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1820 Settlers - Gardner's Party

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  • Ann Wright (deceased)
  • Sara Williams, SM/PROG (deceased)
    1820 British Settler= Sarah Williams was a member of Gardner's Party of 24 people on the Settler ship Sir George Osborn .Party originated from WarwickshireDeparture London, 16 March 1820. Arrival Simon...
  • John Thompson Dugmore (c.1820 - 1903)
  • William Seal, Snr. SV/PROG (1798 - 1855)
    1820 British Settler= William Seal 21, Plater, was a member of Gardner's Party of 24 people on the Settler ship Sir George Osborn .Party originated from WarwickshireDeparture London, 16 March 1820. Arr...
  • Sarah Dudley, Snr. SM/PROG (1796 - d.)
    1820 British Settler John Dudley 36 Toolmaker, together with his wife Sarah 24, and 3 children, were members of Gardner's Party of 24 people on the Settler ship Sir George Osborn .Party originated from...

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Gardner's Party

1820 Settlers

Main Reference - The Settler Handbook by MD Nash

See also eGGSA - The 1820 Settler Correspondence

Further information at 1820

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Party Details// Gardner

  • Leader Edward Gardner
  • Number in the Party 24 (33) Note that there are 9 more people listed as Settlers due to births at sea and Independent members - marked §
  • Area Party originated from Warwickshire
  • Area Allocated to the Party Kareiga River Valley
  • 1820 Settler Ship

Sir George Osborn

  • Dates
  • Departure London, 16 March 1820
  • Arrival Simon's Bay, Cape Town - 17 June 1820
  • Final Port Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth - July 1820

(Other parties on this voyage - Gardner, Mills, Turvey)

M.D. Nash 1987 - Settler Handbook

"No. 50 on the Colonial Department list, led by Edward Gardner, a plater of Nelson Street, Sand Pits, Birmingham. The party was organised and all its correspondence with the Colonial Department conducted by the Governor of of Birmingham Workhouse, William Cheshire, on behalf of the parish overseers. He forwarded the party's deposit money with the comment that the men had 'sold their little all' in order to emigrate, and it seems likely that their deposits were paid at least in part by the parish. Birmingham was hard-hit by the industrial recession, and one of the party members, Isaac Dugmore, informed the Colonial Department soon after the emigration scheme was announced that a number of families were anxious to emigrate and that he had already appealed for help to the parish authorities.

This was a joint-stock party made up of and independent settlers with the exception of Gardner's servant William Abbott. It was the only case in which a party with less than the official minimum of 10 men was accepted: Cheshire was informed in November 1819 that the nine men whose names he had submitted had been approved, but there were to be no further additions to the party.

Early in December, Gardner and his party arrived in London to find they has misunderstood instructions about their port of embarkation: they were in fact scheduled to sail from Liverpool, not London. Almost all their money had been spent on the journey, and Gardner appealed to the authorities to allow the party to embark in the Thames.

Permission was granted, but as it tuned out, this alteration in the sailing arrangements was to mean a three month-delay before they finally left England. The party embarked at Deptford in the Sir George Osborn, and a few days before she was due to sail a January gale drove her from her moorings and she ran aground opposite Greenwich Hospital. After undergoing repairs, she finally sailed from the Downs on 16 March 1820 and reached Simon's bay on 17 June and Algoa Bay early in July, the last of the settler transports to arrive. Two children were born during the voyage and one, Elizabeth Gardner, died at sea. The party was located south-west of Grahamstown in the Kariega River valley, and named the location New Birmingham".

"....Thomas Colling, a former head of Sephton's party was unable to embark in the Brilliant, but sailed in the Sir George Osborn as an independent settler attached to Gardner's party."

Members of Gardner's party

Bold links are to Geni profiles; other links are to other biographical notes

William Abbott 39. File maker

Benjamin Bailiss 24. Coach harness buckle-maker

Thomas Colling § (independent Settler) (48) Builder.

Wife Elizabeth Randall § (36
Children :

Edmund Dudley 26. Ironmonger

John Dudley 36. Toolmaker.

Wife Sarah Clowes 24.

(Mother of Frances Sutton and Mary only)


Isaac Dugmore 34. Clerk.

Wife Maria Hare 36

Edward Gardner 33, a Plater.

Wife Mary Brougham 31

Mary Hare
Robert Roe 30. Carpenter
William Seal 21. Plater. (Later married Sarah Williams of this Party.)

Sarah Williams (Later married William Seal of this Party.)

