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  • David Grant (1715 - c.1760)
    Burke, Bernard, Sir. A genealogical and heraldic history of the landed gentry of Great Britain & Ireland 6th ed . London : Harrison 1879. Vol I. page 679
  • Cuthbert James Grant (c.1750 - c.1799)
    Fur Trader, partner, North West Company, partner NW Company Around 1789 Cuthbert married Margaret UTINWASIS a woman of the Qu’Appelle district, the daughter of a white trader and a Cree or Assinibo...
  • Photographer unknown. No known copyright issues.
    Andrew Stewart Grant of Ballachastle, Sheriff of Bute (c.1295 - 1335)
    Andrew Grant of Stratherrick, alias Stewart (c1295-1335), 5th Lord of Stratherrick. Parents unknown. He married Maud or Marjorie, the Grant heiress and under the terms of the marriage bond took her sur...
  • Isobell Grant (deceased)
    “Isobella his [Alan's] Daughter married Bancho of Lochaber”, according to the Cromdale Text . composed 1729 by James Chapman, Minister of Cromdale. She is probably fictitious.
  • Earl of Lade Håkon Grjotgardsson (c.838 - c.917)
    Håkon Grjotgardsson Ladejarl=Håkon Grjotgardsson Ladejarl (gammelnorsk: Hákon Grjótgarðsson) (døde ca.917) var jarl over Håløygaland og Namdal. Hans tilnavn var "den rike" (Hákon jarl hinn ríki).Han va...

The Clan Grant Project

This project is for users researching the Scottish clan Grant, its history, and descendants.

Clan Grant

  • Current Chief: The Rt. Hon. Sir James Grant of Grant The 6th Lord Strathspey
  • Gaelic Name: Grannd (Surname), Granndach (Singular), Na Granndaich (Collective).
  • Crest Badge: A hill enflamed proper
  • Plant Badge: Scots fir
  • Motto: Stand Fast
  • War Cry: Stand Fast Craig Elachie!
  • Lands: Badenoch and Strathspey

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Origin of the Name

The name Grant is French, derived from an ancestor who was called "le Grand" (the Great or the Large).

Names Associated with Clan Grant

Name Variations:

  • Septs: More of Drumchork, Allans of Rhynagairn, The Siol Lewis
  • Other Names: Alan, Allan, Allanson, Allen, Biset, Bisset, Bissette, Bizet, Bowie, Buie, Gilroy, MacAllan, McAllan, MacAllen, McAllen, MacCallan, McElroy, MacIlroy, MacGilroy, MacHurron, McHurron, Mackalroy, MacKerran, MacKern, McKerran, MacKiaran, Pratt, Suttie

Clan History and Origins

In the political realm of the Scots, the Grants were considered to be members of Siol Alpin, a confederation of seven clans descended from Kenneth MacAlpin, a 9th century king who is said to have united the Picts and Scots. However, the oral tradition of the Grants says their ancestor was Haakon Grandt of Norway, who settled in Scotland about 960. The Monymusk manuscript traces Haakon's pedigree back to Odin ("Wodine").

The first historical mention of the Grants is in the 13th century when they acquired Stratherrick. William le Graunt married the co-heiress of the Bissets and acquired a part of her family's extensive lands. One of their sons was Sir Laurence le Grand who became Sheriff of Inverness and ancestor of the Grant chiefs.

