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Brig. Gen. John Kilty MP (1756 - 1811)

John Kilty The author of The Land-Holder's Assistant and Land Office Guide occupied as unusual a place among his peers in state government as his work does in the literary history of Maryland. Kilty wa...

8/13/2014 6/20/2017

Justice William Tilghman MP (1756 - 1827)

"Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court."

William Tilghman (August 12, 1756 – April 29, 1827) was an American lawyer, jurist and statesman from Maryland. He served as the Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court from 1805 to 182...

10/1/2011 6/19/2017

John Rutledge (September 17, 1739 – July 23, 1800) was an American statesman and judge. He was the first Governor of South Carolina following the signing of the Declaration of Independence. For a time,...

9/29/2008 6/19/2017

Robert Troup (August 19, 1756 – January 14, 1832) was an American soldier, lawyer and jurist. Born in Elizabethtown, New Jersey, Troup attended King's College (now Columbia University). At King...

9/9/2012 6/18/2017

Capt. Henry Buford MP (1751 - 1814)


Henry Beauford/Buford built a large home in Bedford County, VA, called "Buford's Tavern" before the revolution. He was the presiding Magistrate of Bedford County in 1782, and acted as the High Sheriff ...

1/20/2007 6/10/2017

Joseph Warrington Baxter MP (1810 - 1878)

Joseph and his family moved from Tennesse to Nacogdoches County, arriving December 10, 1839, according to the Board of Land Commissioners Records for Nacogdoches County. Joseph came to Texas in 1839 wi...

5/6/2017 5/6/2017

Morgan Morgan MP (1746 - 1826)


A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of LIEUTENANT. DAR Ancestor # A080530 Served under Capt. Zachquil Morgan, his uncle, in Lord Dunmore's War. A Lt. in Capt. Wm. Haymond's ...

11/3/2008 5/5/2017

Francis Alexander Sanford MP (c.1777 - 1848)

From "The Autobiography of John Sanford Barnes" Chapter 1 My grandfather, the father of my mother, Francis Alexander Sanford - was born and lived in Virginia, Westmoreland County, where he owned a pl...

5/5/2014 5/4/2017

George Caprenter MP (1808 - 1890)

George Carpenter owned one slave in 1840.

5/1/2017 5/1/2017

Edmund Physick MP (1727 - 1804)

Edmund Physick was born in England in 1727 and was the sole surviving child of Mr. Timothy Physick by his wife Martha. Young Edmund entered the Proprietary service as a clerk to Thomas Penn, son of W...

4/7/2013 4/23/2017

Capt. John M. Cunningham MP (1812 - 1873)

The name of Cunningham comes from the union of two Saxon words, “Koenig,” meaning King, and “Hanie,” meaning home, or literally, Kings Home. The name can be traced back to early British history and his...

6/17/2010 4/23/2017

John Lewis Gervais was representative to Continential Congress fron 1782 to 1783. The main street of Columbia, S.Carolina is named Gervais Street after him. He introduced the bill that resulted in the ...

10/14/2009 4/23/2017

Lt. Samuel McGehee, Sr. MP (1759 - 1821)

"Samuel McGehee", "Sr."

Parents: Edward McGehee (1699 - 1771) - Elizabeth DeJarnette McGehee (1709 - 1783) A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA with the rank of LIEUTENANT. [ DAR Ancestor # A076968] Photo...

12/13/2010 4/21/2017

Rev. Clayborn Sullivant MP (1749 - c.1860)


1. Claiborne Sullivan was born BET 1749 AND 1762, and died 1860. He was the son of 2. Charles B. Sullivan and 3. Permelia Davis. He married Mary Harvey. She was born BET 1750 AND 1765. Claybourn & Ma...

7/4/2008 4/19/2017

Judge Isaac Norris MP (1671 - 1735)

• went to Jamaica with his father in 1678, where he stayed for 14 years • leading member of the Society of Friends in Philadelphia • elected to the Assembly (PA) in 1700 •The area where Norristow...

