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Reginald II, Count Palatine of Burgundy and Count of Mâcon, Vienne and Oltingen, was born in 1061; he was the eldest son of William I of Burgundy and brother to Stephen I of Burgundy, his successor, ...

3/13/2010 3/30/2017

Jean De Glarges De Montigny MP (bef.1099 - d.)

Crusader, with Godfrey of Bouillon [Acc to MH. Sharon 2014]

4/19/2014 4/19/2014

Ralph Giroie Mala Corona MP (c.1014 - c.1098)

Orderic Vitalis names him as Herald for Prince Bohemond at the the Siege of Antioch ( 1097-1098). Therefore his estimated birthdate may be off a few years. Since his mother lived until 1077, it does no...

6/18/2008 3/3/2014

Aubrey de Grandmesnil MP (deceased)

On the third day of the siege of Antioch, after a terrible battle on the walls, William Grandmesnil, his brother Aubrey and Ivo of Grandmesnil, banded together with Count Stephen of Blois, father of th...

8/26/2013 12/15/2013

Yves de Grandmesnil MP (c.1090 - d.)

On the third day of the siege of Antioch, after a terrible battle on the walls, William Grandmesnil, his brother Aubrey and Ivo of Grandmesnil, banded together with Count Stephen of Blois, father of th...

8/26/2013 12/15/2013

Guillaume de Grandmesnil MP (c.1055 - aft.1098)

Guillaume de Grandmesnil (born around 1055/1060, died between 1100 and 1114) was a Norman baron of Calabria, a member of the Grandmesnil family and related to the House of Hauteville. Biography W...

5/22/2009 12/15/2013

Guillaume V, seigneur de Montpellier MP (1075 - 1121)

"Guillaume V de Montpellier", "Guillem V de Montpeller", "William V of Montpellier"

William V or Guilhem V (1075 – 1121) was the Lord of Montpellier from an early age until his death. He was the son of Bernard William IV. Soon after his father's death, his mother, Ermengarde, quit M...

9/13/2007 12/12/2013

Sir Hugh de Payns MP (c.1070 - 1136)

"Hugues de Payns", "Hugh Paynes", "Hugo de Peans", "Ugo de' Pagani"

It is relatively settled that Hugues de Payens , 1st Grand Master of the Order of Knights Templar, was a native of Champagne (France), and a son of Hugues I, seigneur de Montigny . (Thierry Leroy , Hug...

9/18/2011 2/8/2013

Guy of Milly, a knight, probably from Normandy, who participated in the First Crusade.

11/26/2008 2/5/2013

Sir Jean de St. Leger MP (b. - 1090)

Crusader 1097. Show in the list of Norman knights at the 1st Crusade who accompanied Robert Duke of Normandy, in 1096. It is possible that Jean founded a family of St Legers found in Pays De Caux in an...

7/30/2007 9/1/2012

9/29/2009 6/24/2012

Hugues I du Puiset, comte de Jaffa MP (c.1063 - 1118)

"1st count of Jaffa", "Hugon I z Le Puiset"

10/6/2009 6/24/2012

Graaf Dirk VI van Holland, Graaf van Holland MP (c.1114 - 1157)

"Dirk", "Dirck", "Thierry", "Dietrich"

Dirck on Wikipedia NL Dirk VI (?, 1114 - bij Utrecht, 5 augustus 1157) was graaf van Holland vanaf 1122.Omstreeks 1125 huwde hij met Sophia van Rheineck, dochter van Otto van Rheineck en Geertruid va...

12/16/2007 6/24/2012

Guy II "Trousseau", seigneur de Montlhéry MP (b. - 1109)


Guy II Trousseau (died 1109) was lord of Montlhéry. He was the son of Milo I of Montlhéry and Lithuise of Blois, and the elder brother of Milo II of Montlhéry. . Milo had the temperament of a w...

4/29/2009 6/23/2012

Hugues VI "le Diable", seigneur de Lusignan MP (c.1039 - 1102)

"o Diabo", "Le Diable", "le Diable", "/Le Diable/", "'Le /Brun'/", "Hugh VI of Lusignan and The Devil"

Hugh VI of Lusignan From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Hugh VI (c. 1039/1043 – c. 1103/1110), called the Devil, was the Lord of Lusignan and Count of La Marche (as Hugh I), the son and successor...

