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Ragnar Lodbrog and his legend

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  • Álöf Ragnarsdóttir (c.790 - c.850)
    Landnámabókkafli Hunda-Steinar hét jarl á Englandi; hann átti Álöfu, dóttur Ragnars loðbrókar. Þeirra börn voru þau Björn, faðir Auðunar skökuls, og Eiríkur, faðir Sigurðar bjóðaskalla, og Ísgerður, er...
  • Swanloga, {Gesta Danorum} (deceased)
    Swanloga is mentioned twice by Saxo:*" He besought the aid of the brothers Biorn, Fridleif, and Ragbard (for Ragnald, Hwitserk, and Erik, his sons by Swanloga, had not yet reached the age of bearing ar...
  • Lagertha (deceased)
    Among them was Ladgerda, a skilled Shieldmaiden, who, though a maiden, had the courage of a man, and fought in front among the bravest with her hair loose over her shoulders. All-marvelled at her match...
  • Åslaug Sigurdsdatter, {Ragnars Saga} (765 - d.)
    Aslaug is a mythological person currently in the historical tree. She corresponds to Áslaugr Sigurðardóttir in Hversum Noreg byggdist , and to the fictional Áslaugr Sigurðardóttir in Volsunga saga .Int...
  • Thora "borgarhjörtr" Herraudsdatter (c.795 - c.825)
    A mythical queen of Denmark, potentially based on a historical person, Thora is described in the sagas and other earl medieval sources as "the most beautiful of all women in appearance" earning her the...

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Ragnar Lodbrog

is a mythical Viking we only know from the sagas and there are various spellings of his name: Ragnar or Regnar. The same goes for his nickname: Lodbrog, Lodbrok, Lodbrock. However the oldest is Loðbrókawhich comes closest to the original name.

He is most likely a composite character of several historical persons. Some have therefore argued that he never existed. However several of his sons are known historical figures and are also mentioned in Christian annals. This is the one man who lived on in legends far longer than any of the others!

The aim of this project is to tell the Story of Ragnar and that of his children as we have come to know them from the sagas.

'Sagas are not facts but still undeniably connected to real historical events.



Ragnar "Lodbrok" Sigurdsson, Konge af Danmark og Norge

There are two of the most famous tales of Ragnar whoch is the saga of Ragnar and the saga of Ragnar’s sons.
Saxo Grammaticus mentions both him and sons in detail.

Ragnars Saga
The Tale of Ragnar's Sons
The Danish History, Books I-IX by Grammaticus Saxo

Heimskringla is a Norwegian page, that has the different sagas, mostly in the native tung.



Raven banner

Legend tells that the Raven banner was made by Ragnar’s 3 daughters in one day. The sons of Ragnar used this banner as their mark.

According to the Anglo Saxon Chronicle, when the banner was waving in the wind it was seen as a sign of victory but if it was just hanging down it

The Raven icon most likely symbolized the two Ravens of Odin, Hugin and Munin which in turn gave them the connection to the Gods. A common feature in the Scandinavian area. More than one king should have fought under this banner. According to legend it is said to have been King Knud I the great of Denmark banner as well!
Wikipedia: Raven Banner


Ragnar’s wives and children==

It is somewhat unclear which wife’s was the mother of the various sons. Svanloga or Svanløg as mentioned in Saxo, might even be the same person as Aslauga. Hvidsærk at least has been mentioned as son of both women!

The saga of Ragnar

Wives and children as mentioned in the saga of Ragnar

1- Þóra/Thora "borgarhjörtr" Herraudsdatter

There is not mentioned any specific children here, but in reference to the tale of Auslaug Kraka and her sons with Ragnar two brothers are named, Erik and Agnar.

2- Auslaug "Kraka" Sigurdsdatter

According to this saga they had four sons. Ivar, Bjørn, HVitserk and Rognvald.

Saga of Ragnars sons

Wives and children as mentioned in the saga of Ragnars sons.

1- Þóra/Thora "borgarhjörtr" Herraudsdatter

Thora. Here again the sons are mentioned as Stepchildren of Aslaug "Kraka", but since Thora was Ragnas wife before Aslaug. Erik and Agnar of this tale must be her sons.

2- Aslaug Kraka Sigurdsdatter

Aslaug "Kraka" Sigurdsdatter: Here four sons. Sigurd "Worm in Eye", Bjørn "Ironside", Hvitserk and Ivar "Boneless"

3-Unknown mother? Besides from these sons. Two brothers was mentioned as Ivars brothers born out of Wedlock!, Yngvar and Husto/Ubba

Saxos Gesta Danorum

Wives and children as mentioned in Gesta Danorum:

1- Lagertha / Ladgerd / Hlaðgerðr

two daughters of unknown name, one son Fridleif.

2- Þóra/Thora "borgarhjörtr" Herraudsdatter

six sons Radbard, Dunvat, Sivard, Bjørn, Agnar and Ivar.

3- Svanløg / Svanloga

three sons Ragnald, Hvitserk and Erik.

4- Unnamed mother of Ubbe: Ragnar father’s Ubbe with a unnamed female. However the father of this woman is later mentioned as Ubbas grandfather Esbern, who tries to go for the throne himself.


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