10/25/2009 4/19/2017

Obedience Ryan MP (c.1743 - 1838)

"Obedience Woodlief"

Note: 5-7-1780 will of John Rowland Henry Co VA: To my brother Michael Rowland's eldest son William Rowland, one cow and calf. To Michael Rowland, brother of said Michael, 1 sh. and no more. To my br...

4/18/2017 4/18/2017

Elizabeth Whiting MP (1739 - 1803)

"To George Washington from Elizabeth Whiting, 12 July 1789" Sir You will no doubt be surpriz’d to receive a letter from one entirely unknown to you, on a Subject that after a long conflict I have v...

2/21/2009 4/17/2017

Moses Brown MP (1738 - 1836)

Find A Grave Wikipedia Moses Brown (September 23, 1738 – September 6, 1836) was a co-founder of Brown University and a New England abolitionist and industrialist, who funded the design and construc...

4/16/2009 4/15/2017

James Brown, II MP (1697 - 1739)

©Rhode Island Historical Society Manuscripts Division R.I.H.S. Library page R.I.H.S. home page James Brown II (1698-1739) Papers Merchant, of Providence, R.I. Papers, 1719-1739 Size: 2 linear feet...

10/31/2010 4/15/2017

Historical note: John Brown (1736-1803) was born in Providence, R.I., the fourth son of merchant James Brown II (1698-1739) and Hope (Power) Brown (1702-1792). He began his working life in partners...

4/16/2009 4/15/2017

Berryman Wilson Gideon MP (1801 - 1884)

Capt. Berry W Gideon's Company of Mounted Volunteers organized under the act of the General Assembly of the State of Georgia, assented to the 26 day of December 1837 for the protection of the Cherokee ...

7/6/2010 4/13/2017

Harkness Armstrong MP (c.1806 - 1864)

1840 United States Federal Census ; Name: Harkness Armstrong; Home in 1840 (City, County, State): Toboyne, Perry, Pennsylvania; Free White Persons - Males - Under 5: 1; Free White Persons - Males - 5 t...

12/28/2016 4/12/2017

Capt. Valentine Bird MP (b. - c.1679)

From "Captain Valentine Bird, collector, exported 150,000 pounds of tobacco without paying any dues. On hearing that Eastchurst was coming as governor, and Miller as collector, he took up arms with...

4/12/2017 4/12/2017

Bunberry Flinn MP (1808 - 1895)

The name of Bunberry Flinn is mentioned in a history of Mongomery,AL as one of the early settlers in1824. It is possible that he arrived in Montgomery County, Al in 1817 with an older sister and her hu...

8/17/2014 4/10/2017

1/Sgt William Watson Flinn, CSA MP (1837 - 1867)


Military Service: U.S. Civil War (1861-1865) Confederacy: Muster roll: August 8,1864, Home Guard, Private, Montgomery County (Alabama) Militia, T.R. Stacey's Co. Co. K, 2nd Reg't, Al Cav. In: Corporal ...

9/9/2014 4/10/2017

Colonel James Burd MP (1726 - 1793)

James Burd (March 10, 1726 – October 5, 1793) was a colonial American soldier in the French and Indian War, during which he played an important role in fortifying the Pennsylvania frontier. Early...

6/28/2008 4/7/2017

yDNA testing, shown on 66 James Young Lee (bc1836 MO, d bef 1900) Line of Jehu Lee (of Buckingham Co., VA) yDNA haplogroup i1a Jehu Lee on Geni: Jehu Lee James Y Lee in the Texas, Muster Roll I...

11/2/2012 4/5/2017

Abijah Hunt MP (1762 - 1811)

Reference: Ancestry Genealogy - SmartCopy : Apr 3 2017, 19:23:26 UTC Abijah Hunt (1762-1811) was an American merchant, planter and banker in the Natchez District

4/3/2017 4/3/2017

David Hunt MP (1779 - 1861)

) David Hunt (1779-1861) was an American planter based in the Natchez District of Mississippi who controlled 25 plantations, thousands of acres and more than 1,000 slaves in the antebellum era. From ...

2/21/2014 4/3/2017

David B. Smedley MP (1800 - 1875)

"David Smedley", "David Smedly"

Owned 10 slaves in 1850. Family familiar with the history were told that the slaves were treated well and were taught to read and write.