1/6/2008 6/23/2012

Gui, baron de Brosse MP (1076 - d.)

Gui de Brosse, crusader , Baron de la Brosse in Velay , countries langue d'oc , which as such voice and sitting in that province. He was the younger son of Gerald, Viscount de Brosse, who was desce...

6/23/2012 6/23/2012

Ermanno d'Altavilla MP (c.1048 - 1097)

Herman of Hauteville ( 1048 circa - Antioch , 1097 ) was a Norman knight. Herman was the youngest son of Humphrey , Earl of Apulia and Calabria ( in 1051 - 1,057th ), and Matilda, daughter of Ascle...

2/1/2012 6/23/2012

Thomas de Marle, seigneur de Coucy MP (c.1073 - 1131)

"seigneur de Marle", "de Vervins", "de Boves en de La Fère-en-Tardenois"

OCCU Sire de Coucy" Out of this vicious family situation came that 'raging wolf' (in the words of another famous abbot, Suger of St. Denis), the most notorious and savage of the Coucys, Thomas de Mar...

11/16/2007 6/23/2012

Baldwin II, count of Hainault MP (c.1056 - 1098)

"Baudouin II"

______________ Baudouin de Hainaut Baldwin became Count after the death of his older brother, Arnulf III, Count of Flanders. The family claim to the title Count of Flanders was lost by his br...

2/28/2007 6/23/2012

Enguerrand I de Boves, comte d'Amiens MP (c.1042 - 1116)

"de Marle"

Lord of Marle (1079-1116), Count of Amiens (1085-1116), Lord of Coucy (1086-1116) Seigneur de Boves, Aubry's successor, Enguerrand I, was a man of many scandals, obsessed by lust for women, according...

9/17/2007 6/23/2012

Hugues Ii "Champ D'Avoine", Comte de Saint Pol MP (c.1056 - 1130)

"Hugues II de Campdavaine", "Campdavaine Hugh II", "Count of St. Pol"

From Wikipedia: Français Hugues II de Campdavaine Hugues II de Campdavaine († en 1130 ou 1131[1]), fut comte de Saint-Pol de 1083 à 1118, après savoir succédé à son frère Guy mort sans postér...

4/11/2007 6/23/2012

Alain IV "Fergant" de Cornouaille, duc de Bretagne MP (c.1067 - 1119)

"Fergant (o Jovem)", "Fergent", "Alan IV of /Cornwall/", "which in Breton means "Alan the Younger"", "He was known as Alan Fergant", "Alan IV "Fergant" de Bretagne", "Duke of Britany"

Alan IV, Duke of Brittany From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Alan IV Fergant (died 13 October 1119) was Duke of Brittany, from 1084 until his abdication in 1112. He was also Count of Nantes and Co...

3/22/2007 6/23/2012

Gaston IV of Béarn, said the Crusader, was Viscount of Béarn from 1090 until his death in 1131 . His nickname the Crusader is due to its role during the First Crusade . He was also the nickname of Lo...

5/10/2009 6/23/2012

William VI, (born about 1069, died in 1136), Count of Auvergne after 1095. He is the son of Robert II , Count of Auvergne and Gevaudan, and his second wife, Judith of Melgueil. The year 1102, he ...

12/22/2008 6/23/2012

Welf IV, duke of Bavaria MP (1032 - 1101)

"Guelph IV of Bavaria"

Welf or Guelph IV Duke of Bavaria, Welphus filius Azzonis marchionis Italorum . WELF I Duke of Bavaria [Este], son of ALBERTO AZZO II Marchese d'Este & his first wife Kunigunde von Altdorf ...