Clan Chiefs

  1. 1174 1215 Amhlaim (Aulay) Grant
  2. 1215 1249 Gregory Grant, 1st (Grant) Lord of Stratherrick (after Bisset forfeiture)
  3. 1249 1275 Sir Lawrence Grant 2nd Lord of Stratherrick
  4. 1275 1295 John Grant 3rd Lord of Stratherrick
  5. 1295 1320 Sir John Grant 4th Lord of Stratherrick
  6. 1320 1335 Andrew (Stewart) Grant 5th Lord of Stratherrick
  7. 1335 1362 Sir Patrick Grant 6th Lord of Stratherrick
  8. 1362 1370 Sir John Grant 7th Lord of Stratherrick
  9. 1370 1394 Robert Grant 8th Lord of Stratherrick
  10. 1394 1410 Sir Patrick Grant 9th Lord of Stratherrick
  11. 1410 1434 Sir John Roy Grant 10th Lord of Stratherrick (disposed of 1420)
  12. 1434 1485 Sir Duncan Grant 1st of Freuchie
  13. 1485 1528 John "Bard" Roy Grant 2nd of Freuchie
  14. 1528 1553 James Grant 3rd of Freuchie
  15. 1553 1585 John Grant 4th of Freuchie
  16. 1585 1622 John Grant 5th of Freuchie
  17. 1622 1637 Sir John Grant of Mulben 6th of Freuchie
  18. 1637 1663 James Grant 7th of Freuchie
  19. 1663 1716 Ludovick Grant 8th of Freuchie, 1st of Grant
  20. 1716 1719 Brigadier-General Alexander Grant 2nd of Grant
  21. 1719 1747 Sir James Grant of Pluscardine 3rd of Grant, Baronet.
  22. 1747 1773 Sir Ludovick Grant 4th of Grant, Bt.
  23. 1773 1811 "The Good" Sir James Grant 5th of Grant, Bt.
  24. 1811 1840 Sir Lewis Alexander Grant-Ogilvie 6th of Grant, Bt., 5th Earl of Seafield
  25. 1840 1853 Col. Sir Francis William Ogilvie-Grant 7th of Grant, Bt., 6th Earl of Seafield
  26. 1853 1881 Sir John Charles Ogilvie-Grant 8th of Grant, Bt, 7th Earl.of Seafield, Baron Strathspey
  27. 1881 1884 Sir Ian Charles Ogilvie-Grant 9th of Grant, Bt. 8th Earl of Seafield, 2nd Baron Strathspey
  28. 1884 1888 Sir James Ogilvie-Grant 10th of Grant, Bt. 9th Earl of Seafield, 1st Baron Strathspey (2nd Creation)
  29. 1888 1888 Sir Francis William Ogilvie-Grant 11th of Grant, Bt.10th Earl of Seafield, 2nd Baron Strathspey
  30. 1888 1915 Capt. Sir James Ogilvie-Grant 12th of Grant, Bt. 11th Earl of Seafield, 3rd Baron Strathspey
  31. 1915 1948 Sir Trevor Ogilvie-Grant 13th of Grant Bt. 4th Baron Strathspey
  32. 1948 1992 Sir Donald Patrick Trevor Grant 14th of Grant Bt. 5th Baron Strathspey
  33. 1992 - Sir James Patrick Trevor Grant 15th of Grant, Bt. 6th Baron Strathspey

Monymusk Text

Composed about 1710, perhaps for Captain James Grant of Wester Elchies. This is an example of 18th century efforts to connect prominent families to Odin.

  1. Wodine, who is said to have come out of Asia about 600.
  2. Cagles, or Capar, 6th son of Wodine.
  3. Wuffa, King of the East Angles, lineally descended from Cagles, although “there are some who assert that there are some Progenitors betwixt Cagles and Wffa”
  4. Hacken, King of the East Angles, “married Sunsilla Daughter to Swenwoman alias Hamar, Son to Esmen King of Norway”
  5. Grolgart, Lord of Ury in Norway, born about 820
  6. Hacken 2nd, Lord of Ury, married “Ashed, the Earl Hardeck's daughter”
  7. Sigort, Earl of Trondelagen and Lord of Ury in Norway
  8. Hacken Grant 3rd, Earl of Trondelagen, Protector of Norway
  9. Heming, married married “Tora, Daughter natural to Hathen Adelstein, the first Christian King of Denmark”
  10. Audlaw 1st or Allan Grant, married “a Daughter of Neil MacGregor, a man lineally descended of Gregorius Magnus, King of Scotland”
  11. Patrick Grant of Freuchy and Balachastle, born about 1020
  12. Alan 2nd, “succeeded in his Father’s inheritance of Freuchy and Balachastle”
  13. Gregory Grant of Freuchy and Balachastle, born about 1100
  14. Patrick Grant of Freuchy and Ballachastle, “Sheriff Principall of Inverness, about the year 1200”
  15. Marjory Grant, heiress, married Patrick Stuart, alias Grant
  16. Patrick 3rd, called “Patrick Bag McMald because he was Marjory's Son and of low stature"
  17. John Grant of Freuchy and Balachastle, Sheriff Principal of Inverness

