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1820 Settlers - Mill's Party

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  • Jane Morgan (1804 - 1860)
    1820 British Settler Jane Hill 16, together with her parents and 5 siblings, were members of Mill's Party of 30 Settlers on the Sir George Osborne . Party originated from London. Departure Lond...
  • Charles Hill, Jnr (1806 - d.)
    1820 British Settler Charles Hill 14, together with his parents and 5 siblings, were members of Mill's Party of 30 Settlers on the Sir George Osborne . Party originated from London. Departure Lon...
  • Henry Mortimer Hill (1814 - 1853)
    1820 British Settler Henry Mortimer Hill 6, together with his parents and 5 siblings, were members of Mill's Party of 30 Settlers on the Sir George Osborne . Party originated from London. Departu...
  • Elizabeth Mills, SM (c.1808 - 1885)
    1820 British Settler Elizabeth Hill 12, together with her parents and 5 siblings, were members of Mill's Party of 30 Settlers on the Sir George Osborne . Party originated from London. Departure...
  • Elizabeth Anne Hill, SM/PROG (c.1775 - d.)
    1820 British Settler Elizabeth Anne Stephens 45, together with her husband Charles Hill 38, Gardener, and children, were members of Mill's Party of 30 Settlers on the Sir George Osborne . Party o...

Mill's Party

1820 Settlers

Main reference The Settler Handbook by MD Nash

See also eGGSA - The 1820 Settler Correspondence and Mill's Party - Return of Settlets

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Party Details

  • Leader Daniel Mills
  • Number in the Party 30 (Returns = 29, and 29 named in MD Nash) Henry Fisher Failed to embark.
  • Area Party originated from London, England
  • Area allocated to the party Grape Valley, Kareiga River
  • 1820 Settler Ship

Sir George Osborn

  • Dates
  • Departure London, 16 March 1820
  • Arrival Simon's Bay, Cape Town - 17 June 1820
  • Final Port Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth - July 1820

(Other parties on this voyage - Gardner, Turvey)

  • Notes A party of 30 from London led by Daniel MILLS sailed in "Sir George Osborn", They were located on the Kariga River. In Grape Valley.

M.D. Nash 1987 - Settler Handbook

"No. 49 on the Colonial Department list, led by Daniel Mills of 9 Harley Street, London. Mills described himself as a farmer in his application to emigrate; he had been brought up to farm life but had left the land to serve as a purser on a merchant ship. He was subsequently employed for 5 years as house steward to james Dawkins of Pembroke House, Richmond, the Member of Parliament for Hastings, who recommended him to the Colonial Department.

Very little has been traced about this party, which appears to have been organised on a partnership basis by Mills and Robert Jackson, by his own account an ex-officer and co-head of the party. The status of Charles Hills, formerly a gardener at Hampton Court, is not clear. The rest of the men in the party appear to have been engaged as servants; in submitting his original list of settlers, Mills stated that he would obtain 'five farmers from the country as soon as the harvest is got in.'

Deposits were paid for 10 men but one of them, Henry Fisher, failed to embark. The party embarked at Deptford in the Sir George Osborn, which sailed from the Downs on 16 March 1820 and reached Simon's Bay on 17 June and Algoa bay early in July. The party was located on the Kariega River, in Grape Valley, but soon broke up, Mills moving with his family to Graaff Reinet and then to Cape Town. Hills was the only man to remain on the location".

Members of Mill's Party

[Bold links are to Geni profiles; other links are to other biographical notes]

James Carter 34 Blacksmith and Farmer.

Wife Sophia


  • James Carter 2

John Curtis 27 Sawyer.

Wife Esther

Charles Fisher 22, Bricklayer.

Wife Harriet

William Hanes 26, Farmer

Wife Elizabeth Anne Stephens. See also John Hill in Pre-1820 Settlers who may be linked to Charles.


Robert Jackson 22, Farmer

Wife Martha Burden 37


William Potter 29 Carpenter.