10/26/2009 3/31/2017

Capt. William Causey MP (1744 - bef.1828)

Parents unknown. From Post Em 2011 " Thomas' son, William , died and left a will in Caroline Co., MD. He is NOT the William Causey (1744-1828) who died in MS."

6/29/2009 3/31/2017

Henry Sater, I MP (1690 - 1754)

"Henry Stater"

HENRY3 SATER (ALEXANDER 2, HENRY 1) was born 1690 in Western Shires of England. He married (1) MARY STEPHENSON 1730. He married (2) DORCAS OSSAGE TOWSON 1740, daughter of William Towson and Catherine...

9/22/2007 3/29/2017

Williamson M. Freeman MP (1807 - 1866)

Williamson M Freeman, born in Georgia Son of Hugh and Lucy Freeman,husband to Drucilla Olivia Bowdre from Georgia. They left Georgia and migrated to Jefferson, Marion County, Texas in 1848 or so with t...

3/13/2017 3/13/2017

Levi P. Geer MP (1794 - d.)

Levi Geer was a planter in Troup County, Georgia in 1850. He owned 6 slaves in 1840 and 18 in 1830. Levi P Geer, born in 1794 in Mass. married Jane McCray in Farifield SC (1826), then migrated down t...

3/13/2017 3/13/2017

Hans George Wampler MP (1736 - 1815)

"Hans George Wampler / WAmpler;", "Wampfler;"

DAR# 120379 History on pagers 17-19 in Wamplers in America. In 1810 Census, George was living alone, over 45, and owner of 7 slaves. Moved to America when 1741, when he was 5 WAMPLER, GEORGE HA...

7/4/2008 3/10/2017

Robert Belshe, Esq. MP (1785 - 1855)

Family Data Collection - Individual Records about Robert Belshe Name: Robert Belshe Spouse: Elizabeth Green Parents: Robert Belshe, Mary Clancy Birth Place: VA Birth Date: 1785 Marri...

12/17/2008 3/9/2017

Mary Platt MP (1706 - 1761)

Mary Smith (11 Dec 1706-1761) m.30 May 1727 Uriah Platt (c.1706-20 Feb 1746) son of Epenetus Platt and Elizabeth Smith. The 1755 Census listed slaves Waterford and Gin. Mary was listed as unmarried in ...

3/7/2017 3/7/2017

Brig. General Vine Allen MP (1779 - 1829)

Vine Allen served in the Fourth Company, Craven County Regiment, North Carolina Militia, in 1812. He served as Brigadier General of the 2nd Brigade, North Carolina Militia. He was listed in the 1820 ...

3/6/2017 3/6/2017

Heillegonda Theinisse de Key MP (1640 - 1707)

"Hillegond", "Hillegond Theunis", "Hilletje Teunis"

baptism record 1640 Nov 25; Theunis Thomas, Belitje Jacobs; Hillegond ; Hendricks Janszen (Smidt), Olof Stephensz van Courtland, Pietertie Jans Map of some of father's property Had an "Indian S...

2/18/2007 3/5/2017

Jacob Theuniszen de Key MP (1633 - 1706)

"DeKay", "Jacob Toeniszen"

2/18/2007 3/5/2017

Capt. Jacobus DeKay MP (1672 - 1725)

"de Key"

baptism 1672 Nov 27; Jacob Theuniszen de Key, Hillegond Theunis; Jacobus ; Claes Bording, Jonas Bartelszen, Wyntie Theunis inherits slave In his mother's will: I, Hellegonda De Kay, of th...

9/6/2009 3/5/2017

John Simmons, Sr. MP (1682 - bef.1738)

SIMMONS, John: Leg.- To my wife, Rebekah, negroes, household goods, horses etc. To son William all the land where I now live, an all the Land in Brunswick County, and cattle and stock on that land, Joh...

3/15/2008 2/26/2017

Pvt. Reuben Henry Harrison MP (c.1755 - 1835)

Served in Capt. Thomas Stark's company and Revolutionary War records mention several raids in which he participated. Reuben Harrison served as private in Capt. Thomas Taylor's regiment, Henderson's b...