John Cecil Wright 22. Coach Painter. (Later married Elizabeth Penny of Sephton's Party)

Wife Ann ? 20. Not listed in Nash's book

Main source for party list

Agent of Transports' Return of setters arrived at Simon's bay under the direction of Messrs Mills, Turvey and Gardner (Cape Archives CO 6138/2,95). The return of Gardner's party agrees with the final list submitted by William Cheshire before the party boarded, except that Abraham Beesley is replaced by Robert Roe, and two of the women of the party are listed as 'Mary Hare (alias Beales)' and 'Sarah Williams (alias Wright)' instead of 'Mary Beesley' and 'Ann Wright' as they were shown on Cheshire's list. (It was a common stratagem to list single women as the 'wives' of single men in order to avoid paying separate deposits).

Further reading

H H Dugmore, The Reminiscences of an Albany Settler (Grahamstown, Grocott and Sherry, 1958).

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GARDNER, Edward, 1820 Settler

Settler's Correspondence at eGGSA

(see also William CHESHIRE's correspondence in CO48/42)

National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 447

Care of the Gov'r of the Birmingham Workhouse

October 6th 1819


Agreeably to your instructions I herewith return the 3 Lists I had the honor to receive with your Letter of the 30th ult. The Persons therein named are not identically those I first proposed, as is explained in the inclosed note to which I request your reference.

Should any further information be requisite or any misapprehensions respecting your instructions I shall feel obliged by an intimation thereof & the needful shall, in such case, be supplied with the least possible delay. I have the honor to be Sir

Your most ob. Sevt.



National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 477

October 21st 1819

My Lord,

As a fortnight as now ellapsed since I returned the printed Lists in the order according to your directions and the candidates have also engaged with me to emigrate to the Cape of Good Hope having disposed with their property are fearfull least after all they should be rejected, under such circumstances I make bold to address your Lordship hoping at the same time you will not take it as an intrussion addressing your Lordship again upon the subject. An answer to this affect as soon as you can make it conveniant with every other information you see useful will much oblige

Your most obdt humble sevt



National Archives, Kew CO48/43, 508

No.7 Brill Crescent



Dec 3rd 1819


Through some error on the part of Messrs ESDALE & Co, to whom our money was remitted upwards of a month ago and not receiving any instructions how to proceed and hearing of several vessels sailing from the Port of London whither we are arrived with our luggage, should esteem it a favour if you would have the goodness to order the arrangements for our embarkation in this River, our money being nearly expended in consequence of the depression of Trade and the expences of our journey to Town we sincerely hope you will grant us this favour as we understand a line from you to the Navy Office will be sufficient

Your obed't sevt



CHESHIRE, William re GARDNER's Party, 1820 Settlers

See also attached pdf

National Archives, Kew CO48/42, 284

Birmingham Workhouse

Sept 6th 1819

My Lord,

By desire of the Birmingham Overseers, I have the honor to inclose you a list of persons who wish to avail themselves of the offers of Government respecting the Colonization of the Cape of Good Hope, and, after promising that the required deposit will be paid for the whole in the name of Edward GARDNER, allow me to request, on behalf of the proposed Emigrants, that your Lordship will have the goodness to order that a reply to this communication may be transmitted to me as early as convenient, stating that these Applicants will be accepted, and if so, the time and place when and where they should asemble,

with any other information which may appear to your Lordship as necessary.

I have the honor to be,

Your Lordship's most obedient humble servant


Isaac DUGMORE 34 35 5 under 10 years Clerk Edward GARDNER 31 31 4: B8 G5 B5 G1 Plater Been in the army William ABBOTT 39

File maker

Abraham BEAZELEY 24

Hinge maker Thomas GRIFFITH 42

Brass founder Josiah HANYARD 28 26


John DUDLEY 37 23 G 8yrs G 8m Tool maker & Sinker Been in Portugal John WRIGHT 22 Single

Coach Painter James TILTEN 22 Do

Coach Painter

Robert MARLE 32 26

Coach Maker

John HARTELL 56 40 4: B13 G9 B2 B9m Farmer

Thomas WARD 36 28 7 under 14 years Farmer


National Archives, Kew CO48/42, 345

Birmingham Workhouse

September 27th 1819

My Lord,

Having been honoured with a prompt reply to my application of the 6th instant on behalf of certain persons wishing to emigrate to the Cape of Good Hope and informed that the “Proposals were under consideration and due notice would be given of the decision that may be taken thereupon” it may be considered an unwarrantable intrusion to address your Lordship again on the occasion, in this stage of the business. Yet I trust an importunity originating not merely in the anxieties but even in the necessities of the applicants to make the earliest possible arrangements respecting their future destinies will be kindly excused by your Lordship, and that you will have the goodness to direct that the cases in question may be directed upon at as early a period as may be consistently with the regular routine of official engagements.

