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Deacon William Ward

Does anyone have any sources that would support the proposition that Elizabeth Whale married Deacon William Ward (1603-1687)?

Several web pages have unsourced claims of such a marriage:

http://www.chapmaninvestments.com/Ancestry/Ancestry%20Family%20Tree... makes two interesting claims:
First, it notes a marriage between William Ward and Elizabeth Whate, his second wife in Smallburgh, Norfolk, England on 10 Feb 1624; it claims that she was born 9 Dec 1613 in Sudbury, Engl.
Second, in the next entry there is a claim that Elizabeth Whale, born about 1620 married John More Moore about 1636 in Sudbury. Are these really two different persons named Elizabeth Whale?

Jared Handpicker makes an interesting observation on his site:

"William Ward married Eleanor? _____ Before 1626 at England. William Ward married Elizabeth Storey? Bef ORE 1639 at Cambridge or Newton, Massachusetts, USA. William Ward William lived on Moore Road in Sudbury, 1638/9 - 164?. Moved to Marlborough, Massachusetts in 164?. Considered one of the founding fathers of both Sudbury and Marlborough. His name was occasionally spelled 'Warde'. He became a Freeman on 10-May-1643. The John E. Hayes house in Marlborough, off Hayden Street, was erected by William Ward in 1660. William emigrated from England with his second wife, Elizabeth, and five children. His son, Richard, was the fourth child and last child by William's first marriage. He was three years-old at the time of the families voyage to the 'New World'.

"Based on listings by other researhers, it seems the concensus on William Ward's birth or baptismal date is 15-May-1603, somewhere in England. Have seen Yorkshire, Lancashire, Gloucester, and the list goes on, and not even COUNTING the number of towns/cities listed!!!!

"My belief is that there was never a true cross-Atlantic connection made. The fact William was born in the first five years of the century and with a VERY common name at the time, leads one to believe the 'right' William Ward's birth date may never be conclusively determined. Nor, quite possibly, the surname of his first, and possibly his second wife. He was born in 1603 at Yarmouth, England (Yorks? Derby?). He was buried in 1687 at Spring Hill Cemetery, Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA. He died on 10 August 1687 at Sudbury, Massachusetts, USA."

Jared Handpicker raises the possibility that William Ward married an Elizabeth Storey, but that this is not the same person as Elizabeth Whale.

Artemas Ward prepared an extensive family genealogy published in 1925, based on the 1851 "Ward Family" issued by Andrew H. Ward. It can be found on-line at:
The documentation for the genealogy recently assembled by Robert Kline is extensively summarized at:
They assign the eldest three children of William Ward, all born in England, to mother Elizabeth Phillipus? (John 1626, Joanna 1628, and Obadiah 1632). The next ten children are assigned to Elizabeth, born in 1613, without a confirmed last name. But attributing these ten children to Elizabeth Whale, wife of John Moore, would be completely inconsistent with the this marriage.

http://seiz2day.com/sbmerk/family/wardnarrative.html describes William Hall's second wife as Elizabeth Story Hall, but does not provide a source for that name.

I do not have access to New England Marriages before 1700. Is there really an entry of a marriage of William Ward and Elizabeth Storey? Is this the same William Ward? Is this consistent with the dates of birth of his children?

Any source material would be appreciated so we can clean up this portion of the Common Tree.

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What I found:



This one indicates that Elizabeth Whale married John Moore:

Interesting stuff.

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