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Geni project guidelines

This project sets out advice on how to create an effective project, including information on layout, style, and how to make a project clear, precise and relevant to the reader.

project manager: Victar

International Help Portal

How to create a project
Project template / How to improve projects / Working with projects / Geni curator projects / Global Tree Projects - Project to Structure Projects

project manager: Anne-Marie

Working with projects : Step by Step

Making History come alive with Geni Projects. The presentation is an overview of creating and editing a Geni project and comprises a Step by Step explanation of each of the modules that are illustrated by diagrams or the utilization of actual screen shots.

project manager: Pam

Global Tree Projects - Project to Structure Projects

This project is to help explore issues around project structure and use.

project manager: Anne-Marie

Project Template

This is a "Project" template
Feel free to copy and paste as an organizing tool when creating a new Project.

project manager: Erica Isabel

Project Template elements

Mix and match these groupings below for your project. To use, edit > copy (highlight). Go to your project, edit > paste. Collaborators, please contribute elements!

project manager: Erica Isabel

Geni Wikitext, Unicode and images

This project is entirely made to show how you can use current Wiki markup support in Geni, using Unicode® symbols and an overview of images you can use in the About Me part of profiles, surname and project descriptions. BANNER

For Geni’astics who are into Geni projects creating and designing.
Here is the How to PimP up your projects with a banner in 10 easy steps.

project manager: Dimitri

CUZZIN - Image Library

To encourage contribution of creative images and their use on relevant profiles. (Please upload or tag images to this project.)

project manager: Donovan

Embedded Image Test Project

This is an embedded image test project. i.e. placing an image within a Project.

project manager: // Filipe

Geni's Project Concept Plaza

In Search for new (un)conventional ways of creating Geni projects, every Plaza table represents a link to a conceptual discussion/forum, hosted by a project maker, presenting a new Project Concept idea.

project manager: Dimitri for the Wiki'ds

This project is a space for experimenting with the new Wiki codes, play with it like little kids, fool around with it, to discover what's possibel and what not.

project manager: Dimitri Wiki

This Wicked project explains how text look like after you hit the Edit button of your project.

project manager: Dimitri