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  • Pheidippides (-530 - -490)
    Pheidippes, would perhaps resemble more of a conundrum (if one could be personified) rather than a marathon runner. On one hand you have the "most scholars believe he existed" which is an inaccurate as...
  • Standing Deer Bailey (c.1754 - 1775)
    died in childbirthLinks* to James Red Wolf, she was Cherokee and died giving birth to her 4th child, leaving him to raise them.Married# Ellinipsico Cornstalk, b. 1748, Shawnee Nation, OH d. 10 Nov 1777...
  • Helizkinopo Moytoy/Cornstalk (c.1715 - d.)
    unknown proper Shawnee name; unknown death; could have had children during the 5 years with Ellinipsico . These were the years just prior to his murder at age 25. see: Shawnee Heritage I Written by...
  • N.N. (c.690 - d.)

Many invented and fictional people have been inserted into genealogical collections, generally as part of an attempt to fill in the blanks, but also to connect cultures and justify claims to an ancient history.
Profiles for invented and fictional people often become battleground among genealogists.


This project collects and identifies people for whom no historical evidence exists.


  • Arthurian Fiction - people who are medieval inventions from the many stories of Arthurian romance.
  • Early Flemish Genealogy - medieval fictions in in Flanders and surrounding areas.
  • Early Frisian Genealogy - medieval fictions in Holland and surrounding areas.
  • Frankish Fiction - people who are the invention of medieval Frankish chronicles.
  • Greek Mythology - characters from Greek mythology. These will often, but not always, overlap Roman mythology.
  • Irish Fiction - characters from Irish mythology, including the Lebor Gabála Érenn.
  • Mabinogion
  • Modern Fiction - people who appear to have been invented in the 19th and 20th centuries, including those invented by genealogical forgers and con men.
  • Norse Mythology - characters from Norse (Scandinavian) mythology.
  • Odin's Kin - descents from the Norse and Germanic god Odin or Woden.
  • Roman Mythology - characters from Rome mythology. These will often, but not always, overlap Greek mythology.
  • Shakespeare's History - genealogy in William Shakespeare's plays.
  • Welsh Mythology - characters from Welsh mythology.

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