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Sir Frederick Augustus Wetherall, GCH (1754–1842) was a British General, of Castle Bear House, Ealing. He entered the Army in 1775 as an ensign in the 17th Regiment of Foot and fought in North Americ...

6/10/2017 6/10/2017

Jeremiah Stover, Sr. MP (c.1745 - 1807)

It is unclear whether Jeremiah's father was Abraham Stover or Jacob Stover, Jr. Both were sons of Jacob Stover and Sarah Boone. Jeremiah Stover was convicted of treason for being a Tory (British symp...

1/26/2007 4/11/2017

Charles de Salaberry MP (1778 - 1829)

From Wikipedia (English) : Lieutenant Colonel Charles-Michel d'Irumberry de Salaberry, CB (November 19, 1778 - February 27, 1829) was a French-speaking Canadian of the seigneurial class who served as...

7/18/2013 3/29/2017

Col. Rudolphus Ritzema MP (1738 - 1803)

Colonel Rudolphus Ritzema (1739–1803) was an American officer in the New York Line during the American Revolutionary War, and later changed sides, serving as a lieutenant colonel in a British regimen...

1/20/2010 3/6/2017

LIEUTENANT-GENERAL SIR JOHN MOORE Lieutenant-General Sir John Moore is the son of Doctor John Moore and his wife Jean Simson. He was born on 13 November 1761 and his baptism was registered on 16 Nove...

4/30/2012 2/24/2017

John Kane MP (1734 - 1808)

John Kane was a Tory in the American Revolution and his house in Pawling, New York was occupied by George Washington during the war. The house is now the property of historical society.

8/1/2008 2/12/2017

Col. George Wray MP (1728 - 1804)

George Wray was born in England in 1728, and settled in New York during the French and Indian War. On June 21,1765, he married Catharina Ten Broeck (b.1737), with whom he had at least three children: J...

2/12/2017 2/12/2017

Samuel Doughty, Loyalist MP (1697 - 1791)

Updated from MyHeritage Family Trees via father Charles Doughty by SmartCopy : Oct 25 2015, 8:35:49 UTC

10/25/2015 2/9/2017

John Knight MP (deceased)

• guide for the troops of Sir William Howe

4/10/2009 1/26/2017

COLONEL ALEXANDER CAMPBELL OF POSSIL He entered the army as an ensign in the 42nd Regiment in April 1769, and obtained a lieutenancy in the 2nd Battalion Royals the following year in Minorca. He move...

7/26/2015 1/1/2017

Jan "John" Paulison MP (1746 - 1826)

" ... judged guilty by the Committee on Safety and held at Morristown under jail limits of one mile with a view of exchanging (him) for Americans held in prison at New York " (MCSNJ page 147) as quoted...

4/6/2009 12/4/2016

Sir Evan Nepean, 1st Baronet (9 July 1752 – 2 October 1822) was a British politician and colonial administrator. He was the first of the Nepean Baronets. Wikipedia: Evan Nepean ----------------...

12/11/2009 11/29/2016

Wikipedia Biographical Summary " Lieutenant General Sir William Inglis, KCB (1764 – 29 November 1835) was a British officer of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Inglis served at several...

5/2/2013 11/24/2016

Elias Kuypers MP (c.1762 - d.)

•accounts of his war-time history can be found in the book by Adrien C. Leiby The Revolutionary War in the Hackensack Valley ISBN 0-8135-0898-3 (1992) Rutgers Press p.115 n : " Though Domine Kuypers......

11/22/2016 11/22/2016

Capt. Gideon Wright MP (1726 - 1782)

Gideon Wright, Loyalist, one of the prominent men in early North Carolina who stood for law and order, was the son of John and Ruth Ludlam Wright. Gideon and his brother, Hezekiah, served in the French...

5/19/2010 10/30/2016

Peter Wyant MP (1763 - 1838)

"Weiggert", "Weygand", "Weiand"

From A family’s historical memory… of a Hessian ancestor, Posted on August 31, 2008 by Robert Moore (Blog entry, no citations) Incidentally, the other Hessian ancestor (at least it seems quite poss...

1/24/2015 10/4/2016

Dr. John Pyle MP (1723 - 1804)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for NORTH CAROLINA . DAR Ancestor # A092835 Revolutionary War - Colonel and Doctor - highly decorated Dr. John Pyle was initially a Loyalist militia leader du...