7/1/2007 2/25/2017

James Warr, Sr. MP (1800 - 1876)

From The Warr Family History Researched and Submitted by Lena M. Towner July, 1992 The origins of the Warr Families of Fayette County Tennessee can be traced back to North Hampton County, North Car...

2/23/2017 2/23/2017

A Patriot of the American Revolution for VIRGINIA. DAR Ancestor # A045857 From Will of Robert Goodwin, 9 May, 1789, Louisa County, Virginia In the Name of God, AMEN. I, Robert Goodwin, of the c...

3/7/2009 2/20/2017

Nauflet Sandifer MP (c.1808 - bef.1848)

From DeSoto Parish: From Louisiana Court House - Succ. Bk. D, p. 474-482: *Contributed by Gladys Sandefur. "The petition of Rebecca J. Callaham, wife of Nauflet Sandefur, decd., respectfully ...

2/18/2017 2/18/2017

Philip Henry Livingston MP (1770 - 1831)

In 1812, Philip Henry Livingston, the grandson of the signer of the Declaration of Independence, fathered a daughter by Barbara Williams, a slave. That daughter was Christiana Taylor Williams. After ...

11/15/2007 2/8/2017

Pvt. Benjamin Hudson MP (1762 - 1832)

DAR A 096361, Pvt. VA. 10446GARRARD CO - THOMAS ELBRIDGE HUDSON - Hudson, Berry, Ritchie, Hudson, Downing, Back, Jenkins, Downing, Lincoln 10446: Kentucky Genealogy and Biography, Volume V, Bat...

5/3/2009 2/7/2017

Richard Rue MP (1719 - 1803)

Richard Rue • Richard, possibly the Richard Rue who married Jane Vandyke on 9 Jan 1735 at the Presbyterian Church in Abington, Penn (Record of Pennsylvania Marriages Prior to 1810, vol. II (Baltimore 1...

8/12/2016 2/6/2017

Wilhelm Willemsen Bennet MP (1638 - 1694)

2/4/2017 2/4/2017

Greene Berry Silver, Sr MP (1795 - 1883)

Husband of Malinda Elizabeth Smith, married 1841 in Yancey Co., NC. Union with Sarah E. Woody but they were not married. Find a Grave Green B Silver in the 1850 U.S. Federal Census - Slave Sche...

8/31/2008 2/4/2017

Col. Thomas Tunstall, Jr. MP (1760 - 1809)

From Find A Grave Memorial - SmartCopy : Feb 2 2017, 23:17:02 UTC Revolutionary War veteran. Colonel Thomas Tunstall, Jr. was born 1760 in Halifax Co, Va, and died October 7, 1809 in Frankfort, Ky....

6/23/2008 2/3/2017

John Galloway MP (1694 - 1747)

source for will: Liber 25, folio 125 9 Oct. 1747 GALLAWAY, JOHN, Anne Arundel Co. The Forest & The Adventure, in Baltimore Co., to be sold. To Jacob Franklin, Gordon, which I bought of John Frankli...

12/11/2010 1/21/2017

Peter Bines Galloway MP (1696 - d.)

"John Gallaway"

Father of Joseph, Speaker of the House in the Colonial Assembly in Philadelphia from wikipedia on his son Joseph: " (Joseph) Galloway was born near West River, Anne Arundel County, Maryland, the so...

6/2/2013 1/21/2017

James Hunter MP (c.1714 - 1782)

James Hunter participated as captain of the Associators of Chester county, 1747-1748, (Penna. Archives, Vol 2, page 506). In colonial records, Vol. 9, page 205, it is recorded that James Hunter was a j...

3/7/2009 1/10/2017

Samuel B Wilkins Courtney, Sr. (CSA) MP (1839 - 1921)

"Bellinger Billings", "S P W Courtney"

SBWC is listed in Boddie's History of Williamsburg County book and that he was in the 4th Calvalry 1861 Courtney , S. B. BATTLE UNIT NAME: 3rd Battalion, South Carolina Light Artillery (Palmetto Batt...

