Zombies please

Started by Mike Stangel on Friday, August 21, 2020
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Would you please "kill off" Archange Roy and then merge with duplicate Archange Roy?

Thank you!

Private User,

Try again to merge them as I have taken care of the zombie for you.


Got it! Thank you!!!

Thank you, Kevin Lawrence Hanit!

Private User - those 2 are no longer zombies

Private User - those 2 are also no longer aombies

Private User,


Private User,

All done, including Abraham Jr.


Bertha C King has a zombie father.

Karl David Wright,

Taken care of for you.


Thank you!

Clara Adella Kimball

Please kill the zombie above and then merge with Clara Adella Kimball.

Ole Tuntland, Jr.

Please kill the above zombie.

Sarah Marie Rorabaugh

please kill the above and merge with Sarah Marie Rorabaugh

Private User,

Ole has been made public. It looks like Clara has already been taken care of.

Stacy Lynn Wood,

The merge on Sarah has been requested.

Kevin Lawrence Hanit, thank you!

Wife of Joseph Rüll

Last 4 are all done

The following all have zombie spouses:

Robert Fuller
Sir Nicholas Fuller
Sir Cuthbert Fuller

Could you please mark Florence Belfer as deceased? Can't merge while she is still listed as living. The year of death is 2012 per her son Mark (I previously put is as approx. 2013 per more distant family recollections)
Florence Belfer

Thank you!

Bosse Högberg

European champion in light middleweight, should be MP and marked as deceased.

died † 8. November 2005



Showing 61-90 of 2630 posts

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