Wife Hannah Goodchild


Robert Sampson 22, Labourer

Main source for party list

Agent of Transports' Return of Settlers arrived at Simon's Bay under the direction of Messrs Mills, Turvey and Gardner (Cape Archives CO 6138/2,95). William Haines appears as John Hames in the London list; no reference to either name has been traced in colonial records. to
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The 1820 Settler Correspondence

MILLS, Daniel , 1820 Settler


National Archives, Kew CO48/44, 598


15 Aug't 1819

Mr DAWKINS of Richmond having advised me that he has wrote your Lordship recommending me as a Settler at the Cape of Good Hope & to which beg leave to refer your Lordship as also to inform you that I have got people as under agreable to printed circulars. Having been much abroad & mostly in the tropical & warmer regions where I have made much careful observation flatter myself that I may be found useful in the Collony about to be established & which appears to me in every point of view the most important & political that the habitable world affords to such a country as Great Brittain. I have the honour to be your Lordships most obed't hble serv't

Daniel MILLS

  • Henry WOOLCOTT, stonemason, bachelor
  • Thomas WOOLCOTT, carpenter, bricklayer, bachelor
  • William YOUNG, farmer
  • 5 farmers from the country soon as the harvest is got in but can get them sooner if required.
  • Have got a wife
  • 2 boys of 10 & 3 years of age
  • 4 daughters of 15, 13 ½, 8 & 1 ¼ years of age

Making a total of 17 persons


9 Harley Street

Cavendish Square


National Archives, Kew CO48/44, 675


9 Sept 1819

Being recommended by James DAWKINS Esq of Richmond to your Lordships notice & attention, now take the liberty of annexing a detailed statement of the names, ages and numbers of men, women & children which I propose taking to the Cape of Good Hope according to the terms specified in the Circular letter, at same time assuring your Lordship that I am ready to conform myself to all the conditions upon which his Majestys government has offered the grant land in the Colony.

I have the honour to be your Lordships most obed hble servant

Daniel MILLS


9 Harley Street

List of men, women & children proposed to be taken to the Cape of Good Hope as under by Daniel Mills, London, 9 September 1819

[actual settlers in bold]

  • James CARTER, 34, 1, -, -, -
  • Sophia CARTER his wife, 33, -, 1, -, -
  • James CARTER his son, 2, -, -, 1, -
  • Henry WOOLCOTT, 24, 1, -, -, -
  • Thomas LAWRENCE, 28, 1, -, -, -
  • Ann LAWRENCE his wife, 32, -, 1, -, -
  • John HART, 33, 1, -, -, -
  • Ann HART his wife, 29, -, 1, -, -
  • William HART his son, 3, -, -, 1, -
  • Ann HART his daughter, 9mo., -, -, -, 1
  • James PORTER, 32, 1, -, -, -
  • Sarah PORTER his wife, 30, -, 1, -, -
  • Thomas WESTBROOK, 38, 1, -, -, -
  • George LYNCH, 30, 1, -, -, -
  • Mary LYNCH his wife, 28, -, 1, -, -
  • Thomas LYNCH his son, 9, -, -, 1, -
  • William LYNCH his son, 6, -, -, 1, -
  • George CHAMP, 28, 1, -, -, -
  • Mary CHAMP his wife, 33, -, 1, -, -
  • Richard CHAMP, 20, 1, -, -, -
  • Daniel MILLS, 60, 1, -, -, -
  • Martha MILLS his wife, 40, -, 1, -, -
  • Martha MILLS his daughter, 15, -, -, -, 1
  • Harriet MILLS his daughter, 13 ½, -, -, -, 1
  • Daniel MILLS his son, 10, -, -, 1, -
  • Maria MILLS his daughter, 8, -, -, -, 1
  • James Dawkins MILLS his son, 3, -, -, 1, -
  • Caroline MILLS his daughter, 1 ¼, -, -, -, 1
  • Men, , 10, 7, 6, 5
  • Women, , 7, , ,
  • Boys, , 6, , ,
  • Girls, , 5, , ,
  • Total, , 28, , ,