7/28/2015 1/8/2017

Samuel R Ihly, (CSA) MP (1815 - 1900)

"Sam Ihley", "Ihle"

Birth Pennsylvania (1880 census). Probably related to Daniel and Catharina Ihly of Schuylkill, PA Samuel R. Ihly fought in the United States Civil War for the Confederate Side. He was listed as...

5/25/2011 1/4/2017

Maj. General Stephen van Rensselaer III MP (1764 - 1839)

""The Patroon""

General Stephen Van Rennselaer was a Major General in the New York State Militia during the War of 1812, and he commanded troops along the northern frontier. Stephen Van Rensselaer was badly defeated...

3/9/2007 1/2/2017

Stephen White Kirton MP (1838 - 1915)

1860 Horry County South Carolina Slave schedule, S W Kirton owned 1 slave

1/1/2017 1/2/2017

Caleb Avant MP (1700 - 1743)

Caleb Avant was listed as a French Protestant with 19 slaves and extensive property at death.He helped organize the Prince Frederick Church RE:Joann Fairborun Per "History of Williamsb...

8/21/2011 1/2/2017

Colonel Edward Haddon Jackson MP (1759 - 1828)

"Stonewall Jackson"

Find A Grave Memorial# 6964191 In 1831, records showed he owned slaves: Aaron, Celia, Sely, Malinda, and Marg. Edward was commissioned a Captain of Militia in Randolph County VA (WV), 28 May 1790...

6/8/2007 12/31/2016

Daniel Dixon White, Jr MP (deceased)

Either he or his father owned 5 slaves in Darlington County, SC 1850 slave schedule

7/29/2015 12/27/2016

Daniel Dixon White MP (1804 - 1888)

Either he or his son owned 5 slaves in Darlington County, SC 1850 slave schedule

4/4/2008 12/27/2016

Hampton M Courtney, (Slave Owner) MP (b. - 1855)

"Napoleon ?"

Owned 9 slaves according to Darlington County, SC 1850 slave schedule Owned 4 slaves in Darlington County SC 1840 census

7/28/2015 12/27/2016

Samuel Pleasant Kirby, Sr. MP (1802 - 1879)

Owned 8 slaves according to 1850 Darlington County, SC slave schedule Record in SC archives KIRBY, SAMUEL, PLAT FOR 158.50 ACRES ON NORTH WEST SIDE OF LONG BRANCH, DARLINGTON DISTRICT, SURVEYED BY ...

12/18/2007 12/27/2016

Robert T. B. Abrams MP (c.1815 - d.)

"Robert B. Abrams"

Born 1812 1815 (per 1880 census) 1821 Owned 4 slaves according to Williamsburg County, SC 1850 slave schedule Possibly son of Thomas B(randon) Abrams and Isabella McDaniel Abrams. (T. B. ...

7/23/2015 12/26/2016

Daniel Kirton MP (1792 - 1862)

"Daniel Kerton"

Daniel Kerton of Williamsburg County, SC owned 10 slaves according to 1850 slave schedule. Daniel Kirton's brothers also owned slaves. This Daniel Kerton is the same as Daniel Kirton, also listed in 18...

7/22/2015 12/26/2016

Stephen Wesley Kirton MP (1801 - 1876)

Listed as owning 1 slave in 1850 Horry County SC slave schedule under "S. W. Kirton" Listed as owning 1 slave in 1860 Horry County SC slave schedule under "S. W. Kirton"

12/26/2016 12/26/2016

There is no proof of Capt. Carter's ancestry but primary researchers believe that he was either the son of William Carter and Jane Myles or Thomas Carter and Jane Bellamy (poss. Bellay). From the time ...

1/24/2007 12/26/2016

Joseph Porter Kirton MP (1805 - d.)

Listed as owning 10 slaves in 1850 slave schedule for Horry County, SC. Listed as owning 6 slaves in 1860 slave schedule for Horry County, SC.

12/26/2016 12/26/2016

James Jenkins Kirton MP (1804 - d.)