3/12/2007 6/23/2012

Étienne de Troyes, Comte d'Aumale and Lord of Holderness MP (c.1061 - 1127)

"Étienne de Blois-Champagne", "Étienne II d'Aumale", "Stephen de /De Aumâle/", "Earl Of Ablemarle", "Stephen d'Aumale"

Étienne d'Aumâle, son of Eudes de Troyes and Adelaide de Normandie, married to Hawise. ETIENNE de Troyes (before 1070-before 1130, maybe [1127]). Albert of Aix names "Stephanus de Albemarla filius ...

11/20/2007 6/23/2012

Baldwin II, king of Jerusalem MP (1060 - 1131)

"formerly Baldwin II of Edessa", "also called Baldwin of Bourcq", "born Baldwin of Rethel", "King Baudouin II of /Jerusalem/", "Baldwin /De Rethel/", "King Of Jerusalem"

Wikipedia: Baldwin II of Jerusalem From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Baldwin II of Jerusalem (in French; Baudouin), formerly Baldwin II of Edessa, also called Baldwin of Bourcq, born Baldwi...

6/10/2007 12/17/2011

Pope Urban II MP (c.1035 - 1099)

"Pope Urban II", "Eudes de Châtillon-sur-Marne", "Otho", "Otto", "Odo de Lagery", "Lagny"

Blessed Pope Urban II (ca. 1035 – 29 July 1099), born Eudes de Châtillon or Otho de Lagery (alternatively: Otto or Odo), was Pope from 12 March 1088 until his death on July 29 1099. He is most known fo...

5/16/2009 12/10/2011

Ralph de Guarder/de Gael,1st Earl of Norfolk MP (c.1039 - 1096)

"Ralph de Waher", "Ralph de Gael de Montfort; Ralph de Montfort; Ralph Comte de Montfort; Ralph Earl of Suffolk and Norfolk de Gael de Montfort", "1st Earl of Norfolk, Ralph de Guarder, Ralph Waher,"

Also called Ralph Waher and Ralph de Guarder. Born in England, son of Ralph the Staller, Earl of Hereford, and Agatha. First Earl of Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridge. Responsible for beginning work on No...

8/6/2007 2/18/2011

Emma of Hereford MP (c.1054 - 1095)

"Avise FitzOsborne", "Emma FitzOsbern Baroness of Gael", "Emma FitzOsbern", "Avise /Fitz Osborne", "Emma fitz Osbern/", "Emma de Guader"

: EMMA . Guillaume de Jumièges records that the unnamed daughter of Guillaume FitzOsbern and Adelisa de Tosny married "comte Raoul né Breton" and that they both went to Jerusalem in the time of Pop...

6/10/2007 2/17/2011

Svend "Korsfarer (Crusader)" Svendsen MP (1050 - 1097)

"Sweyn the Crusader", "Svein", "Sveinson"

Sweyn the Crusader (in Danish: Svend Korsfarer (IPA: [sven 'kɔ:sfɑ:ə]), c. 1050 in Denmark-1097 in Turkey) was a Danish crusader. He was a son of the Danish king Sweyn Estridsen. He is famous f...

4/23/2007 2/6/2011

Constantine I or Kostandin I (1035–1040 / 1050–1055 – c. 1100 / February 24, 1102 – February 23, 1103) was the second lord of Armenian Cilicia or “Lord of the Mountains” (1095 – c. 1100 / 1102 / 1103...

7/15/2008 1/25/2011

Alexios I, Eastern Roman Emperor MP (1056 - 1118)

"Alexios I Komnenos", "Alexis I Comnène", "Alexius I Comnenus", "Alexios I", "Emperor of Byzantium"

Alexios I Komnenos, or Comnenus (Greek: Αλέξιος Α' Κομνηνός) (1048 – August 15, 1118), Byzantine emperor (1081–1118), was the son of John Comnenus and Anna Dalassena and the nephew of Isaac I Com...

6/10/2007 1/25/2011

Wikipedia - Tancred Prince of Galilee Tancred, Prince of Galilee From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search An imaginary portrait of Tancred as regent of Antioch. Tanc...

9/15/2008 1/25/2011

Boemondo I, principe d'Antiochia MP (1052 - 1111)

"Boemund I książę Antiochii", "Marc d' Hauteville", "Bohemond I of Antioch", "Bohemund", "Boamund", "Marc d'Altavilla"

Wikipedia: Bohemond I of Antioch From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to:navigation, search Bohemond and his Frankish troops scale the walls at the Siege of Antioch. Bohemond I, also ...

