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Anette Guldager Boye

I am a historian by profession and have a master's degree in history from the University of Southern Denmark.

What I like about history and genealogy is the hunt for information. To dig out information about the people of the past, thus making them more real.

Field of interest:

I have a deep fascination for the sagas, not just of the Danish area, but also those from the other Scandinavian countries. First, because it is an attempt to write down the oral stories told in the Scandinavian countries prior to the written sagas. They told some fantastic stories. At the same time they give us some information both on their belief systems, and about the people from that period of time.


A profile that I have been working on a great deal and am deeply fascinated by is Ragnar Lodbrog and that of his sons.

left image: 'Jelling' - right image : 'Vikingdrage'

Another profile that has captivated me and many others is Gorm the Old King of the Danes. From him descends the Danish Royal house still on the throne today!

Palnatoke or Toke Palnesen is another hero mentioned in the sagas as Harald Bluetooth killer and founder of the infamous Jomsvikings.

According to the sagas Toke Palnesen is a forefather of the Hvide family. A well known noble family of the Danish medieval Christian period. The Hvides were deeply involved in the high politics of the Danes of this period and were the progenitors of several notable persons like Archbishop Absalon Hvide.


This also shows the clear connection between the sagas and real historical figures. Figures such as Archbishop Absalon were mentioned in the sagas, but his trail can also very clearly be followed through sources of a different kind.


I have created a couple of projects intended for Danes and people with Danish heritage These projects can also be helpful in understanding the Danish naming traditions!