I have the honor to be My Lord

Your Lordship's most obedient humble servant



National Archives, Kew CO48/42, 404

Birmingham Workhouse

October 9th 1819


Mr. John HARTEL, whose name was submitted in the list of persons about to emigrate to the Cape of Good Hope, which the Overseers of Birmingham had the honor to transmit to Earl BATHURST on the 6th ult, and consequently one of the accepted persons, being himself a substantial yeoman it was suggested to him that he ought not to lose his proper vantage ground but place himself as the head of a party, the more especially as locality and connexion would afford him superior facilities in the selection of suitable persons to accompany him. Acting under such suggestion I take the liberty at the instance of Mr. HARTEL to request you will have the goodness to submit to Earl BATHURST the list herewith sent and I beg to accompany it with the expression of a wish that he may not ultimately suffer in the accomplishment of his ardent desire of being included and at the earliest convenient season his Lordship's acceptance of his proposal by an arrangement that appears in itself eligible although attended in the first instance with some unavoidable delay. I have the honor to be Sir

Your most obedient humble servant


List respectfully submitted to Earl BATHURST's approval of Persons proposing to become Settlers at the Cape of Good Hope under the direction of John HARTEL, October 9th 1819

Name of the Settlers

John HARTEL 54 Farmer Mary 40

John/George/ Joseph 13/2/1 Emma 9

Francis COX 39 Locksmith Elizabeth 34

Samuel COX 29 Jobbing Smith Lydia 22 Boy name unknown 6m

John HALL 28 Bricklayer Elizabeth 28

Elizabeth 6m Richard BRATT 50 Jobbing smith Catherine 40

John MILLINGTON 25 Lawyer

John JOHNSON 30 Labourer Elizabeth 30 Samuel 9
Martha 7m

John DAVIS 28 Do. Parnel 28

Martha 5
Joseph NICHOLLS 25 Tinman Hanna 25

Thomas WARD 38

Mary 34 Thomas/John/Henry /William/Edward 13/11/ 7/5/1 Emma/ Mary Ann 9/3

  • Remarks: John HARTEL: The father of this family & head of the whole party is also a very experienced varnish maker & thinks his selection of gums suitable for that purpose may be advantageously availed of by exporters to the Mother Country.
  • Total Number of the Men 10
  • Total number of the Women 9
  • Of Children being persons under 14 years of age 16
  • Total number of the Whole Party 35

[Transcriber's Note: John HARTELL eventually emigrated as an independent settler with GREATHEAD's Party. See also correspondence under H at CO48/43]


National Archives, Kew CO48/42, 484

Birmingham Workhouse

Nov 3rd 1819


The party under the direction of Edward GARDNER feeling considerable anxiety owing to some of their number not being enabled to fulfil their intention of proceeding forthwith to the Cape of Good Hope, I have ventured to assure them, that they might confidentially rely on the liberty of Government, particularly as they have sold the little all they possess to enable them to emigrate which would prove their ruin if prevented from going.

Nine of them have this Day forwarded their deposit of One Hundred Pounds as specified at foot, and they await your instructions when and where they are to assemble . – An early reply would a favour stating, as their number is not equal to that first proposed, whether there would be any objection to a few others accompanying them if proper persons, & provided they could pay their deposit money.

Sir, your most obedient humble servant,

  • Edward GARDNER, wife & 3 children 12.10
  • Isaac DUGMORE, wife & 5 children 17.10
  • John DUDLEY, wife & 2 childre 10.00
  • John WRIGHT 10.00
  • Wm. SEAL 10.00
  • Abraham BEESLEY 10.00
  • [Edmund] DUDLEY 10.00
  • Benjamin BAYLISS 10.00
  • Wm. ABBOTT 10.00

£100.00 Remitted through the Bank of Smith & Gibbins & Co. to Wm. Hill Esq. Commissionarial Treasurer, London


National Archives, Kew CO48/42, 503

Workhouse Birmingham

Nov 13 1819


By desire of Edward GARDNER, and in compliance with your Letter of the 10th inst., I subjoin the omitted particulars respecting Benjm. BAYLISS and as no further alteration will now be made to Edward GARDNER's list, he earnestly requests you will have the goodness to notify to him the place of embarkation, as he wishes to rejoin thither, with his Party, immediately, and if you could mention the probable time also, it would particularly oblige.

I have the honor to be Sir,

Your most obedient servant


Benjamin BAYLISS is a single man aged 24 years – a Coach Harness Bucklemaker and has paid his Ten Pounds Deposit some time since.


National Archives, Kew CO48/42, 519

Birmingham Workhouse

Nov 25th 1819


Since my respects of the 19th inst., I have not had the pleasure of hearing from you, -- and apprehension lest some communication may have been mislaid or got into an irregular channel, I yield to the strong importunity of Edward GARDNER & his Party by giving you this trouble & respectfully refer you to the Annexed copy of my of my said letter, trusting you will have the goodness to excuse my giving you so much trouble.

I have the honor to be Sir,

Your most obedient servant