3/9/2008 8/27/2016

Admiral Hugh Pigot MP (1722 - 1792)

) Admiral Hugh Pigot (28 May 1722 – 15 December 1792), of Wychwood Forest in Oxfordshire, was a British naval leader who rose from the ranks to become an admiral. He also served as a Member of Parlia...

8/13/2008 8/22/2016

Aaron Doan MP (1754 - 1844)

As one of the "Tory Doans," Aaron was arrested in 1784 and condemned to death. In 1787, however, the sentence was commuted to exile. Aaron went to Canada and spent the rest of his life in the township ...

12/6/2007 8/21/2016

Joseph Doane, Sr. MP (1726 - 1818)

Birth: 1726 Bucks County Pennsylvania, USA Death: 1818 Ontario, Canada Born about 1726 in Plumstead Twp. Son of Esther Dillon and Israel Doan(4), Daniel(3), Daniel(2), Deacon John Doane(1). Married...

2/23/2007 8/21/2016

Levi Doan MP (1756 - 1788)

On May 15, 1787, Levi and his cousin Abraham were captured without a struggle in Chester Co, Pennsylvania and were ultimately condemned to death by State President Benjamin Franklin. They were executed...

12/6/2007 8/21/2016

Jonathan Odell MP (1737 - 1818)

Rev. Jonathan Odell, graduate of Princeton and grandson of its first president, was a physician, poet, and clergyman. He went over to the British side in 1777, and patriots promptly confiscated his pro...

7/29/2011 8/20/2016

Colonel John Dyke Acland MP (1746 - 1778)

Colonel John Dyke Acland (18 February 1746 – 31 October 1778 [1]), of Tetton and Pixton in Somerset, was Tory Member of Parliament for Callington in Cornwall[2] and fought in the American War of Indepe...

11/27/2008 8/18/2016

Photo: Gilt brass gorget worn by Captain Sir Francis Carr Clerke, 3rd Regiment of Foot Guards, 1777 (c). Biographical Summary Sir Francis Carr Clerke, Baronet [1660] , of North Weston, Oxon, afores...

10/19/2013 8/16/2016

General Simon Fraser MP (1729 - 1777)

Reference: MyHeritage Family Trees - SmartCopy : Jul 8 2016, 14:54:18 UTC Simon Fraser (1729 – 7 October 1777) was a British general during the American War of Independence who was killed in the ...

1/13/2009 8/16/2016

Admiral Alexander Graeme MP (bef.1741 - 1818)

ADMIRAL ALEXANDER GRAEME OF GRAEMESHALL, RN Admiral of the White: Sometime Commander-in-Chief, The Nore Admiral Alexander Graeme of Graemshall is the son of Mungo Graeme of Graemeshall and his wife...

8/11/2016 8/14/2016

Captain Thomas Symonds, R.N. MP (bef.1731 - 1792)

Captain Thomas Symonds, R.N. Captain Thomas Symonds, R.N. (1731–1792) was a British naval captain of the American Revolutionary War. He was a son of the Rev John Symonds, rector of Horringeth Suffo...

7/14/2014 8/13/2016

) James Richard Dacres (February 1749 – 6 January 1810) was an officer of the Royal Navy who saw service during the Seven Years' War, the American War of Independence and the French Revolutionary and...

8/19/2009 8/11/2016

Richard Dacres MP (c.1761 - 1837)

"Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Dacres"

Rear-Admiral Sir Richard Dacres was invested as a Knight Grand Cross, Order of the Bath (G.C.B.). ) Sir Richard Dacres GCH (September 1761 – 22 January 1837) was an officer of the British Royal Nav...

5/6/2010 8/11/2016

Eldad Tupper MP (1754 - 1832)

Eldad Tupper was a Loyalist, who came to Canada from Nova Scotia with sons Lemuel and Mayhew Tupper. He was a son of Prince Tupper of Sandwich, Barnstable, Massachusetts. Eldad Tupper was banned from...

5/6/2008 7/17/2016

Charles Ogle, 2nd Baronet MP (1775 - 1858)

Sir Charles Ogle, 2nd Baronet (May 24, 1775 – June 16, 1858) was Admiral of the Fleet in the Royal Navy. He was the eldest son of Admiral Sir Chaloner Ogle, 1st Baronet, a grandnephew of Sir Chaloner O...

9/8/2008 7/15/2016

Sir William George Fairfax MP (1738 - 1813)

Sir William George Fairfax (8 March 1739 – 7 November 1813) was a vice-admiral in the Royal Navy and the progenitor of the Fairfax Baronets. His most notable service was as Admiral Adam Duncan's flag...

