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Louis Antoine van Loon MP (1862 - 1953)

9/9/2012 1/31/2013

Agnès de Metz, dame de Longwy MP (1120 - aft.1175)


11/4/2007 2/20/2012

Herman van Loon, Heer van Gronsveld MP (b. - c.1047)

"van Gronsveld", "van Groonsveld"

8/17/2010 2/7/2012

Cornelis van Loon MP (1690 - d.)

5/2/2011 7/12/2011

Nicolaas van Loon MP (1729 - 1783)

5/2/2011 7/12/2011

Cornelis van Loon MP (1775 - 1837)

2/2/2011 7/12/2011

5/2/2011 7/12/2011

Sophie - Zsófia van Loon queen consort of Hungary MP (aft.1040 - bef.1075)

"Sofia von Looz", "Sophie de Looz"

SHE IS NOT Synadena!!! ---------------------------------- Her father/mother are uncertain: Wikipedia Deutsch: Graf Giselbert von Looz Franais: Gislebert, comte de Looz Hungarian: Arnu...

6/26/2007 6/21/2011

Hermann de Looz MP (b. - 1156)

6/21/2011 6/21/2011

N/a de Looz MP (deceased)

6/21/2011 6/21/2011

Guy van Limburg MP (deceased)

EMMO [Immo], son of [GISELBERT Comte de Looz] & his wife [Liutgarde de Namur] (-17 Jan 1078). Comte de Looz. m ---. The name of Emmo´s wife is not known. Comte Emmo & his wife had [four] childr...

6/21/2011 6/21/2011

6/21/2011 6/21/2011

Aleidis van Loon MP (1242 - 1275)

"de Loon.", "de Looz", "Adelheid von Looz"

M : Heer Albrecht Van Voorne, Gest./Died DEC 1287 =>Codes==VDvNr.92== Zoon van / Son of : Heer Hendrick Van Voorne & (Mabelia) Jansdr De Cysoing Relat(ie/ed) Ongev/About 1270 F : Aleydis Van Egmo...

12/31/2008 6/20/2011

ARNAUD [I] de Looz, son of EMMO Comte de Looz & his wife --- ([1050/60]-after 1125). m AGNES von Mainz, daughter of GERHARD Graf von Mainz & his wife Hedwig von Bliescastel . The primary source which...

11/6/2007 6/20/2011

Otelindis of the Nordmark MP (c.985 - 1044)

"Othelhilde", "Otehilde", "Wettin", "Othilde", "Othehildis", "Othelindis", "Othelhildis", "de Nordmark", "van den Noordmark", "van Holland", "Zwanehilde"

Her ancestry is disputed. She is variously identified as a daughter of Otto, Duke of Carinthia; of Bernhard, Margrave of Nordmark; and of Bernard, Duke of Saxony. DIETRICH, son of --- (-985). Markgra...

11/3/2007 6/20/2011

Nevelong (Nibelung), graaf van Betuwe MP (915 - 953)


1. RUDOLF, son of [NIBELUNG Graaf van Betuwe & his wife --- de Hainaut] .Vanderkindere names "Baldéric I de Liège et Rodolphe" as the two sons of "Névelong" but he does not cite the corresponding p...

12/24/2007 6/16/2011

2/5/2010 4/27/2011

Graaf Gerard II van Loon MP (c.1145 - 1191)

Gerard II participated in the third crusade under emperor Frederico Barbarossa, king Philippe Auguste of France, and king Richard the Lionheat of England. He died in the siege of Acco in 1194. His body...

7/4/2008 4/27/2011

Count Johan I (XII) of Loon MP (c.1227 - 1278)


John I, Count of Looz From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search John I (Jean) (d. 1278 or 1279), Count of Looz and Count of Chiny, eldest son of Arnold IV, Count of Looz a...

5/10/2009 4/27/2011

Graaf Hendrik van Loon Duras MP (1125 - 1218)

Titles: - In 1216, mentioned as count of Duras (source: Alexandre, évêque de Liège - chartrier de l'abbaye du Val Notre Dame)

7/11/2010 4/27/2011

Lodewijk IV was the last count van Loon in male descendance. He was succeeded by his nephew Diederik who ruled until 1361. In 1362, the county van Loon was annexed by Liège.

1/19/2010 4/27/2011

5/10/2009 4/27/2011

2/12/2008 4/27/2011

Graaf Lodewijk I van Loon MP (c.1125 - 1171)

Medlands Ludwig I, Count von Loos, Reineck, Stadtgraf von Mainz Ludwig I, Count von Loos, Reineck, Stadtgraf von Mainz 1,2,3 M, b. circa 1100, d. 11 August 1171 Father Arnold I, Count von L...

11/4/2007 4/27/2011

Arnold V van Loon Jump to: navigation , search Arnold V 12 ?? - 1328 Arnold Looz Chiny.jpg Count of Loon Period 1279 - 1323 Predecessor Jan I Successor Louis IV Count of Chiny Period 12...

5/10/2009 4/27/2011

Count Arnold IV (XI) of Loon MP (c.1205 - c.1273)

Medlands M : Graaf Arnold IV de Looz De Chiny, Geboren/Born Ongev/About 1216 in Borgloon {Limb,BE}, Gest./Died 24 NOV 1272 Zoon van / Son of : Graaf Gerhard III Von Rieneck & Kunigunde Von Cimbern ...

12/31/2008 4/27/2011

6/12/2007 4/27/2011

Arnauld II and his son Louis I founded the Averboden abbey by charter dated 1135. Source: Miraeus (1723), Tome I, XC, p. 100. An alternative date of death for Arnold II is 11 April 1139. Donald C. Ja...

12/28/2007 4/27/2011

Arnold II, zoon van Arnold I en N.N. De 4de graaf van Loon van 1125/1135-1138/1141. Hij werd niet meer in de oorkonden vermeld na 10 april 1138, en ten laatste op 6 april 1141 deed hij afstand van het ...

11/6/2007 4/27/2011

Emmo II, count of Looz MP (c.1030 - 1078)

"van Looz", "de Looz"

The death of Emmo is established as January 16, 1078 by the following source: Alain Marchandisse, L'obituaire de la cathédrale Saint-Lambert de Liège (XIe-XVe siècles) , 1991 EMMO [Immo] EMMO [...

11/6/2007 4/27/2011

Giselbert, I. count of Looz MP (985 - c.1046)

"van Looz", "de Looz"

First count van Loon. First mentioned as count van Loon in 1031 Death established between 1044 and 18 may 1046. His father is believed to be Rudolf van Hocht (location: near Lanaken, Belgium). Howeve...

11/23/2007 4/27/2011

Count of Haspinga Count of Hocht (between 944-952) Count of Maasgouw Rudolf van Avernas. Graaf van Avernas / Haspinga. Kinderen: 1. m Giselbert (zie II). 2. m Baldericus II. Overled...

12/24/2007 4/27/2011