6/10/2007 1/25/2011

Robert Ii "Curthose", Duke of Normandy MP (aft.1051 - 1134)

"Robert I", "Curthose", "comes from the Norman French Courtheuse", "meaning as it is sometimes translated", "Shortstockin...", "Robert II or III"

ROBERT de Normandie (Normandy [1052/54]-Cardiff Castle [3] Feb 1134, bur Gloucester Cathedral[254]). William of Malmesbury names Robert as eldest son of King William I[255]. "Roberti filii sui Norm...

5/31/2007 1/25/2011

Hugues I 'Magnus', Comte de Vermandois MP (c.1057 - 1101)

"le Grand", "The Great", "Comte de Vermandois", "Hugues de France"

Note regarding his name: Sources show that Hugues Magnus was a compound name. See below for details. Wikipedia From the English Wikipedia page of Hugh I, Count of Vermandois: French Wikipedia: ...

6/10/2007 1/25/2011

Robert II le Hiérosolymitain, comte de Flandre MP (1065 - 1111)

"Robert II of Flanders"

Robert II Comte de Flandre (1065 - 1111) ROBERT (1065-[5 Oct] 1111, bur Arras St Vaast[295]). "Roberti filius eius [Robertus Flandrensium comes]" is named in the Cartulaire de Saint-Bertin[296]. Th...

2/9/2008 1/25/2011

Eustace III, count of Boulogne MP (c.1058 - 1125)

"Count of Boulogne", "Eustace III", "comte de Boulogne", "The Norman Hunter", "Eustace The Norman", "Eustace Fitznorman", "Eustace Montalt"

Eustace III of Boulogne From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Eustace III, was a count of Boulogne, successor to his father Count Eustace II of Boulogne. His mother was Ida of Lorraine. Eustace appeare...

2/25/2007 1/25/2011

Baldwin I, King of Jerusalem MP (c.1063 - 1118)

"Baldwin I"

BAUDOUIN de Boulogne (-Al-Arish 2 Apr 1118, bur Jerusalem, Church of the Holy Sepulchre). "Godefridi et Balduini" are named as sons of "Ida comitisse Boloniensis" in the latter's charter for the soul o...

3/16/2008 1/25/2011

Stephen II, Count of Blois MP (1045 - 1102)

"Comte de Blois", "de Chartres", "de Meaux et de Champagne"

Stephen II Henry, Étienne Henri From WIkipedia: Stephen II Henry (c. 1045 – 19 May 1102), (in French, Étienne Henri ), Count of Blois and Count of Chartres, was the son of Theobald III, count of Bl...

3/11/2007 1/25/2011

Raymond Iv, comte de Toulouse MP (b. - 1105)

"Raymond de St Gilles; Raimond", "Ramon; Guillaume IV", "William IV; Guilhèm IV;Count of Toulouse;", "Raymond de Saint-Gilles", "Count De Toulouse"

Raymond IV was the son of Pons II William of Toulouse, c.1020-1060, and Almodis de la Marche, c.1020-1071. He was married to Unknown, Matilda of Sicily and Elvira of Castile. His older brother was Will...

6/10/2007 1/25/2011

Godefroy IV de Bouillon / Duc de Basse - Lotharinge & Advocate of the Holy Sepulchre MP (c.1061 - 1100)

"Duc de Basse-Lotharingie", "Rei de Jerusalem"

GODEFROI de Boulogne ([1060]-in Palestine 18 Jul 1100, bur Jerusalem, Church of the Holy Sepulchre). "Godefridi et Balduini" are named sons of "Ida comitisse Boloniensis" in the latter's charter for th...

2/3/2008 1/25/2011

William Cerdagne († 1110 ) nicknamed Jordan after being (re) baptized in the river of that name, Earl of Cerdagne ( 1095 - 1099 ) and Tripoli ( 1105 - 1110 ), son of William Raymond Earl of Sardinia ...

1/8/2009 1/25/2011