Listed as owning 5 slaves in 1850 Horry County SC slave schedule under "J. J. Kirton" Listed as owning 6 slaves in 1860 Horry County SC slave schedule under "J. J. Kirton"

12/26/2016 12/26/2016

War of 1812, James Burroughs MP (1794 - 1861)

James Burroughs was the owner a tobacco farm located in Franklin County, Virginia. It was on this farm that Booker T. Washington was born on April 5, 1856. The Burroughs Famly Cemetery is located in th...

5/14/2009 12/25/2016

Jacob Hoover MP (1751 - 1821)

It is assumed that he was a slave owner - in the 1790 census at Randolph, North Carolina, page 307, his assets were 2 males 16 and over, 5 males under1 6, 1 female. HOOVER, JACOB, DAR Ancestor #: A...

1/30/2009 12/20/2016

Jan Janszen Manshaer MP (1621 - bef.1674)

"de Caper", "Wanshaer", "Kipshaven", "van St. Benen", "van Sara", "van St. Cubis;"

aka : ; Jan Janszen Wanshaer; Jan Manshaer; Jan Kipshaven; Jan Wanshaer van St. Benen; Jan van Sara; Jan Janszen Van St. Cubis; Jan de Caper; Jan Jansen St. Obyn • one of the 93 who signed the Remo...

5/24/2008 12/19/2016

Capt. John Bancroft MP (1722 - 1793)

BANCROFT, John of Westfield, b. 1722, d. 1793 (m. Mercy Ashley), capt. in French war; son of John of Westfield, b. 1679, d. 1748 (m. Keziah Bridgeman); ... (1) from page 252 of The New England Histor...

7/8/2013 12/12/2016

Capt. John Bissell, IV MP (1693 - 1783)

From page 80 of The History and Genealogies of Ancient Windsor, Connecticut: Genealogies and biographies Press of the Case, Lockwood & Brainard Company, 1893 - Bloomfield (Conn. : Town) Fam. 17. Jo...

12/12/2016 12/12/2016

Alexander Mouton, elected as the first Democratic Governor of Louisiana, led the Constitutional Convention of 1845. The new Constitution directed the legislature to begin a public education system and ...

11/17/2010 12/6/2016

Charles Middleton Foster, Sr. MP (1793 - c.1877)

Owner of C.M.Foster Tannery in Tuscaloosa which was destroyed by Union Forces in April 1865. C.M.Foster came to Tuscaloosa,Al. in 1824. All he had with him was a set of shoemaking tools and five dollar...

8/17/2014 12/5/2016

John Mallory MP (c.1759 - bef.1849)

Do not confuse him with John B. Mallory , of Alabama. He was in Fayette County, Kentucky by 1804, when he posted bond and gave his consent for the marriages of his three daughters. He was probably a ...

5/3/2009 11/27/2016

Andries Grevenraet MP (1659 - c.1710)


baptism: 1659 Jul 16; Isaac Grevenraet, Lysbeth Jeuriaens; Andries ; Hermanus Blom, Margarietje Steenwyck sold father's property (Castello Plan notes) NO·9 This house, which stood on the exact si...

8/2/2008 11/27/2016

Edward Doughty, Jr. MP (1724 - bef.1770)

11/29/2010 11/19/2016

In later life, Gerrard arranged to bring his older brother Dr. John Van Buren of Nova Scotia to Tennesee. John was infirm and nearing the end of his life. 1850 census < go to line 8 of 1850 United St...

10/13/2013 10/26/2016

Ens. John Chapman MP (1740 - 1813)

A Patriot of the American Revolution for Virginia with the rank of LIEUTENANT. DAR Ancestor #: A020912 in the American Revolution 1774-1779 John was stationed at Fort Snidows, Fort Bargers, and Fort Ha...

7/21/2007 10/21/2016

Capt. Reuben Chapman MP (1746 - 1824)

Reuben Chapman was a Patriot in the American Revolution from Virginia with the rank of Captain. His DAR Ancestor # is A020950. Reuben Chapman was also a slave owner. In 1810 he owned 38 slaves and in...

10/4/2013 10/21/2016

He was a farmer and slave holder when he joined the Confederate Army on 5 Mar 1862. He served in Company D, North Carolina 3rd Calvary Regiment until being mustered out on 12 Nov 1862.

