussed with Geni, our families and in-law families.

We do applaud the concept of 1 world, 1 tree. We do not applaud the loss of control of our family's merged profiles. Our biggest regret was joining GENI all those years ago and if we could, we would delete every single profile and photo we ever added. However, it is too late for that...the damage has been done. So we muddle on, sometimes cheered, sometimes disillusioned and sometimes aggravated by the lack of privacy and understanding.

How much nicer would it have been if people had asked us before taking any sort of action. Now, thanks in part to the helpers and curators, this wonderful project has become a nightmare for us! Instead of spending our time constructively, we are spending our time blocking, fixing, correcting and when necessary, reversing the changes you make to our profiles/tree. Call it what you want, to us this is damage control.

At the end of the day our accountability is to our family and the privacy they expect from us. We owe this to them and not to Geni nor their members.


Francis Dolman

Private User, I am tagging relevant authority to help.

Mike Stangel, I hope this is something you can help with and instruct how to proceed.

Weer een Zombie...

Pieter Nicolaas van der Chijs

graag openen...

Private User, done.

Private User at the moment you block Curators or are speaking of "deleting every single profile and photo we ever added." then you cross a line.

Just because of the argument of that we need time to fix the tree and correcting every profile manually reversing the damage done to the dutch tree.

At the end of the day my accountability is to the dutch users of Geni and the protection of the tree they expect from us Curators.

We, users of Geni, owe this to them. As they are our extended family and we share the responisibiltiy to work together and to keep the family secrets. But not to take them into our graves or block or hide public knowledge.

Hi Atalya Buskila Levy

Please kill zombies- Lars Andersen and his children:


Kjeld Vennike Hansen

Kjeld Vennike Hansen, this family branch is dead and merged other than his wife as there are some conflicts there between the two profiles.
Please refer to all data conflicts and fix.

rvk done

Private User all done, and many more

Different kind of Zombie:
Kelly Lorber

Kelly's mother was born between 1595 and 1655. Yet she has managed to survive and start her family tree in November 2008 and add to and manage 249 Geni profilesi. The downside is of course that any attempt to contact her will simply disappear without a live recipient?

How can this be corrected?

I suspect that Kelly Lorber is not a zombie. Looking at the tree, it looks to me like Kelly is a real live Geni user but has somehow has managed to be catapulted to the 1600s, probably through a bad merge.

I can't immediately see what has happened, and this isn't an area I know well, so I am leaving it for one of my curator colleagues with better knowledge here. My expectation is that tree disentanglement is required rather than zombie hunting.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention

Private User & Private User

I found the bad merge at patrick Mccall and un merged from Patrick McCall

Thanks Erica

Note: it may take a while before Geni revises / recalculates the incorrect estimate of date of birth on Kelly's mother

Thanks Private User. Every Kelly Lorber pointers I have found seem to point to the same record in the 1600s. Since it is impossible to send a message to her, it appears that the only recourse is perhaps to appoint new managers for those 248 profiles?

Erica could you please tell me what "bad link" meant in "I found the bad merge at patrick Mccall and un merged from Patrick McCall"? Shouldn't you have unliked patrick Mccall if that was the bad link?

Hallo Ard van Bergen
Dank je wel! Ook voor die samenvoegingen

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