Nana Givens (Pushmataha) - Nana Pushmataha and Samuel Givens

Started by Pam Wilson (on hiatus) on Sunday, October 27, 2019
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Lots records was destroyed by the Union army in the Civil Warf in Mississippi. I had lots relatives in Mississippi The Union and Confederate. armies would burn down court houses as they were leaving a town I had relatives in Rapides Parish, Louisiana and the court house was burned down by the Union Army. There is no marriage, wills, land records before 1865 in Rapides Parish, Louisiana. I done lots of research on Mississippi. In books they said that the night was lite up all over Mississippi by burning court houses. Also local people would burn down court house because they got mad at someone. We have over 100,000 books in our genealogical department. Misissippi is one of the worst states to do research on because of all the records that was destroyed in Mississippi by fire one way or another

Like I was saying about Rapides Parish, Louisiana the way you would know who was living before 1865 there by census records.. If some came and went between census you would never knew they were every there. I have 2 great great aunts names from 1860 Rapides Parish,Louisiana census records. There is no records of them after 1860. They proble got married between 1860 and 1865 so there no way to know who they married. There information stopped in 1860 There sometime information that are true but cannot be proved. I have disprove several documents that was supposed to true but had bad information on them My grandfather death certificate says his mother last name was Jones when It was Walker by Desoto Parish,Louisiana marriage records.records.

The trouble with researching the 1700's there is little information to go on. Its almost impossible le to prove anything if you want definite proof in the 1700. There were no information being kept on everyone like it is today. There is misinformation on me and my son Robert. Some sites having him live where I lived and me lived where he lived. They got me with his age and him with my age. How did that information get so mixed up in this computer age. They told him that they got the information off of public records. WE have not lived in the same city for 25 years. He is not a junior.

What you’re saying is very true. I have a fair amount of North Carolina origin in my trees, and certainly some branches of the families moved south.

But we do have some knowledge of what sorts of people married Native American women: they were traders, not farmers. Women were very rarely random travelers, unlike pioneering men; they lived in family groups. So to find an unknown wife’s origins, you look to where they were, not where the man was.

I believe my great great aunt letter she wrote in 1911. She had very detailed information on her ancestors going back to Samuel Givens. Her letter said that Columbus Evans and Nancy Givens were her parents and they got married in Stewart County, Georgia She Sasid that Nancy Givens parents were James Givens and Nancy Shirring Will of Ishan Shirling said his daughter Nancy was married to James Givens. The only problem ius proving Samuel Givens and Nan. Some say that a Samuel Givens in York County, South Carolina was . She said she the proof Pushmataha was great grandfather but it destroyed by a tornado We can search forever and defernite prove the right Samuel Givens. I am match up with an Native American with my dna on family tree dna. But I don't know who that person is. Geni has me martch up with 256 Native Americans She had to vave the above information already wrote down bvecaus she would not had any way of finding out the informs Shde said Samuel Givens married Nana She said Samuel Givens kived in Mississippi and South Carolina.

Here is some odd information on my family tree.t My son and his wife was born and still lived in Dallas , Texas they got married in Las Vegas, Nevada. My Aunt Clara and her husband got married in Henderson County, Texas where he lived. Their marriage records is there. But Why and how did she get there in the 1930"s. My uncle Albert and his wife got married In Texas even though both lived in Louisiana. My sister and her second got married in Texas even though lived in Louisiana. I found marriage records on my mother and my step father in Colorado County near San Antonia,Texas . My mother was born in Sabine Parish, Louisiana ad he was born in Upshur County, Texas, Thehy where they get there when it was over 200 miles from where they born This was in 1944. I could write a book on information like this.I

On Mary Winn McFarland said she has a copy of a letter written about Nana being Pushmataha daughter in 1911. I think it is a copy of the same letter I had because it was written in 1911 same as my letter. The trouble is finding the right Samuel Givens. There are Several other people on say that she was supposed to their several great grandmother. No matter what genealogical site I go to it said that Samuel Givens married Nana daughter of Pushmataha.

I added the will of William Givens died 1798 to him He was Samuel C. Givens father.

My grandfather James Evans married Mae Benefield who was the daughter of Elizabeth Hale. Mae was 1/4 Choctaw . Her and her mother was from Shelby County, Alabama where people of mixed races lived. Me and one of my first cousin wish that we had asked more information about her family I was 20 years old when she died. There is no marriage record of James Hale and M.L.. Elizabeth. We have several sets of marriage in Alabama that goes back to 1850. Elizbeth is listed with her parents and sibling on the 1880 Shelby County, Alabama census records. Because both suppose have Native American I stuck basic at 5 generation. James Evans his mother may be of mixed race, On the 1880 Louisiana census records they list only one Maggie Walker. She is listed as being mixed race. On my mother ancestors I can only go back 5 generation with all the women supposed to be of mixed race. Family treedna matched me up Being blood relative to a Native American. This one reason I am also sure Nana.From Samuel to me every generation had people of mixes races. With my dna it shows i have over 30 nationalities. I also have other 30 Ethic

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