7/3/2010 6/20/2016

Capt. John Aikman MP (1764 - 1841)

Notes Note: Crown Patentee, Con 1, Lot 1, Barton, Broken Front Lot 1. From Loyalist Ancestors- John AIKMAN Capt., U.E. 1764, 1 Nov 1841. John's name appears in the Haldimand Papers as being on the...

11/10/2008 5/19/2016

Colonel Guy Johnstone MP (c.1740 - 1788)

Guy Johnson (c.1740 – 5 March 1788) was an Irish-born military officer and diplomat for the Crown during the American Revolutionary War. He was the son of either John or Warren Johnson of Smithstown, D...

11/1/2008 4/24/2016

Thomas Livezey, Jr. MP (1722 - 1790)

Thomas Lisezey's carreer began as a miller's apprentice in Cheltenham township, where he was a resident on October 10,1747, when he purchased for 416 pounds the property on Wissahickon Creek, Roxboro...

2/8/2011 4/20/2016

Vice-Adm. Lord Hugh Seymour MP (1759 - 1801)

"Vice-Admiral Lord Hugh Seymour (29 April 1759 – 11 September 1801) was a senior British Royal Navy officer of the late 18th century who was the fifth son of Francis Seymour-Conway, 1st Marquess of Her...

6/16/2008 4/16/2016

Pierre Drouillard, Scout MP (1743 - 1803)


Pierre Drouillard was employed by the British Indian Department as an interpreter of the Huron language at the time of the Revolutionary War, and is credited with saving the life of Simon Kenton, a pri...

4/7/2009 3/30/2016

James Macdonald of Flodigarry , fourth son, was born at Flodigarry, Isle of Skye, Scotland, November 30, 1757. When seventeen years of age, on his way to America with his parents, he received his bap...

7/6/2011 3/20/2016

Phillip Bessey MP (1740 - 1813)

Philip was the son of Robert Besse born April 30, 1680 in Sandwich, Barnstaple, Massachusetts who died ab0ut 1765 probably in Northeast, Dutchess County, New York. He married in Sandwich, Massachusetts...

2/3/2013 3/15/2016

Col. William Stark MP (1724 - 1776)

William Stark (1724-1776) was the older brother of Gen. John Stark, the hero of the Battle of Bennington. William Stark was born on April 1, 1724 at Londonderry, New Hampshire. William Stark was with...

7/1/2009 2/21/2016

Rev. Richard Mansfield MP (1723 - 1820)

Rev. Mansfield completed the longest Episcopalian pastorate in our country's history, seventy-two years, encompassing the colonial, revolutionary and federal periods. Rev. Mansfield remained loyal to...

12/3/2008 2/18/2016

Timothy Ruggles was as an American military leader, jurist and politician. He was a delegate to the first Stamp Act congress of 1765. He was the son of the Rev. Timothy Ruggles; grandson of Capt. Samue...

6/2/2007 2/6/2016

9/29/2008 2/4/2016

Frederick Philipse Robinson MP (1763 - 1852)

1/31/2016 1/31/2016

11/27/2008 1/31/2016

Christopher Robinson MP (1763 - 1797)

Christopher Robinson Christopher served in the British forces under John Graves Simcoe during the American Revolution, and following the surrender, traveled with his regiment to New Brunswick where P...

11/8/2008 1/31/2016

Wiert Cornelius Banta MP (1743 - 1795)


The Revolutionary War in the Hackensack Valley by Adrian C. Leiby (see index) ~ Helped lead British to the infamous Baylor Massacre

11/11/2008 1/30/2016

Joseph Knapp MP (b. - 1836)

• Joseph Knapp, U.E. Loyalist, born October 14, 1745, was the great-great-great-grandson of William Knapp, born in England about 1578 who came to America in 1630 and was one of the first settlers of Wa...

12/9/2012 1/29/2016

Capt. Lawrence Van Buskirk MP (1729 - 1803)

"Lawrence Van Buskirk"

His wife Jannetje is his cousin Lawrence Van Buskirk included in this Bio. (check into this ^ account to add the next generations) Loyalist: Captain in King's Orange Rangers (Revolution)

11/11/2008 1/27/2016

Rev. Gerhardus Garret Leydecker MP (1729 - 1794)

"Gerret Leydekker", "Gerret Leydecker", "Gerrit Lydecker"

Rev. Gerhardus Garret Leydecker A.B. sources Records of the Reformed Dutch Church of New Paltz, N. Y. Collections of the Holland society of New York, vol. III

11/22/2008 1/27/2016

Jacob Banta MP (c.1744 - c.1800)

Jacob and his entire family emigrated from Rockland County, NY, to Ameliasburgh, Prince Edward County, Ontario in 1796, evolving to the name Bonter. They settled there among a large group of Dutch, and...