(Source: Clan Grant, Grant Histories: Monymusk Text)

The story of Hacken Grant 3 in the Monymusk text is clearly based on the story of Håkon Jarl og Tormod Kark: "But as the deservedly great Prince had his Admirers so he wanted not his Envyers. Once being at his divertisement, the treacherous villain Formod Carcart, his own Servant, unexpectedly fell on him murdered him about the year 980."

Cromdale Text

Composed 1729 by James Chapman, Minister of Cromdale. Another example of 18th century efforts to connect prominent families to Odin.

“THE Tree of The Family of Grant abridged from The Chronicles of Norway sent by an Herauld from The Court of Denmark to The Representative of The House of Grant informs of The Descent of that Name and declares Wffa AC 575 That Wffa a Saxon Lord descended of The Champion Ouden alias Wodine (much extolled among The Poets for his Heroic Actions especially in Norway & Saxony) was The First King of East Angles in The Year of Christ 575.”

“Hacken and Swenhilla: AMONG others descended of Wffa was Hacken Earl of Lagen and Tronde Lagen in Norway his Great Grand Son who did succeed as his Heir of Line and Representative. Protector of Norway: Hacken for Power and Conduct was so reputed not only in Swedland and Denmark but also in Norway where he was unanimously chosen as Lord High Protector of that Kingdom.”

  1. Hacken Grandt, “Protector of Norway married Suanhilla The Daughter of Swenerman a Danish Prince”
  2. Hemming Grant, “married Tora Daughter to Adlistein The First of The Norwegian Kings who professed The Christian Religion.”
  3. Andlaw alias Allan Grant, “came to Scotland in The Tenth Century. He married Moral Daughter to Neil Mac Gregor a Gentleman lineally descended of Gregorius King of Scotland”
  4. Patrick Grant, “did succeed his Father about The Year 1090. He married Fergusia a Relation of Alpinus.”
  5. Alland, “succeeded his Father about The Year 1150, and then married Dorvagilla Daughter to The Thane of Fife.” (“Isobella his Daughter married Bancho [Banquo Stuart] of Lochaber.”)
  6. Gregor Grant, “married Mary Daughter to My Lord Lovat.”
  7. Patrick Grant of Fruichy and Stratharrack, “succeeded his Father Gregor in Honours and Inheritance about The Middle of The 13th Century. He married Bigla only Child of Yyy Cumming Lord Glenchernick.”
  8. John le Grant, “alias Sir John Grant of Fruichy and Stratharrick”
  9. Mauld, “married Andrew Stuart Son to The Sheriff of Bute, who by Articles in The Marriage changed his Name, and was called Andrew Grant alias Stuart.”
  10. Patrick, “ succeeded his father in The Estate about The End of The 13th Century. He was commonly called Patrick Mac Mauld as being The Son of Mauld alias Marjory or Muriel. He married Bathia Daughter to The Earl of Ross about The Year 1305, and afterwards he married Florence Daughter to The Laird of MacLean.”
  11. Sir John Grant of Fruichy and Stratharrick, “married Mauld Daughter to Gilbert of Glenchernick.”

(Source: Clan Grant, Grant Histories: Cromdale Text)

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