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This project has been set up to service the Marais tree on Geni. We will post links to useful web pages here, but probably the most important purpose is to have somewhere where descendants can post queries and ask for help.

Please do not add all your Marais profiles to this project - only those that there are queries about. We will add an outline of immediate descendants at the bottom of the page over the next few weeks, so please be patient! For more information about Charles Marais Sv/PROG please visit his profile page.

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Establishing the Correct/most accurate table

The object is to establish the first 4 generations with the most accurate information available, supported as far as possible by recognised sources.

✽ We need to establish whether SAG [1] is correct in listing b2c1 as Anne Marais born 1693. d 1706. Only SAG list this child.

Sources used:

  1. SAG Volume 5 [1]
  2. First Fifty Years Project [2]
  3. Richard Ball [3]
  4. De Villiers/Pama
  5. Stamvaders [4]

Charles Marais SV/PROG

"According to C.G.Botha's French Refugees at the Cape, he arrived in 1688 in the Voorsckooten with his wife Catherine Taboureux and four children, Claude, aged 24, Charles, 19, Isaac, 16 and Marie, 6. In April, 1689, he was murdered at Drakenstein by a Hottentot. His widow and four children received help from the Fund.

The account on states that he was attacked on his farm by a Hottentotson 30th March 1689 and died on the 3rd April, but gives no documentary source for this. Further on it quotes the Cape Archives document CJ 780, 20 April 1689, p.859, for the trial and CJ 291, 20 April 1689, pp.275-7 for the evidence of Edessha, the Hottentot in question". (From [3] Richard Ball)

Born c. 1630 in France.
Married c 1660 in France Catherine Taboureux (born c.1640 - died c.1729)
Died 3 April 1689 - murdered by "a member of the Khoi people"

b1 Claude Marais [1]==

born in 1662 in Le Plessis-Marlé Hurepoix, Ile-de-France, France. His profile reflects the date of birth as 10 Dec 1662.
Married Marie Avicé in 1690. She died in 1696.
Children. 3 three survivng children are listed in the inventory drawn up on the 12th September 1729, after the death of his second wife.

b1c1 Marie/Maria Marais [1] b. 1692, d. 1766

died 1 May 1766, married (1) Pierre Taillefer who died circa 1731. Married (2) 26 December 1734 Drakenstein, Pieter Boijens who died circa 1731 of the farm Klip Valleij in the Wagenmakers Vallei in 1730 and in 1766 two farms, named De Leeuwen Valleij and De Krommer Revier. [3] (Richard Ball)

b1c2 Charles Marais [1]

b.1694. d. 1735
Charles farmed in company with his brother Steven Marais, on the farms Du Plessis Marle at Drakenstein, and the farm Kromme Rivier in the Wagenmakers Valleij. In the muster roll of 1733, he and his brother Steven are listed as farming 'in compagnie' and both are unmarried.(MOOC 8/5, 33 and muster rolls) ([3] Richard Ball)

b1c3 Estienne/Stephanus Marais [1] b. 1696, d. 1763

Married 1 Maria Elisabeth de Villiers who died 1696 [2]
Married 2 Suzanne Gardiol, daughter of Antoine Gardiol and Marguerite Perrotette, on 13 October 1721 at the Cape of Good Hope [2]

b2 Charles Marais [1] [2] [3]==

(c1668-1735). (Died Before 17 May 1711 [2])
Married Anne des Ruelles, daughter of Daniel des Ruelles and Anne Goudalle, in 1692 NGK Cape Town. [2]
Children First Fifty Years Project

b2c1 Charles Marais b. 1695 [2] (b2c2 BELOW SAG)

b2c2 Daniel Marais bapt. 8 Jun 1698 [2] (b2c4 BELOW SAG)

b2c3 Jean Marais bapt. 7 Mar 1700 [2] (b2c5 BELOW SAG)

b2c4 Anne Marais b. c 1702, d. 11 Jan 1765 [2] (b2c9 BELOW SAG with different birthdate)

b2c5 Estienne Marais bapt. 16 Dec 1703 [2] (b2c7 BELOW SAG)

b2c6 Debora Marais bapt. 4 Oct 1705 [2] (b2c8 BELOW SAG)

b2c7 Maria Marais b. c 1707 [2] (NOT BELOW SAG)

b2c8 Jacque Marais bapt. 22 Sep 1709 [2] (b2c10 BELOW SAG)

b2c9 Isac Marais bapt. 17 May 1711 [2] (b2c11 BELOW SAG)

SAG Children - with many variations in dates etc.

✽ b2c1 Anne Marais 1693-1706 NOT ABOVE
b2c2 Charles Marais b. 1695 (b2c1 above)
✽ b2c3 Catherine Marais 1696-1708 NOT ABOVE
b2c4 Daniel Marais bapt. 8 Jun 1698 (b2c2 above)
b2c5 Jean Marais bapt. 7 Mar 1700 (b2c3 above)
✽ b2c6 Esther Marais 1701 married Jacques Cordier NOT ABOVE
b2c7 Estienne Marais bapt. 9 12 1703 - d.1712 (b2c5 above)
b2c8 Debora Marais bapt. 4 Oct 1705 - d.1756 (b2c6 above)
b2c9 Anne Marais born 1707 - d 1765 m Gabriel ROSSOUW (b2c4 above)
b2c10 Jacques Marais bapt. 22 Sep 1709 - d 6 6 1751 (b2c8 above)
b2c11 Izak Marais bapt.1711 (b2c9 above)

Richard Ball Children

  1. Charel Marais died 1767
  2. Daniel Marais b 1698
  3. Jean Marais born 1700
  4. Anna Marais married Gabriel Rossouw between 17 April 1723 and 1 May 1724 (assumed)
  5. Estienne Marais born 1703
  6. Debora Marais born 1705
  7. Maria Marais married (1) 11 April 1734 Drakenstein Jan Melchior Frick and married (2) 23 May 1745 Drakenstein Jan Christiaan Snyder
  8. Jacques Marais born 1709
  9. Isaac Marais born 5 April 1711

De Villiers/Pama Children

c1 Charles c 1695
c2 Daniel bapt 8 6 1698
c3 Jean bapt 7 3 1700
c4 Daniel bapt 18 1 1728
c5 Debora Bapt 4 10 1705
c6 Jacques bapt 22 9 1709
c7 Izaak
c8 Maria c1713
c9 Hester c1715

b3 Isaak Marais [1]==

(1677 -)

b4 Marie Madeleine Marais [1]==

Married Estienne Niel b. c 1668, d. 1738 [2]

Marie-Madeleine Niel bapt. 21 Jan 1703 [2]

Estienne Niel bapt. 8 Feb 1705 [2]

Rachel Niel bapt. 10 Jul 1707 [2]

Anna Niël b. c 1708 [2]

Jean Niel bapt. 7 Nov 1711 [2]

Marais Help Requests and Queries

Web Pages


  • South African Genealogies 5 L-M, GISA SA Genealogies (Stellenbosch, South Africa: Genealogical Institute of South Africa, 1999 - Page 424
  • Pieter Coertzen, The Huguenots of South Africa 1688-1988 (28 Wale Street, Cape Town: Tafelberg Publishers Limited, 1988)

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