11/11/2008 1/26/2016

Theunis Davidse Blauvelt MP (1747 - 1827)

see Leiby's The Revolutionary War in the Hackinsack Valley p. 179-180 • spied surreptiously on his neighbors and evacuated to Canada after the war where he married the daughter of another staunch Ameri...

8/15/2008 1/26/2016

1/25/2016 1/26/2016

Dr. Henry van Beuren MP (1725 - 1797)


Married first: Johanna Albertson of Bushwick , Long Island by whom he probably had no children; and secondly, not later than 1753 Catharina (Catrijnje) Van Voorhees (8 children) "Dr Henry van Beuren ...

3/19/2009 1/20/2016

Lewis Disney Fytche (9 October 1738 – 1822), originally Lewis Disney, often known after his marriage as Disney Fytche, was an English radical and landowner. He was the son of John Disney of Lincoln, ...

6/21/2008 1/14/2016

Samuel Peek MP (1736 - d.)

settled in Big Island, Ontario, Canada... (Loyalist Refugee)

1/9/2016 1/9/2016

Jacobus Peek the Loyalist MP (1738 - 1817)

" ... judged guilty by the Committee on Safety and held at Morristown under jail limits of one mile with a view of exchanging (him) for Americans held in prison at New York " (MCSNJ page 147) as quoted...

1/9/2016 1/9/2016

Esquire John Macbride MP (1735 - 1800)

Wikipedia contributors. " John MacBride (Royal Navy officer) ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

12/17/2015 12/22/2015

Wikipedia contributors. " Hildebrand Oakes ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage of the British Empire . Londo...

12/17/2015 12/19/2015

Ensign Heny Van Allen MP (1766 - 1820)

After 10 or eleven years of hardship, Henry and Winnifred returned to Long Island to attempt to regain family land...~ paraphrasing McGee. His brother-in-law, Abraham Rapalje was with him.

11/11/2015 12/6/2015

Wikipedia contributors. " Sir Harry Burrard, 1st Baronet, of Lymington ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic dictionary of the peerage and baronetage o...

12/1/2015 12/2/2015

Hokolesqua, Chief Cornstalk MP (1712 - 1777)

"Chief Peter Cornstalk", "Strongman", "Keigh-tugh-quah", "Hokoleskwa Wynepuechsika", "Cornstalk", "Chief Cornstalk", "Holoesqua", "Shawnee"

"It is better for us to die like warriors than to diminish away by inches. The cause of the red man is just, and I hope that the Creator who governs everything will favor us." Statement supposedly ma...

10/28/2008 11/15/2015

Dina Gerretse Middagh MP (bef.1697 - c.1789)

Dina MIDDAGH was born before 9 May 1697, and was christened 9 May 1697 in Brooklyn, Kings, NY. Brooklyn, NY DRC baptismal record #171 indicates she was baptized on 3/2/1697. The Holland Society and the...

10/2/2008 11/13/2015

Edward Litton, MP MP (1754 - 1808)

Edward Litton was an officer of the 37th (North Hampshire) Regiment of Foot, which was raised in Ireland in February 1702. He served in the American War, having been present at the battle of Bunker Hil...

4/17/2012 10/4/2015

Richard Finch MP (b. - 1797)

Recorded as written: Richard Finch was a British soldier. He came over early in the Revolutionary War, probably in 1775 or 76, and deserted from the British ranks while in Boston, and went to Reading...

3/15/2014 8/22/2015

David Matthews MP (c.1739 - 1800)

David Mathews (c. 1739 - 1800) was a lawyer and politician from New York City. He was a Loyalist during the American Revolutionary War and was the 43rd and last Colonial Mayor of New York City from 1...

10/22/2012 8/20/2015

Mary Morris MP (1730 - 1825)

Mary Philipse was George Washington's first love. She gave her heart, however, to Colonel Roger Morris. Mary, her sister and the wife of Rev. Charles Inglis were the only women accused of treason dur...

6/24/2011 4/2/2015

Colonel Beverley Robinson MP (1721 - 1792)

Col. Beverley Robinson is mostly remembered as the commander of the Loyal American Regiment, a loyalist regiment in the American Revolutionary War and for his work with the British secret service durin...

