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Estonian principles of entering data

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  • [Kohu → Kesa] Berend {Kohho} (1768 - c.1807)
    abielu 1793 * SnM Jüri 1786 lk 212 Perent, isa Kässa Abraham, ema Marri, Kautel * PR Kautjala 1786-1793 nr 20 Kohho Abrami p Peärend, läks Kässa tallu * PR Kautjala 1786-1793 nr 1 Kässa, Peärend Kohho ...
  • [Kannisepa → Kerde] Rein {Kerde} (1755 - 1821)
    Kerde talu peremees, kõigi Nabala Kerdede esiisa.Kannisseppa Hansu noorim poeg Rein abiellus 1781. a Kallamäe Madise tütre Krõõdaga. Neil oli üheksa last, kuus tütart ja kolm poega. Kaks tütart (Kai ja...
  • [Sepa] Leeno Appelberg ({Kongo}) (1766 - 1835)
    SnM Jüri 1766 lk 197 Leno, isa Killingi Pertli Mart, ema Marri, Jagom. * HL Lehmja 1782 lk 313 Killingi Pertli Mardi t Leno (15) * PR Lehmja 1787-1789 nr 9 Killingi Pertli Mardi t Leno (abiellunud Mõigus)
  • [Keldriaugu → Sepa] Abram {Appelberg} (c.1754 - c.1818)
    Mõigus Sepa talu peremees, täpsemalt vt sündmuste alt Pühavaimu SnM 1753 ega SnM 1754 ei ole HL Mõigu 1782 Järwe Külla, Keldreaugo Tofferi p Abraham (28) AM Jüri 1788 lk 196 Abram, Kellerauko Tof...

Principles of entering data (2010 Aug)

  1. Names are written with the first letter in upper case and the following letters in lower case.
  2. In case of alternative spellings of names (Kiesemann/Kieseman/Kiisemann/Kiismann), only one of them is entered as Name, the rest may be in Nickname field.
  3. Names written in old spelling system are entered in current spelling, i.e "Jüri" instead of "Jürri", Marri → Mari, "Rebane" instead of "Rebbane", Ilwes → Ilves etc. More (in Estonian):
  4. When a last name has changed (localised or for some other reason), it is entered as "Newname ← Oldname", with space between name and arrow, Alt+27 to get the arrow (or use copy & paste). Numbers need to be entered from numpad, on a laptop it needs to be switched on using Fn + Num Lock.
  5. When people had no last names and were only known by the names of their farm, then their name is presented as [Farm] Firstname, first name in First Name field, in Last Name field there's name of the farm in square brackets and finally name of the farm before first name in Display Name field. When name of the farm has changed because of relocation it is displayed similarly to localisation [Oldfarm → Newfarm] Firstname. Alt+26 to get the arrow. For example, tree of [Kohho → Kesa] Berend.
  6. So-called virtual last names for people who didn’t actually use these names, because by then they were deceased or married, in curly brackets First Name {Last Name}. When it’s possible to use virtual last name for a person (all their children used the same last name in the future), then use this in the Last Name field rather than the name of the farm. Both names can be used in the Display Name field. Children of [Kerde] Rein. [Keldriaugu → Sepa] Abram {Appelberg} Abram of Sepa farm from Mõigu.
  7. Exact links to sources that show what part of the document is being referred to. Tutorial how to copy a link that refers to selected area of an image is number 5 here, visit the main page first to set the language to ENG in the top right hand corner.
  8. Links to personal records are in Overview tab, this is inevitable until Geni hopefully one day enables us to add links to Sources from external webpages. A short title of the source before Saaga links, so that without opening the link you could see what source it is. For example PR Nabala 1855-1879, where “PR” means personaalraamat / personal records and “Nabala” is a unit of the book. Links to specific events (birth, marriage, death) may be added to the Events in Timeline.
  9. The same as personal records, links to soul revision lists may be added to Overview tab. Separate Events may be created to show soul revisions, adding all the people mentioned in the list. It’s advisable to use profile number rather than name to add people, as it lets you add recently created profiles that don’t show up in the list of names, and helps prevent mix up with namesakes. Adding soul revision lists as Events gives a great overview of people who lived in and moved from the same farm. Timeline of [Sepa] Leeno Appelberg ([Kilingi]).
  10. And finally a warning - many profiles are not completely consistent with these rules. Or are no longer consistent, as some collaborators have their own view of how things should be.