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Counts de Looz / van Loon

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STATUS UPDATE: After review of the Pilot Genealogy (below), implementation (and matching/merging) in progress

Updated: June 20, 2011


An attempt to bring clarity to the dynasty of the Counts van Loon / de Looz. In Geni - as well as throughout all online sources - there is significant confusion (see a list of related names and possible connections here: Names of counts de Looz/van Loon). This confusion starts with the fact that, at heart, this is a Dutch/Flemish dynasty under the name 'van Loon', but throughout aristocratic tradition the alternative French name 'de Looz' has persisted.

Many lineages may be concerned by this project:

  • Counts of Metz
  • Counts of Mainz
  • Counts of Rieneck
  • Counts of Duras
  • Dukes of Brabant
  • Lords of Mechelen and Grimbergen
  • Counts of Luxembourg
  • Counts of Bliesgau / Blieskastel...

Within this project, we should achieve maximum certainty about who was married to whom, and which children belong to which parents.

There are various old scholastic sources online. Some of them hold elements of 'the truth', but other elements have been proven to rely on errors of interpretation or old falisified documents.

Beware, knowledge of various languages such as German, Dutch, French or Latin is no luxury in this project. We're talking about events between abt. 950-1364, so this is a challenge!


(scrutinized and 'processed')


Research concluded, in active dialogue with Prof. Jean Baerten, Prof. Donald Jackman, and Jules Vandeweyer.


NOT USE AS FACT! Please use Discussions to give your opinion)

Ansfried in de Betuwe

Birth :

Death :

Spouses :

Children :

  • Ricfried (follows)

Ricfried, count in de Betuwe

Birth :

Death :

Spouses :

  • Ermesindis

Children :

  • Nevelong (follows)

Nevelong, count in de Betuwe

Birth :

Death : 953

Spouses :

  • NN

Children :

  • Rudolph (follows)
  • Balderic I, bishop of Liège
  • Bertha van de Betuwe

Rudolph van de Betuwe, II count of Haspinga, Hocht and Maasgouw

Also count of Hocht (between 944-952) and Maasgouw

Birth :

Death : c1010

Spouses :

  • Maria van Vliermael, daughter of Emmo van Vliermael, I count of Haspengouw (Hesbaye)


  • Arnold, III count of Haspinga (died in 1014) (first husband to Lutgarde de Namur, who married her brother in law Giselbert)
  • Giselbert (follows)
  • Balderic II Bishop of Liège (died 1018)
  • Catherine van Loon

(*Bertha van Loon)

Giselbert, I count van Loon (Looz)

Birth : c985

Death : 1046

Spouses :

  • (I) Herlindis de Jodoigne
  • (II) Lutgarde de Namur (died in 1021), countess of Waremme (daughter of Albert I count of Namur and Ermengarde de Basse Lorraine)

Children :

  • (I) Godefroy
  • (I) Adalbert
  • (II) Emmo (follows)
  • (II) Otto, count of Duras
  • (III) Hermann, archdeacon of Liège (*Margareta) (*Ermengarde)

Emmo, II count van Loon (Looz)

Birth :

Death : 16/1/1078

Spouses :

  • Ermengardis van Hoorne, daughter of Conrad van Hoorne

Children :

  • Arnold I (follows)
  • Theodoric, lord of Hoorne, Steenvoort and Corswarem
  • Sophia van Loon (born before1044-46, died 1065)
  • Reinaud van Loon
  • Gerard I, count of Gelre
  • Hendrik
  • Otto, lord of Diest
  • Mathilde van Loon, Abbess of Munsterbilzen

Arnold I, III count van Loon (Looz)

Birth : 1050/1060

Death : c1126

Spouses :

  • Suanehilde de Metz, daughter of Folmar I count of Metz and his wife Suanehilde

Children :

  • Arnold II (follows)
  • Gertrude, married to Hugo von Dagsburg
  • Beatrix, married to Arnold, count of Aarschot

Arnold II, IV count van Loon (Looz)

Birth : Around 1100

Death : 11/4/1138

Spouses :

  • Agnes von Rieneck, daughter of Gerhard von Rieneck, Graf von Mainz and Hedwig von Bliescastel

Children :

  • Lodewijk I (follows)
  • Jan, lord van Ghoer

Lodewijk I, V count van Loon (Looz)

Birth : 1125-1130

Death : 11/8/1171

Spouses :

  • Agnes de Metz, daughter of Folmar V count of Metz x Mathilde de Dabo

Children :

  • Gerard (born 1145-50 – died after 1194).
  • Hugues (died 1172)
  • Laurette (died before 1184), married Gilles de Duras
  • Imagine (died 5 Jun 1214), married Godfried van Brabant
  • Agnes (died 26 Mar 1191, bur Scheyern), married Otto I von Bayern
  • Arnold
  • Bonne/Guda (died after 1200)