11/14/2010 4/2/2015

Inglis MP (deceased)

4/2/2015 4/2/2015

Charles Inglis MP (1734 - 1816)

The Rt. Rev. Dr. Charles Inglis was an Irish clergyman who was consecrated the first Church of England bishop of the Diocese of Nova Scotia. He is buried in the crypt of St. Paul's Church (Halifax). ...

1/17/2013 4/2/2015

Wikipedia contributors. " Roger Morris (British Army officer) ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ire...

6/24/2011 4/2/2015

Christian Friedrich Rall MP (1730 - 1797)

"Theodor Rall", "Christian Friedrich von Rall"

Christian Friedrich Rall was born 5 Januray 1730 in Kassel as the younger brother of Johann Gottlieb Rall (1726 - 1776) and Alexander Franz Rall. Rewarded for good service in 1754 by Prince Frederick...

3/10/2015 3/28/2015

James Vashon MP (1742 - 1827)

James Vashon (9 August 1742 – 27 October 1827) was a British officer of the Royal Navy. He saw service during the Seven Years' War, the American War of Independence and the French Revolutionary and Nap...

8/14/2013 2/19/2015

Admiral Sir Robert Barlow MP (1757 - 1843)

Wikipedia contributors. " Robert Barlow (Royal Navy officer) ." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia.

10/26/2008 12/28/2014

war ein preußischer Generalfeldmarschall und Heeresreformer (vergleiche Preußische Reformen). Er hatte als Blüchers Stabschef wesentlichen Anteil am Sieg bei Waterloo. Gneisenau wurde als Sohn des sä...

7/21/2012 12/3/2014

Captain James Lyon, 35th Foot was killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill while serving in the British army during the American Revolution.

12/3/2014 12/3/2014

James Wadsworth (Jack) Ritchie, JA Ranch heir, the son of Montgomery and Cornelia (Wadsworth) Ritchie, was born in 1861 at Geneseo, New York. After his father's death in 1864, his mother took James a...

7/17/2011 11/17/2014

Brigadier General Charles FitzClarence VC MP (1865 - 1914)


Brig.-Gen. Charles Fitz-Clarence, V.C. Born on 8 May 1865 at Bishopscourt, Ireland. Son of Captain Hon. George Fitz-Clarence and Lady Maria Henrietta Scott. Married Violet Spencer-Churchill, da...

12/22/2008 11/17/2014

LIEUTENANT-GENERAL THOMAS PETER OF CROSSBASKET (1757-1828) is the son of Thomas Peter of Crossbasket and Cardarroch (1723-74). He was born before 10 January 1757, the date upon which his baptism was ...

4/9/2013 10/22/2014

Capt. Samuel Hand MP (1734 - 1817)

Notes concerning Samuel Hand Abt. 1728-Abt. 1817 and Phebe Lum May 25, 1737-1788 From the Long Island Genealogy Surname Database found at - Long Island Genealogy: Samuel Hand raised his family in nor...

1/13/2009 9/26/2014

Nehemiah Hubble MP (1755 - 1854)

11/17/2007 8/7/2014

Isaac Swazey MP (1751 - 1828)

Isaac Swayze (1751–February 11, 1828) was a soldier and political figure in Upper Canada. He was born in Morris County, New Jersey in 1751 into a family of German immigrants of Jewish extraction. Dur...

8/24/2008 8/3/2014

Sir Frederick Haldimand, KB MP (1718 - 1791)

"Frederick", "Sir Frederick Halidmand", "KB"

Sir Frederick Haldimand, KB (August 11, 1718 – June 5, 1791) was a military officer best known for his service in the British Army in North America during the Seven Years' War and the American Revolu...

8/2/2014 8/2/2014

Thomas Taylor Byrd MP (1752 - 1821)

Thomas Taylor Byrd was born at Westover on the James River, Charles City County, Virginia, on 7 January 1752, the second son of Col. William Byrd III and his first wife, Elizabeth Hill (Carter) Byrd. H...

10/2/2009 7/20/2014

Lt. Colonel Robert Rogers MP (1731 - 1795)


Elite Special Force Rangers were organized in 1756 by Major Robert Rogers, a native of New Hampshire, who recruited nine companies of American colonists to fight for the British during the French and...