5/14/2016 10/18/2016

Miles Washington Whitlow MP (1812 - 1885)

Miles Whitlow was a farmer and slave owner in Walker County, Georgia.

10/18/2016 10/18/2016

2Lt Thomas J. Atwater, (CSA) MP (1835 - 1919)

Military Service: U.S. Civil War (1861-1865) Rank: 2Lt. Co"C", 1st Bn, Georgia Reserve Cavalry 1860 U.S. Census-Slave Schedules attribute ownership of 11 slaves, to wit: 5 male, 6 female

9/29/2016 10/18/2016

Maj. John Freeman, Sr. MP (aft.1622 - 1719)

Maj. John Freeman Birth: 1622 Pulborough Horsham District West Sussex, England Baptism: Jan 28,1626/7. The baptism took place at St Mary the Virgin Parish Church in Billinghurst. Death: Oct. ...

1/28/2007 10/18/2016

Military Service: U.S. Civil War (1861-1865) : Rank: Sergeant Assigned: Co. "K", 29th MS INF (CSA) He was a farmer in Holmes County, Mississippi and prior to the Civil War a slave owner.

10/12/2016 10/12/2016

John Eldrige Twitty, Sr. MP (c.1800 - d.)

John Twitty was a planter and slave owner in Warren County, North Carolina.

10/1/2010 10/12/2016

Pierre Bernardey MP (c.1784 - 1827)


from herburgd Bernardey Grave plot: Pierre Bernardey and Marguerite, his mother, are buried here at Plum Orchard, Cumberland Island, Georgia [Robert] Stafford's nearest neighbors were the French-sp...

10/2/2016 10/9/2016

Marie-Jeanne Bernardey MP (c.1800 - aft.1854)

[Robert] Stafford's nearest neighbors were the French-speaking Bernardeys, slave-holders probably from the Caribbean. When Elizabeth Bernardey (Zabette) was about eighteen years old, she bore a daughte...

10/2/2016 10/9/2016

Jahaza Atwater MP (1810 - 1869)

Atwater Genealogy The Southern Branch pp272 No.2934 The U.S. Census-Slave Schedule for 1850 attributes ownership by Jahaza Atwater of 23 slaves, to wit 9 males and 14 females.

9/29/2016 10/9/2016

Colonel Robert Stafford MP (1790 - 1877)

"Robert Stafford"

On Cumberland Island, GA there is a cemetery at the community called Stafford, off the main road, before Stafford House. There is a coquina wall around 4 marked old graves. ~~~~~~~~~~~~ By the earl...

10/2/2016 10/9/2016

Jehiel Atwater MP (1817 - 1876)

Atwater Genealogy: The Southern Branch; Second Generation pp273 No.2936. His father died when he was quite a youth. He was left to manage his own and his mother's estates and he proved himself capable ...

9/29/2016 10/8/2016

John Scrivener Camden MP (1798 - 1862)

John Camden owned a hotel in Braxton, Virginia (now West Virginia). He also served as postmaster of Collins Settlement in Lewis County, WV. He was a slave owner.

6/5/2009 10/7/2016

Caleb Harrison Boggess, Sr. MP (1784 - 1852)

Harrison County Sheriff in 1837 Bio Originally Created by: Bill Record added: Jun 16, 2010 Find A Grave Memorial# 53750974 Birth: 7th of fourteen known children of a Revolutionary war veteran i...

5/6/2010 10/5/2016

David Morrison MP (1795 - 1882)

He served in the Mexican War and the War of 1812. He was a farmer by occupation, a Baptist in religion and a Whig in politics. Served in the War of 1812 as a Private in the Company of Light Infantry co...

2/3/2009 10/2/2016


1/14/2016 9/30/2016

Pvt. Philip Pittman, (CSA) MP (1797 - 1876)

Veteran of war of 1812 Branch:: Army 1 Pension Number: 19026 1 Age: 16 Veteran of Civil War Affiliation: Confederate Enlisted: April 8, 1861 Rank: Pvt. Co.: C & F Regt.: 10th Va.Infan...

2/7/2014 9/25/2016