11/8/2007 6/6/2014

John Twibell MP (1760 - 1853)

John Twibell Birth: Mar. 14, 1760 County Monaghan, Ireland Death: Jul. 21, 1853 Montpelier Blackford County Indiana, USA Burial: Twibell North Cemetery, Montpelier, Blackford County, Indiana, U...

2/2/2010 5/15/2014

) Captain Richard Lippincott, U.E. (January 2, 1745 – 1826) was an American-born Loyalist who served in the British army during the American War of Independence. He is best known for his part in the ...

12/12/2010 4/30/2014

John Sargent MP (1750 - 1824)

) John Sargent (24 December 1750, Salem - 24 January 1824) was an American Loyalist during American Revolution. A Methodist merchant from Salem, Massachusetts, he was the second son of Colonel Ep...

1/16/2009 4/26/2014

Capt. Richard Fields MP (c.1744 - 1849)

Richard Fields : adventurer in the Indian trade Who is Richard Fields? He was born c.1744 and came to South Carolina (from England or Virginia) with his father Richard Fields by 1754. Richard F...

2/9/2009 3/18/2014

General John Campbell MP (1727 - 1806)

) General John Campbell, 17th Chief of MacArthur Campbells of Strachur (1727 – 28 August 1806) was a Scottish soldier and senior nobleman, who commanded the British forces at the Siege of Pensacola...

2/24/2014 2/24/2014

Colonel Barry St. Leger MP (1733 - 1789)

Barrimore Matthew "Barry" St. Leger (bap. 1 May 1733 – 1789) was a British army officer. St. Leger was active in the Saratoga Campaign, commanding an invasion force that unsuccessfully besieged Fort ...

2/24/2014 2/24/2014

Col. Alexander McKee MP (aft.1725 - c.1799)

Alexander McKee - The Great White Elk: British Indian Agent On The Colonial FrontierJan 11, 2013 by Frederick Wulff Chapter One - Diverse Roots pg. 1-2 Alexander was a product of that strange, ...

3/21/2009 2/24/2014

Governor Blacksnake MP (aft.1737 - 1859)


Blacksnake. Tah-won-ne-ahs. Wolf Clan (c1749-1859) Family of Elizabeth Johnson Governor Blacksnake, (Tha-o-na-wyuthe) or ("Tha--o-wa-nyuths,") "The Nephew" (Seneca). Governor Blacksnake From Wiki...

2/17/2014 2/17/2014

Guyasuta MP (c.1725 - 1798)

Gai-ya-sot-ha. Wolf Clan (c1700-1798) Family of Elizabeth Johnson Guyasuta From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Guyasuta (c.1725–c.1794) was an important leader of the Seneca people in the sec...

2/17/2014 2/17/2014

Cornplanter MP (c.1750 - 1836)


John Abeel, Jr. (ca. 1750s–February 18, 1836), known as Gaiänt'wakê (Gyantwachia - ″the planter″) or Kaiiontwa'kon (Kaintwakon - "By What One Plants") in the Seneca language and thus generally known ...

4/19/2009 2/17/2014

Admiral of the Fleet Sir James Hawkins-Whitshed, 1st Baronet GCB (1762 – 28 October 1849) was a flag officer in the British Royal Navy who served in the American, French Revolutionary and Napoleonic ...

10/26/2008 2/17/2014

Admiral Sir John Lindsay KB MP (1737 - 1788)

Wikipedia Biographical Summary " Admiral Sir John Lindsay KB (1737 – 4 June 1788) was a British naval officer of the 18th century, and the father of Dido Elizabeth Belle... ...His parents were Sir ...

10/25/2012 1/10/2014

Admiral John Markham MP (1761 - 1827)

) Admiral John Markham, (13 June 1761 – 13 February 1827) was a Royal Navy officer of the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries who is best known for his service at the Admiralty as a supporter of...

12/16/2008 1/8/2014

Sir John Johnson Jr., Brig. General, 2nd Baronet MP (1741 - 1830)

"note: also show Birthdate as 2/7/1742-same as Christening"

Sir John Johnson, 2nd Baronet (5 November 1741 – 4 January 1830), was a loyalist leader during the American Revolution. He was the son of the Superintendent of Indian Affairs, Sir William Johnson, ...

5/30/2009 10/21/2013

Thomas 'Burnfoot' Brown MP (1750 - 1825)


) Commanding a regiment of loyalists known as the King's Rangers, Thomas Brown took part in several important actions in Georgia during the Revolutionary War (1775-83). His career is a key to under...

10/2/2013 10/2/2013